Black Friday: D300 for $1300, free CF & SD memory cards

US only deals for Black Friday - Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being a NR reader!

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  • UK nikon user

    why aren’t us UK nikonians getting black friday offers from nikon?!?!?!

    • ChrisL

      Because we don’t celebrate US Thanksgiving and thus don’t have a Friday before.

      Mind you, I bet the Canadians didn’t get a Nikon sale that day before *their* Thanksgiving.

      • Anonymous

        black friday is after 🙂

  • ronin

    i give up- in which of those links will I find that $1300 D300 deal?

  • Thanks for the Ritz info, I thought I was going to have to get up early to go to the store. Ordered on line with free shipping.


    • I got some too – free is always good!

  • Dj

    How reputable is Abes of Maine? I called early Friday and the salesman said he could give the promotion. I then spoke with my wife to confirm I could purchase the camera. When she said yes I then tried to order the D300 Twice. One time they said that’s nice call tomorrow. The other time they said we can’t do that. We have not heard of this promotion. For this size of purchase I like to speak with a live person and not buy over the internet.

    • Anonymous

      I bought once from them and did not have a problem – check their return policy. I am not sure if the deal is still valid – this was suppose to be a Black Friday event.

      • Dj

        It is still valid on the internet. I was just a little gun shy after the response on the phone.

  • Dj

    Thank you for the link to the the D300. I have been looking at this for some time now. I used your link and finally made the purchase tonight. I look forward to getting the camera. The only thing that made me nervous is the amount spent using the internet. I do love your site and the information you provide. It is fun to follow your leads.

    • Thanks – this is a good deal – also the CF cards, but they are gone now.

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