Nikon D3x ad – looks fake

Update: this one got busted - the original image can be found here.

I am not sure if this is real:


Thanks N.

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  • I think its fake
    the “X” is not placed perfectly, I think…lets see in a few hourse… =)

    • andy

      D3X is for real. just got new Nikon Pro mag today and it is in there. 24.4 Meg!

  • Axel

    Hello.. He is making a statement using the same link you did a few days back It seems to me he copied your post from the 26ths. Which means it is the same story (rumor) but in Spanish. Good I know Spanish too 😀
    Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina… Axel

    • I understand that, the picture is what’s new – I haven’t posted this picture before. Probably fake, but still a rumor.

  • Anonymous

    8fps, wow.

  • kaka

    why fake? hhmmm
    why real?–‘

  • I’d like to think that it is real. But, you know, at this point, I don’t trust anything I see that isn’t on nikon’s actual website. Who is with me there?

    And that begs the question: why do I come here?

    I’ll tell you why, haha, because I love to dream.

  • ishouldbeshooting

    I have to believe marketing would make sure the “x” is clearly visible, and not in shadow.

  • Helge Nareid

    Two indications that the picture is fake:
    – The “x” in “D3x” is in shadow. As any product photographer knows, that is a NO-NO.
    – The date format is the US format mm-dd-yyyy. That is not used in Japan – they normally use the sequence yyyy-mm-dd, as in “2008年11月27日” (from an announcement on Nikon Japan’s site today).

    • tonashideska

      That’s because the characters are CHINESE!, not Japanese.

  • Kuri


    Ad seems Chinese, not Japanese and generally Chinese note date always as year/month/day AFAIK

    So most likely (poorly) made by an (American?) hoaxer.

  • Klaas

    No, it’s fake. It’s a part of a wallpaper from Nikon Hongkong:

    • Jason

      Well spotted Klaas! Thanks!

      • Kuri

        Oh yes, positively busted, thanks for the link!

      • snorri

        Once again, very easy to find if you use tineye.

        No, I’m not getting paid for this advertisement — tineye is currently simply the easiest way to find the original images of hoaxes. Hoaxers are lazy, they usually don’t make product photographs themselves to create their fakes, they just use something off the net.

        — snorri

  • Calvin

    Hong Kong use British date format dd/mm/yy

    “12/01/08” is highly unlikely

  • jiih568

    Hope D500 will be released as well on Dec.1st.

    • WP

      I just hope the d400 comes on december 1st…. Maybe all three the d400, d800, and d3x.

      • All three? Wishful thinking, mate. Haha.

        But yeah, I’d like to see that also. D3x @ 24mp FX and 7+ FPS. D400 at 14-16mp and 5-6 FPS, and D800 at 14-16mp FX and 4+ FPS. Wouldn’t that be dope-tastic?

        • WP

          From the US to the land of OZ and everywhere inbetween we can all be hopeful. If all three came out and some new lenses that would truely be BIG….

  • Yep, it¨s fake, I just did the ad to ilustrate my blog post, sorry 🙂

  • Marshal

    So many rumors from so many people seeing what they want to see, trying so very hard to believe in every rumor that comes down the pike, substantiated or not. Usually not.

    Don’t get me wrong, I truly do hope to see a D3X announcement soon. That would be very exciting and would also help lower the price of the D3 even more which would be good news for many.

    I want to see a 1080P video mode like the Canon 5D2 has. I’ve always wanted some kind of combocam, even though it wouldn’t be movie studio quality, it would still combine 2 of my wishes in the same product. Honestly, I’ll be seriously disappointed if Nikon doesn’t give us something like that in a D3X or D700x or D800 within a year.

    But anyway, there are so many fake camera pics out there, so you should be careful to not jump the gun on announcements. One tell tale sign that last pic was a fake was the 200 ISO setting at bottom back of cam body. If you’re announcing a D3X, you would very much likely have 100 ISO as one of the standard ISO settings for a camera to be marketed mostly for studio pros and well heeled landscape photogs. For people named McNally, Muench, Shaw & Peterson.

  • guys, why does it matter if it’s fake or not? the d3x pictures that were on the nikon site briefly yesterday are definitely real, and the camera will surely be in the a d3 casing. so this is not official, but representative of the (supposed) actual product 😉 right?

  • fr0z

    from dpreview -> “I just received my copy of NikonPro magazine here in the UK – and the D3x is featured in it….”

    Pics anyone?

  • rhlpetrus


    Not same as A900’s. Nikon Pro says ISO 100-1600, exclusive sensor and new AA system, as miancu had hinted at DPr.

  • Bill
  • Darrell

    Just got my Nikon Pro mag. It has full details on d3x. new lenses are 50 1.4 and dx 18-105

  • Alain2x,31765.0.html
    First time I see you late, guys 🙁

    Sleeping ?

  • julliano
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