All Nikon Europe sites are down

The following sites are currently down:

Let's see what the update will bring us! Let the search begin...

Those are the updates I could find on Nikon Japan from November 27th:

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  • Also Finnish Nikon site is down.

  • Don

    Does that mean there might be an update coming? Ooooohhhhh, now I’ll have to continually hit F5 every 10 seconds.

  • firefly

    the calm before the storm…. 😉

  • If the strikeout of is meant to indicate that the site is up again – it’s not. I can’t really see that the sites being down should indicate that there’s an update coming. That would mean that they either have the worst CMS in the world or the most incompetent webmaster…

  • broke-ass-D40-owner

    Well, last few times I remember sites went down, the D700 and the 50 1.4G were introduced

  • firefly

    It sounds kind of strange the fact of just updating their websites with a new camera, without any previous press release or public announcement whatsoever. Has something similar ever happened before with any other nikon camera model?

    • Dave

      Well yeah, check the d90. First some booby shot (well ok, the mic was clearly visible), then the sites went down and then the announcement was made. For the d3x we have the revealed photos on nikonusa. Now the sites are going down… I’m just waiting for that announcement… 😀

  • joel also down

  • Renato

    Nikon Portugal down too…

  • firefly

    I think that all europe websites just redirect to, so I guess that they are all going to remain offline until this main website comes back online.

  • yankos

    Also Greek sites: (The official NIKON representative in Greece)
    (then go to NIKON)

  • julliano
  • Anonymous
    • fotomik

      Isn’t that the old Fuji-Nikon collaboration. The first(?) digital camera to use Nikon lenses. Early nineties IIRC.

      Actually I saw that tuesday at the Finnish Fuji HQ, they have a display of (almost) all Fuji digicams. That camera is HUGE!

  • fotomik

    Well this is standard practice in Apple-land… Every time the Apple Store goes down, a frenzy begins. Because almost always it means that new items are being added.

    How nice that it’s the same in Nikon-land.

  • Jeroenw
  • AZ is down too

  • My wife is down too 🙂

  • acolade ir down too!
    LV- Latvia – if somebody doesnt know it! 🙂

  • Cymon

    Nikon Italy is up, and there’s a little but interesting news:
    special offer Fast e Christmas, if you buy a D300 or D700 you get the MB-D10… FOR FREE.
    From 27 Nov to 25 jan, check

    Damn, my D300 is one year old

  • broke-ass-D40-owner

    I wonder what would happen if Nikon introduced the D35 now…
    It would be an even simpler version of the D40, with Live View, same 6MPix sensor.
    I mean, it would be great, destroying the low-end competition, great quality, great bargain, bla, bla, bla…
    Then you would see an angry mob, rioting down to Nikon HQ, with burning torches, breaking everything in their path, chanting “We want a D3x”””! No more no less!!!”

    : D : D : D


      Lol…. Even better, the Nikkor AF-S 18-165 f/3.5-5.6 VR, “to complete the gap”… THEN you would see the angry mob!

  • kaka is working and the news are great we have a new bodyyyyyyy

    but i can’t afford it…

    • .pt is still down…

      • kaka

        i was joking but i hope D3x come before christmas….to when it leaves i can buy one D3 hope that pricetag drop…hihih

  • somebody

    maybe just a global server crash 😉


  • Taking down their *entire* site is just stupid. Sure, it creates buzz by those already in the know – but it’s bad service for those who need the site right now. Anyway – the announcement is scheduled for December 1st, right? Having the site down for 4 days is plain ridiculous. That means it WILL be up again soon. Either tonight or tomorrow. So if something’s added it’ll be there then. Maybe they’ve decided to up their time schedule? One could always hope…

  • WoutK89

    How about a new flash, the successor of the SB-600?

  • broke-ass-D40-owner

    Well, when my company’s IT Admin introduces a new version of the intranet application, it usually takes about 5min of down time. And it is a HUUUGE application, with very large databases, and lots of different sub-applications, all with PHP and Java. So I don’t understand very well why does it take Nikon so long to do this…

    • Dave

      Maybe they like teasing us?? 😉 continuesly hitting F5 at NR while laughing at us… 😀 I know I would!!

  • Ralf

    OMG!!!!!!!! ITS HERE – a new lens cap…..

    • kaka

      omfg i want one for x-mas

  • Michael

    Maybe it’s only a technical issue on the servers? They seem to be dead, not down…

  • Joseph

    Keep cool guys – the Nikon D3x will be announced.
    That’s all – at least I think.

    Maybe perhaps a new lens too … but I think it will mainly be because of the D3x

  • Habitak is also down

  • Anonymous

    I think Nikon is just playing a little bit with his sons

  • Mark

    This is it! Enjoy these last few moments of peace. The world of image making is about to change again, remember.. Nikon controls the vertical, they also control the horizontal. They can sharpen it to crystal clarity, blurr it.etc. For the next few months, relax.. You won’t see a D3x for at least that long.. But the kaos and sleepless are about to begin. But right now, no one knows what will come. So you can totally tune out, and sleep well.. if you can, don’t log on or read any magazines and be happy with what you already own. No matter what comes it’s not going to make you a better photographer.

    • Narna

      I disagree.

      Getting a new camera body (or lens) can transform your image making. I femember getting my D70 and how inspired I was with this new format and how my imgaes improved. And thenmoving to a D200, and how the higher requirements for sharp images honed my skills and improved my images again.

      Good gear can help you improve yourself.

  • 2nd of December
    Interfoto in Norway are going to have a open day.
    Interfoto´s office lies in the same building as Nikon Norge (Norway)

    This is what they says:

    Nikon today promarked
    – Nikon in the market PRO w / Nikon
    – The digital workflow w / Nikon

    – Wireless Flash System w/ Nikon

    The main focus for optimal printing of råfiler directly from Lightroom 2.1 (råfiler from Nikon D3, D700, d300)

    (there is more, but nothing more about Nikon)

    maybe there is something related to a new camera?

  • odo

    i don’t understand why the nikon web admins and developers aren’t able to make changes in theire web sites without taking them down.
    like the publishing in a blog, you can write a post and configure a publishing date, why aren’t they able to do this…….

  • GingerJimmy is down as well

  • dino

    hmmm… I’m wondering if there’s MORE than the “simply” D3x… to take down a whole site… well… let’s see..

  • jake-94

    Nikon UK seems to be back..

  • dino

    ps… Nikon italy is APPARENTLY still up but I start getting some Java Script Error messages that never appeared before..
    By the way we have a nice offer here: if you get a D300 or D700 and register within one week until 25.1.2009, you will get a MB-D10 for free !

    • Cymon

      Hi Dino,
      i’ve also posted the “MB-D10 for free” news, very interesting, but i hoping another christmas gift for who -like me- has already bought D300/D700.
      Anyway, haven’t registered my nital card (one year old), i’ll give a try!

  • Nicko

    The swedish site is up again, just some new design can’t find anything about any D3x unfortunately.

  • Same here in Finland. Unfortunately seems that there is nothing new. Waiting for monday…

  • Michael

    I am hoping it is putting everything in place for release of the D3x. I am hoping they have everything in place and are just waiting until the announcement to flip the switch. I am hoping for the D3x! A new lens or more would be welcome as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • dino

    An interesting thing while looking for a brochure..

    D3 is reported twice in the brochure page and while there’s the classic D3 motto “Defy limitations”, the other D3 reports “Alla scoperta di nuovi orizzonti” that sounds more or less like “Discovering new horizons”
    Look by yourself here: and scroll down til “Reflex Digitali”

  • Mike

    The UK site is back up with nothing new added. I think the outtage is more likely down to the credit crunch – companies have sacked their IT contractors, who were probably the only people skilled enough to keep the IT infrastructure up and running. With the contractors gone, the permies had to be prodded away from to actually start doing some work, and it took them several hours of reading manuals to figure out how to fix stuff.

    Googlemail had problems earlier today after lots of contractors were sacked, and my online bank is having problems too, as they were at the tail end of 2001, the last time IT contractors got the boot. My satnav speed-camera update service had problems this week for the first time ever, too.

  • Narna

    Its a marketing conspirousy! They know we’re watching so they’re teasing us and making us hope and wait knowing then when the next big thing is announced we’ll all scream for it in a stampedous fury! Right until the moment that we’re told it wold be available till July. Then the mob will turn ugly….

  • They probably had to take all those sites down to make sure there weren’t any stray D3x pictures on them, once naughty NikonRumors outed them on the US site…

  • Carsten

    Talked with local Danish camera store which sells a lot of Nikon. The guy seemed quite confident in saying that the only thing planned for Dec.1 was a couple of low-end cams. No high end DSLR or D3x.

  • The Swedish site has now been up all morning, but I cannot see any changes relative to before the site went down…

  • Bill
    • Dave

      Well well… Then why isn’t NR shouting this on the main page?? I’d say this looks real, but I would have expected an announcement before the magazine revealed it…

      • Cymon

        Maybe it’s too early, 8 in the morning 😉

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