Update: the images were removed from the site aprox. 45 min after my post...

What is that lens?

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  • BM

    Just look at the “x” on the camera after the “D3” it is on a curved bit of the body, yet the letter is not curved. The photo is a fake! It may have come from the Nikon website, but the “x” has just been added in Photoshop to an existing D3! Although you would expect Nikon to produce a genuine photo, not a clumsy easily spotted fake!

  • TFCreate

    Well, this is one of the biggest non surprises of the year.
    Unless they came up with a monster enhancement, it just looks like a Mk.III knockoff.
    C’mon Nikon, you’re better than this.

  • Gabriel

    The lens is a 24-70 2.8…

  • I bought the D2X the day it was available (#629) and I have been waiting for the D3X for years but at $7999 it is not an option. I was ready to buy at the $5000 level, but Nikon has totally priced me out of the market this time. I am very disappointed in Nikon on the basis of price alone with the world economy today. They missed the mark.

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