Hidden gems – D3x almost official!

Update: I just need to clarify this post, because some readers are confused: yes the web server will redirect any link, important here is the product number 25442 and the landing page for that product number (now already removed). As you can see from the screenshot this was not a normal redirect, because the page title and the breadcrumbs indicated D3x. If someone can get a redirect with those two labels on the page for a random, not existing model I would like to know.

Just go http://www.nikonusa.com/Find-Your-Nikon/Product/Digital-SLR/25442/D3x.html

Do you see what I see? D3x on Nikon's official site! Now they just have to add the pictures and specs and change the URL. Note also the top label reads D3x from Nikon. The product# for the D3x is 25442 (25446 is for the D90).

My guess is that because of the Holidays in the US, Nikon USA updated their website in advance.

I am sure they will take it out soon, so here is the screenshot:

Do we still have non-believers?

Thanks E.

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  • Ralf

    Its all just a plot by Nikon – slowly release stuff “by accident” to string us along while they struggle to get reasonable resolution out for us landscape types that want high res and could care less about how many frames per second and noise at an ISO of 25,000,000. Keep up the hope so we dont change to Canon or Sony in the mean time.

    • Amen!…maybe it’s Hasselblad consideration time.

  • cas

    Link is now here:

    Hopefully it will have specs later today… one can hope.

    • yes also on D3x – I will update the post

  • Anonymous

    link is dead

    • Anonymous

      no is not!

      • Anonymous

        i clicked it and it was a blank page.

        • Anonymous

          i was also talking about the first link. second one works, but no info.


  • NikonOwner

    I just checked both the links 3 minutes ago and they were still working then…one for D90, one for D3 (same D3X product number and top label), looks interesting…

    • Anonymous

      yeah the link just seemed to have been updated. now it works.

  • mtk
    • mtk

      ups, RSS reader updated too slowly

  • Anony

    Tell me you saved the body image… somewhere?

  • JJ

    Feel free to tell me this is a meaningless observation:
    The (alleged) D3x product number is lower than the D90 – this may be meaningless, or it may imply that they had the D3x all ready to roll before the D90 came out, but then delayed it for some reason (such as a firmware tweak, manufacturing delay, that sort of thing)

    • David Chu

      I noticed that too and thought the same thing.

  • Daf

    Nikon have now deleted all those pages + images.
    But you can still see traces of them, e.g. Search Google for
    “site:www.nikonusa.com D3x”

    it gives you two links.

  • Is the D3x going to be worth it?

    Rumors have been circulating that it will cost upwards of $5000

    How can this compete with the Mark 5 II?

    It seems it will have to incorporate more features than just additional MP.

    Nature Photography

  • RP

    please let there be movie mode, please let there be movie mode, please let there be movie mode…

  • guest

    Oh, they have even the site for the D4 prepared. Try this:


    Pictures have been removed :))))

    BTW: It’s fake. It’s just the behaviour of the web server, you can to look for other models as well

    • Just look at carefully at the D3x page – it has the D3x label and its says D3x on the page – this is not a regular redirect… try it

  • Anonymous

    check out this new camera nikon will be making


    look they have the page already made for when they announce it….the page is already made right?

  • Anonymous
  • Turgut Tarhan

    Well, if the price is over $5000, then it will have difficulty in competing with Canon 5D mkII including a movie-mode. And D3x is too bulky for landscape application. Let’s hope for an affordable tweener to be called maybe D800, and a properly re-designed 24-120mm f/4 VR, matching the optical quality of the 16-85mm DX , asap.

  • Chrystine Hanley

    It’s on!
    The D3X is now listed on B & H’s website at esp $7999.95

    Estimated arrival of Jan 2009.
    24.5 mps!

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