Admin stuff – need your feedback please

I am looking into the possibility of transferring this blog to WordPress (currently I am using QuickBlogCast from GoDaddy, don't ask me why). QuickBlogCast has many limitation - it was a good start, but I think now we have to move on to something better. I am also looking for a better hosting site. To make those decisions easier, I will need your help and feedback - after all, I am making those changes for you, the reader.
Here are some questions - you can reply in the comments section or email me directly:
  1. Any suggestions on a new NikonRumors logo/banner (if you are a graphic designer with an idea, I can give you a plug).
  2. Any suggestions for a WordPress template.
  3. Any suggestions for a hosting site.
  4. General feedback, comments, suggestions, anything is appreciated.

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  • Thomas Lane

    As long as my email alerts stay quick and easy to read I say any improvement is good- as far as a logo, maybe an image of 2 SLR cameras, one with a mouth whispering into another camera with a big ear attached- hokey but, apropos.

  • I’m pretty happy with Hostmonster/Bluehost. I’ve had zero downtime and they aren’t infested with weird purchase options that GoDaddy is. I’m not a fan of GoDaddy because I get lots of hits from zombied GoDaddy servers, and lots of illegitimate sites are hosted there.

    I’ve used them to buy some cheap squats. Wouldn’t touch em for anything else.

    Just my 2¢.

  • I have been using iPower for about 8 years now. I search and search for cheaper, better, faster alternatives every time I go to renew, and I simply can’t find anyone that gives you more options, space, email and backup for the same price point. I seriously suggest you check them out. They can be found at

    In addition to being an incredible host, they have self-monitored WordPress hosted blogs. I love it. I can upgrade mine whenever I want no questions asked. In addition, there is tons of software out there that will hook into a blog site like WP.

  • Anonymous

    You must put more information on a single page before we need to click the link other pages. Put 3 or 4 pages as it is very easy to scroll but it is a page to click on the other links because you sometimes want to check again what was before!

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