Nikon press conference got moved to November 20th, now a world-wide event

From "Kamera & Bild" magazine: the initially scheduled for October 22nd event has been moved to November 20th and it will be a world-wide press conference. No details were given about the reasons for the delay but I am sure we will be getting some good leaks soon.

"Why the date of the press conference changed, we have not been told. Perhaps the product has been delayed, or the Nikon in Denmark had the time wrong.
The new date is in force on November 20 under Nikon's public relations agency in Denmark. The date will apply to the whole world."

(google translation)

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  • I-Want-To-Believe

    In this press conference Nikon will announce that they will now release performance-enhanced versions of all their current and upcoming software for Mac users, to avoid the predicted 98% Nikon users switching to Canon because of it. This is huge, because the movie format changing to AVI can make Nikon go bankrupt in just 2 weeks.
    I understand that even Japan’s Prime Minister will join Steve Jobs in this announcement, together with Nikon’s CEO.

  • Philippe

    Kamera & Bild is a swedish website…

  • leone

    I bet it’s time.
    They can’t leave all this time to Canon to sell their 5dmk2 without an answer.

  • rob

    I was puzzled by the D90 move, myself. Canon put video into a solid Pro-level body. For the “average consumer”, isn’t that what a point and shoot with video is for?

    The 5DMkII has been a very, very serious temptation. The only thing holding me back so far is the hassle of moving all the Nikon glass.

  • Pablov

    If the announcement is world-wide, then it sounds to me more than a software release, hopefully something more interesting… 🙂

    I also hope Nikon implement .MOV movie mode with H.264 codec or something with good video Quality (and file size) compression, instead of huge .AVI (motion JPG) format files, so high memory-consuming….

  • Juergen

    “If the announcement is world-wide, then it sounds to me more than a software release, hopefully something more interesting… “

    Exactly! The October 22nd thing looked somehow lame, but the world-wide thing on Nov 20 looks much more promising.

  • drhmn

    Rob – I’ll take your Nikon glass off your hands for pennies on the dollar!

  • Anonymous

    The weekend after the announcement is Photo Plus Expo in New York. Not usually a place where big announcements happen, but whatever Nikon’s releasing will surely be on show there.

  • BJNY

    PhotoPlus is happening Oct. 23 to 25

  • Pablov

    Similar happens to me about the 5D Mk II
    But I like some Nikon D700 features the Canon doesn’t have

    If the next release of a D800/D900 doesn’t convince me (due to IQ/Noise level/Movie Quality), I might switch to the 5D Mark II , and with the almost $1.000 saved in its price (compared to the D800/D900), I could buy a pro Canon 24-70 2.8L lens , instead of buying a cheaper Tamron 28-75 2.8)

    That makes me think a lot about it… and bothers me

  • Pablov

    BTW, I hope Nikon does not use the Sony’s 24MP sensor as in the A900, or at least improves it a Lot in terms of noise level.

    I like more the Canon 5D Mk II over the Sony A900’s…

    And for Movie mode, they need to implement really different way to read the sensor’s data, to avoid “rolling shutter” effect (as seen, unfortunatelly, in D90)

    thus a very different camera compared to today’s Nikons, in many aspects

  • Anonymous
  • joe

    5Dmk2 is Canon’s answer to the D700 and time will tell if its IQ holds up. Its performance is sluggash at best when compared to D700

  • Pablov

    different cameras, different features.

    some things better, some not.

  • I am already moving my nikon glass. Nikon lost me because of the movie mode. I know alot of ppl are saying negatives things about the movie mode but they will change their minds later. It is always like that with something new. I am a amatuer photography/videographer and if I could get high quality videos and photos from 1 camera..SOLD!!!

  • dan

    It was repeated before but avi does not matter, macs can play avi. I have avis here.

  • Pablov

    I will wait until Nikon release new Pro DSLR, then will think what to do.

    I also record Video, and want to use the lenses, low light condition, narrow depth of field, etc, that DSLR can offer…

    But HD Movie mode in DSLR is just begining. Will be improved, no doubt for me, so taking a decision right now could be not good

  • Rob

    Same — I’m really not happy that I’m even considering this move. I’m still holding out hope that we’ll get pro-level video in a D400/D800 realm camera. But it can’t cross the $3K price-point.

    The biggest hold back for me was the lack of interval shooting in the 5DMkII, but there’s an external device that does it on the Canon.

    Not making any moves ’til the November accouncement, though (assuming there is one) — and possibly a very short period thereafter.

    Probably. 🙂

  • D90 video, shot with Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 and Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8

    full-fledged videoclip –

  • Pablov

    If there is nothing new in November, I will wait until March.
    I think around that date it should be a new Nikon DSLR.

    It’s hard (or even impossible) to find a camera that meets all our needs that we can also afford, isn’t it? but we hope the best approach.. 🙂

    (BTW someone also reported the D90 doesn’t have interval time shooting, despite a preview says it has. I didn’t check it out since I discarded that camera due to its poor Video quality, and also some DPReview recently posted shows its IQ (sharpness for instance) is below D300’s)

    D700′ body & features + 20MP FX sensor + Low Noise + HD Video “Pro Quality” (FULL Manual settings, no shutter rolling effect, good smoothness, Focus assistance (if not possible the AF), 30fps (the choice of 60fps would be a dream), MIC-IN Stereo jack, etc)+ 2 Full Customizable modes (almost all camera settings recorded for Instant restore)… THAT would be almost my perfect solution 🙂

    And of course the price matters, but If a DSLR has all of that to offer at price under 3.600 I would choose it.

    The Canon 5D Mk II is near in terms of features. But I hope Nikon do it better.

  • Laurence

    How does ISO noise in low light compare with the D700 to 5D MkII?

  • [quote]and also some DPReview recently posted shows its IQ (sharpness for instance) is below D300’s)[/quote]

    this very poor itself shot-test
    D90 aperture f9 \ D300 – f8…

    also conscious un-focus

    see background crop from their example
    D300 –

    D90 –

    or check themselves on

    see play card on background

    such tests it is necessary to throw on garbage

  • >>”rolling shutter” effect

    OFF the VR mode – get classical motion blur cinema FX

  • I-Want-To-Believe

    Hey Dan, noticed the smiley and the sarcastic/ironic tone?
    Of course Macs play AVIs, and every imaginable format, so do Win PCs.
    The fact that this is a non issue is what makes it funny. 🙂

  • Pablov

    That is not very well known yet, untill a production camera full review can be made… then compared to D700’s shots

  • Pablov

    even turning VR off gets you rolling shutter effect, bending vertical lines.

    That’s because the way the sensor is read in Movie mode, not by any vibration reduction system.

    If the sensor is read with a horizontal scanning method, line per line, then it will deliver such effect when fast moving vertical objects pass in front of it

    The only way to avoid it is lighting fast scanning speed (thus less light capturing would be achieved) or another way to read the data (best option)

  • Pablov

    really nice done movie.

    it doesn’t show the bending effect because there is no tall (ie. top to bottom of the image) vertical line/object passing fast from one side to another of the frame.

    It also shows the autoexposure way the D90 Movie works (a pitty, indeed 🙁 )

    But it also shows the Potential of creative people, and the fact that Movie mode will be improved, implemented in future DSLRs because more people will use it, professionally or not, that’s up to the user

  • dan

    Sorry poe’s law is always in effect. i have read some crazy things before and the people always seemed sincere about their craziness.

    i should buys a sarcasm detector. 🙂

  • raio

    It sounds that the Canon D5 Mk II is a hard competitor for Nikon. It outperforms the new D700 in most points, even in price what is important for many amateurs. I don´t understand the slowliness of Nikon in bringing out leading cameras. If I wouln´t have more than 10 lenses and 4 bodies it would be hard for me to stay with Nikon. But the international press conference seems to bring “good news” for us; they never placed a new model at Photokina! It was always later in the year. On the other hand “Financial Times Germany” brought an article, that Nikon sales got up more than those of Canon and they sell 20 % to the professional market (today D300 up to D3) and many Canon people come back because of the bad AF-module of the D1s Mk III. So let´s wait, but it´s becoming harder and harder to wait …

  • sloma_p

    Exactly at which points 5D MkII “outperforms” the D700 apart from resolution and video feature? It’s still an old 5D with a 1Ds MkIII sensor and better LCD – basically an mid-level body with high-end sensor. There’s a reason Canon is charging $8000 for 1Ds MkIII you know… On the other hand I’m not sure why everybody says anything about 5D MkII IQ when it’s not been properly tested yet… It seams that on Internet everybody has at least 10 pro Nikon lenses and few bodies and is “going to switch if Nikon doesn’t release high-res body” – good luck with spending loads of money on this “switching”, then even more on computer upgrade, so you can PP those huge files, new memory cards and buying new A2+ capable printer so you would be able to see the difference between Nikon 12MP FF sensor and Canon’s 21MP one (and that only up to ISO640)… Unless you’re so “pro” that looking at your screen at 200% is enough to justify spenditure…



  • Alex Richardson

    This annoucemnet is going to be the new Nikon digital (EV)rangefinder thats been touted, something that would appeal to the more advanced ‘coolpix shooter and fashion photographers’ alike.

    This leaves room for the MX annoucement in February/March of a 32x48mm sensor DSLR camera.

    There may well be an upgrade path for the Nikon d3 to D3X sensor.

    Stay tuned!

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  • Stephen Favetti

    The funniest part about all of this is how almost everybody that’s posted negatively about Nikon so far has been bashing the video features on cameras; the format, the quality, the mechanisms. It’s a digital single lens reflex camera. It is not a motion picture camera.

    Cinematography and photography are two completely different industries, art forms, and processes. They require completely different standards.

    Every last one of you should be grateful that Nikon is entertaining you cheap morons by incorporating video features onto their photography cameras.

    Nikon makes, 150% photography equipment. They have spent years designing every lens, every body, every new technological advancement they’ve had for PHOTOGRAPHY, not CINEMATOGRAPHY.

    Go buy a real video camera and stop bitching about them adding worthless features to a DSLR. Yes, taking video is worthless on a DSLR. Buy a point and shoot or buy a video camera, but stop talking shit about Nikon because they aren’t making these features to your standards. To be honest, you’re the cop outs, not Nikon. They’re doing your job, you’re just too cheap to do yours properly.

    Stephen Favetti

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