What is it going to be on October 22nd?

This is what I am getting through the grapevine for the October 22nd release:

  • A new Software suite, something in between NikonView and Capture NX2, in between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. An advanced suite, that will take into account your 'program' setting on your Coolpix or low-end DSLR when processing pictures - something that so far no one does... It notices the camera presets and post-processes accordingly, giving you superior end results, making your results look more 'pro'. This may be related to this recent and official Nikon news.
  • There may be an OEM Nikon badged HP printer too, but no more than A3 size. Again, going back to old news: remember the Nikon and HP press release from 3 weeks ago? How about Mr. Rockwell prediction about a new printer?

  • Definitely no D3x, MX or Nikon digital rangefinder yet.

I also wanted to emphasize on the importance of some of the posts in this blog - they may not be "real rumors" but they are definitely pieces of the puzzle and should not be ignored. The above links are a good example of that. Sometimes I get criticized that I am posting BS news, but sooner or later it all makes sense. And to prove my point I will give you another one: remember the Microsoft and Nikon patent cross-license agreement? Well the Nikon D90 video output is in AVI format. I have an old Nikon p&s that outputs MOV videos. Why did Nikon switch to Microsoft format? And to put some oil into the fire: the Apple store doesn't sell any Nikon products - only Canons. Oh, and one more thing - Nikon provides only Windows based software for the RAW files of the new Nikon P6000 (which btw now sells for $449).

Sponsor: Check the new Apple MacBook "brick" models - they will be released tomorrow (Oct 14th)!

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  • Blog Admin

    I guess after he sold to Amazon he has better things to do.

  • Okay, in Nikon is going to continue this ludicrous hostility towards Apple, I’m outta here. It’s not just that they’ve chosen to not support Macs, but to specifically choose proprietary crap like AVI rather than h.264.

    I will so go CAnon if Nikon doesn’t get a clue soon.

    • anappleaday

      I’m with Eric. Most professional graphic artists and photographers and videographers use Apple Machines to edit/master/create their product. I used to be Nikon all the way, just sold mine and am waiting for the Canon EOS 5d Mark II, which will do HD video in a MOV format with AF, and it has an input for stereo mics, true it costs more, but it is 21mp, and more importantly…..it interfaces with Macs!! Yes, Jovan, I too have a laptop that uses Microsoft and it is totally useless for the type of imaging I want to use it for if I want a professional product….true Apple is getting full of themselves, but darn it, their product is great for graphics.

  • Pierce


  • Blog Admin

    I am also a Mac user and I am really not happy with the direction Nikon is going. I hope I am wrong.

  • Jovan

    I know this is off-topic… but has anyone read dpreview’s sloppy ‘in-depth’ review of the D90? I used to put tremendous weight on their write-ups. But lately, I’ve started to discount them. There are several sections where they’ve clearly cut-and-pasted from the D80’s review, but the D90 works or acts differently! What are they going to do when some mfr comes out with a totally new product and they actually have to use and understand it before posting the review?

    Now, back on topic… Anyone choosing sides between Microsoft and Apple is a fool. Apple is entrenched in pro-imaging and has a growing base of home users. Microsoft is entrenched in business and therefore will always have a base of home users that take their laptops home! A few us poor saps use both!

  • Blog Admin

    dpreview is losing it – they are not what they used to be

  • umbora skirp

    Regarding dpreview, they just have different writers with different styles of reviews. It used to be Phil on his own, now he’s got others on his side.

  • cameron

    why don’t you guys use different options to develop the RAW files? photoshop CS4, lightroom 2, apple aperture 2? they works just fine for me on my mac

  • Blog Admin

    I do use those – but not everyone had has access to those tools and they are not free.

  • Mark

    Nikon has made a stupid move with the raw format of the P6000. Going this way with their point and shoots will only make them worse than they already are. Doing it to their pro line would be suicide. How can one part of the company be so idiotic while the other is so innovative?

  • I am a long time Nikonian fighter as well, but if they are going the MicroSoft way I am heading to Canon without hesitation. I could never understand that, beyond some practical reasons (such as my Chinese “friends” all using pirated software that are usually PC only), how could someone with any artistic blood in their heart can live with the poor and disgusting PC interface.

  • cameron

    well, then obviously they chose the wrong camera system because digital SLR is much like film… you want the best prints… equals to good knowledge AND darkroom equipment like enlarger, enlarger lenses, and stuff.. same kind of money could be used to buy photoshop CS4 and lightroom 2 to get the ultimate development tools.

  • dan

    avi is not proprietary. It is just an extension the codec used is what would define it as proprietary.

  • Benny Lava

    I’m afraid you’re completely misinformed. AVI is only a container format, not a codec. Hence, it’s simply a way of storing video data in a file. Despite its origin on Windows, it’s no more proprietary than .mov (which can also be used as a container format).

    The actual codec used by the D90 is MotionJPEG, which is a relatively simple (and arguably obsolete) format. In contrast, H.264 is covered by software patents. In that sense, a H.264 .mov is far more “proprietary” than a MJPEG .avi, which is simple, and easily readable by a wide variety of software.

  • Blog Admin

    I will switch to PC before I switch to Canon

  • dev

    I love Nikon & have used Nikon for over 25 years but I love Apple more. I am seriously thinking of switching to Canon. Nikons software has always sucked.

  • Nikon for 15 years

    Lol… I’ve always loved this kind of comments.
    Yeah, right. You love Nikon, have a bunch of bodies and lenses collected over 25 years, love the feel and operation of Nikon bodies, and then you switch because you want to use Apple. Come on…..

  • Benny Lava

    Blog Admin, I think the connection between Microsoft and Nikon you suggest is a bit far fetched.

    The .avi output of the D90 doesn’t mean anything. My Canon P&S also records in .avi. Does that mean that Canon is in bed with Microsoft?

    Remember that Nikon’s DSLR and CoolPix divisions seem pretty separate — I don’t think they share much of their technology. When the D90 team decided implemented video recording, they obviously started from scratch, using a completely different codec (MJPEG). They clearly didn’t borrow the code from the CoolPix line. And when it came to choosing a container format, there are plenty of reasons to chose .avi over .mov (not least because .avi is simpler and more widely recognised). I suggest reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.avi

    As for the P6000 debacle, I would attribute it more mismanagement on their part. Remember that the P6000 RAW files aren’t in the regular NEF format but in a new NRW format. See http://www.bythom.com/2008%20Nikon%20News.htm (the section “Coolpix P6000 Revisited”)

    All things considered, I won’t discount the possibility of greater collaboration between Nikon and Microsoft in the future. But to claim that Nikon will neglect Apple in the future is laughable. The Mac platform has historically been preferred by serious photographers (and multimedia professionals in general) and its growth in this segment continues. I’m not a Mac user, but I wouldn’t be at all worried that Nikon will abandon the Mac.

    A far more likely collaboration (based on recent rumours) would be one between HP and Nikon.

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks for the detailed information – I never said that Nikon will neglect Apple – I am just reporting the trend I am seeing and the facts that surround it (one of my post with similar text was with a question mark at the end). I could be of course 100% wrong. This is nevertheless a good discussion topic.

  • rhlpetrus

    Yes, if Nikon is really associating with MS, maybe it’s time to move on. I don’t like the proprietary tactics of Apple either. I’m moving towards Linux, Gimp may be a good thing to learn, even though, for careful case-by-case work, CNX is a very good tool.

  • Blog Admin

    I agree – Apple is not a saint either

  • Boogie

    I much prefer the PC interface to a MAC. In fact, I bought a MacBook Pro and hated OS X so much that I installed Windows XP on it.

  • Steele

    Just because Nikon went .AVI doesn’t mean a thing. The reason you go .avi is because it is easy. .AVI is a wrapper. You can put whatever you want under the wrapper, you just tell them what it is you are doing. It’s kind of like Adobe’s .dng. So they can do their .jpeg (stupid move) movie because the processor can already handle .jpegs really well, and they add a little software to stitch them together, wrap it all nice with avi and you have a movie.

    Oh, and the only reason canon did what it did is because they have the software and processors to do all of this with their DV cameras.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    I agree it is funny some people can shell out hundreds of dollars on camera and lens but their, *ahem* wallets, pucker up tighter than a snare drum when it comes to spending some dough on the very worthy and affordable 3rd party programs like lightroom 2.0, apple aperture or Lightzone. All three programs now or will shortly support the P6000’s RAW format and other proprietary RAW formats. All three programs are available on MAC as well (aperture is only for MAC, so it goes both ways sometimes).
    I personally hope that Nikon in the future (how about firmware updatable for existing cameras) will give the option of shooting a DNG RAW format in camera with the option of having an NEF embedded or not embedded within the DNG. This would make their RAW format archival and broad based. Only problem is Nikon like Canon want to keep RAW as proprietary as possible for the sake of selling more software.
    Nikon please adopt an optional DNG format at least for the D3/D700 it would make my life and the lives of many pro shooters allot easier wrt archiving files, and distribution of files.
    I can live with the minor inconvenience of a proprietary RAW format so long as the cameras keep kicking butt.

  • Gustav

    Wow, you’re the first one. I don’t want this to devolve into a Mac/PC war, but most pros choose Mac because the UI is much more consistent across applications, compatibility between apps is better, the UI “gets out of your way” to let you focus on your content. I’ve never met anyone not like a Mac after spending a few weeks using one. The only people I’ve met that didn’t like a Mac expected it to work just like Windows, did not seek help into learning the Mac way and stubbornly wanted it to be Windows.

    I can see how a Nikon shooter would switch to Canon before they switched to Windows. Windows works vastly different and to a Mac user, inferior to MacOS X. If you can take great pictures with Nikon, you can take great pictures with Canon with little re-learning. Though the cost of buying Canon gear is great (though not that great if you sell your Nikon gear), but the time wasted switching to and using a less productive OS will more than make up for buying new lenses, cameras, etc.

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