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Nikon SB900 flash spy picture – exclusive @

It was very hard for us to get this spy picture, but here it is for your enjoyment: we present you the new Nikon SB900 flash: Picture temporary unavailable. Thanks Paul!

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Nikon D3 price drop

As reported by Craig, the price of the Nikon D3 has drop as well: currently $4818.98 @ Amazon Update: B&H also reduced the price of the D3 to $4819.95

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Eyewitness report from Canada: Nikon D80 out of stock! There is still hope for Nikon D90 next week.

An email from a reader: Hi there,   I read this article–d80-out-of-stock.aspx, I work for a large Canadian authorized dealer (no American counterpart, nor owned by an American company), and I decided to look up in our database whether the D80s were out of stock in our warehouse too. I can confirm that the D80 […]

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In times like this you got to have a sense of humor – we present you the real Nikon D700 (humor-rumor)!

Thank you Daniel, this is funny! We got a humor-rumor: Picture temporary unavailable. Do I have to add a poll?

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The rumor from Finland is: new Nikon 70-200 and 28-70 lenses (or just a software bug)

I reader pointed us to: where mysteriously the 70-200 lens got listed twice – creating space to add a new 70-200 lens or something else? The same with the 28-70 lens: Why are those lenses listed twice? Is this just a simple software bug?

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The saga continues: official Nikon D700 picture?

Update: Rumor BUSTED! Let me say this – the source is very reliable! You should see this on next week (according to the source). Here is the picture: and here is the poll: <a href=”” mce_href=””>The saga continues…</a> <br /> <span style=”font-size:9px;” mce_style=”font-size:9px;”> (<a href=”” mce_href=””> polls</a>)</span>

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Update: has only 2 PC lenses listed as current products. also leaked the new PC lenses:

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Nikon leaks new PC lenses in catalog

Go to and download the Nikkor Lenses catalog (pdf file). Open the PC lenses site – there are 4 lenses listed. Currently has only two. I will list the details later on.

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