In times like this you got to have a sense of humor – we present you the real Nikon D700 (humor-rumor)!

Thank you Daniel, this is funny! We got a humor-rumor:

Picture temporary unavailable.
Do I have to add a poll?
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  • This is FANTASTIC! I hope it’s $8000, cuz I’ll buy 4!

  • Martin from Hamburg

    I heard that this cam will have a digital medium-format-sensor and goes for under 100 bucks. It’s also a nice feature to add canon-lens-support to nikon 😉 But I might be wrong, haha. Thanks for the image 😉

  • Strudel

    It’s a fake!

  • cyrilleberger

    it looks so real, that must be it. and it seems they are trying to attract cannon users by using a cannon lens mount ! all very exciting !

  • STJ

    Real! I had a 7hour intensive look at the shadow of the version number or the detailes of the pop-up flash to see if there are any sign of photo-shoppen, but no! This is the real deal! No one would use so much time in photoshop to make a fake that well. It is encredible that canon and nikon will cooperate like this – I thought that would be a Canikon… In any case this has my full attention until the official announcement…

  • kim

    Well I have this friend who works for both Canon and Nikon and she tells me it’s real. Thinks 3 new lenses will be announced at the release, all both IS & VR. Looks like we’re in for a treat!

  • Mike

    I want one of these…

    Where did you get this?

    It looks almost too real…

  • njangka

    Whattttt….. no FX????
    plzzzzzz Nokin don’t do thisssss….

  • RumpelHund

    Hi all,

    just came back from shopping with germany’s new issue of “ProfiFoto”. They have a two-side presentation of D700 and SB900 (delayed the issue for five days to be first with the data). Here are the facts:

    D700: D3-Sensor, AF-Module but no phone/speaker, only 95% viewer, 200-6400ISO, 5FPS (8 with MB-D10), pop-up-flash (power 11), dust-removal on sensor, EN-EL3e, 1076g, fsync 1/250, 1/8000-30s, one CF-Slot, grid in viewer optional, virtual horizon, little less fast to D3. Compatible to WT-4.

    SB900: 17-200mm (14mm) on FX. Reacts on DX/FX-effective focal length. Three illumination modes: standard, even, midconcentrated. Firmwareupdate via camera-CF. Overheat-deactivation. Reads and communicates gels to camera for WB. Handling by central turning wheel.

    prices: D700 @ 2.599EUR, SB900 @ 500EUR

  • Blog Admin

    Can you please get us more info?

    Scan a picture maybe? Cannot wait any longer!
  • RumpelHund

    Sorry, was too busy watching soccer last night to do a repro. Furthermore, I expected lots of such postings. I’ll get it done this evening (monday), if the news is still of interest until then…

    Since the magazine will be in the shops for two months I guess they would not speculate too much for fear of being laughed at all this time. Some data (a little slower) might be a guess. Nonetheless, the speed is really impressive, I think. Once ran a D2X from external powersource: took >20Ampere and blew the fuse, so there really is some more punch in the pro battery.

    As I foresaw the distribution would have them being undisclosed before july 1st.

  • Helmut
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