Eyewitness report from Canada: Nikon D80 out of stock! There is still hope for Nikon D90 next week.

An email from a reader:

Hi there,


I read this article https://nikonrumors.com/2008/06/23/eyewitness-report--d80-out-of-stock.aspx, I work for a large Canadian authorized dealer (no American counterpart, nor owned by an American company), and I decided to look up in our database whether the D80s were out of stock in our warehouse too. I can confirm that the D80 body, D80 with 18-70mm kit (discontinued) and D80 with 18-55mm VR Kit, and the D80 with 18-135mm kit are all out of stock in the warehouse, these are the only D80 kits we carry. Generally if we sell a D80, we get one within a few days, meaning the warehouse is more than well stocked and has been as long as I have worked there, it is suspicious for an item like that to be out of stock in the warehouse.

That means Nikon D90 is still not out of the question for next week.

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  • john

    great! keep it coming! and don’t get me wrong i’d like to pounce on that 90 soon as it hits stores… however. something wrong with such an early phase out in terms of the a business point of view? most likely models have some period of short to moderate overlaps (especially if its in a segment of its own; i.e. the D80. not liek the d40/d40x/d60 ) i mean say d90 IS announced next week (yay) then… what now… canada has no low-middle segment Nikon DSLR for say.. 3 months? or even christmas time for the first shipments? my suspicion being… the transition seems too abrupt to suggest a complete phase out at this point. Am i mistaken? then please correct me so. Well.. i’m just bitter because i’ve been waiting too long for it hahah.
    while we’re at this topic… (any suggestions on best place to pre-order in US? in terms of credible business/on time guarantee to some extent/relatively big shipment stocks or high volume store) THANKS! =]

  • camehrah

    so yes in deed the d300 prices have come down… a long way.
    so… hmm hearing about the d90 rumored specs… stick with it? or (forego another paycheck and make it a d300)
    Does anyone have an idea if another (even a small amount) price drop might occur once the official press release/announcement has been made about the d700? (yes yes i know its an FX the company won’t see it as a replacement but another upper tier segement of its own. yet the consumers/online stores might not think so and go ahead with another price drop?) wishful thinking~ *crosses fingers.

  • sb

    I believe the D80 is out of stock at Amazon, too. As nice as the D700 is, the D90 is what I am waiting for. Hope it comes soon

  • ag

    the price of the D80 is dropping even in such peripheral markets as Spain, that has to mean something 😉

  • Mozart

    I really hope that they release d90 next week.

    The Canon Eos 1000D is slightly better as camera house than d80 and Nikon really need to get a competitor slr out if they do not want to loose customers over to Canon.

    I don’t like Canon but it is starting to be embarising that Nikon has not come out with a camera in this section of the market in more than two years.

  • Bruno

    July 1st is here, and no D90..
    now THAT IS strange. I don’t remember seeing that happen anywhere on the industry. and worst, with a 2 year old model of something.
    I’ve been talking with a seller from a big dealer here in south america and he is desperate. they are out of stock of D80’s for almost a month, and he has a bunch of people waiting for them. Would Nikon have slowed down the D80’s production to increase the production of D3, and family?

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