Nikon D3 price drop

As reported by Craig, the price of the Nikon D3 has drop as well: currently $4818.98 @ Amazon

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  • Blog Admin

    The actual reduction is important, not the amount. Chump change? Why don’t you send me this chump change – just use the Amazon donation link on the lower left. Then I will believe you.

  • Marc

    B&H also has a price cut: $4,819.95

  • NNatic

    That’s it? Why would anyone but anything else?! Chump change ha ha

  • Anonymous

    Why is the price drop significant? Isn’t the rumored D700 supposed to be placed between the D300 and the D3? If that’s true, I can see dropping the D300, but why the D3?

  • neeekon

    will this also imply….
    furthur price drop on the d300?
    or is that my wishful conscience speaking in my own head. haha

  • Blog Admin

    It is significant, because it could mean that D3x is coming soon.

  • Anonymous

    Gotcha. I was only thinking in terms of the D700.

  • Blog Admin

    No problem – the D3x kind of went on the back burner with all the D700 activities, but is still not out of the picture. Let’s don’t forget also the D90 – the D80 is out of stock in many authorized dealers. Are we going to see all of them next week? I doubt it, but definitely by the end of the year (Photokina).

  • NNatic

    That was very sarcastic. Ha ha. I can’t imagine spending 5 grand on a body. I hope someone else pulls through on the 5k donation.

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