The saga continues: official Nikon D700 picture?

Update: Rumor BUSTED!

Let me say this - the source is very reliable! You should see this on next week (according to the source).

Here is the picture:

and here is the poll:

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  • badburro

    Definitely real. I wonder if the switch on the left of the flash is a FX/DX switch. Also, I noticed it is missing the flash pop-up switch to the right that is on both the D200 and D300.

  • I miss the flash, on this one
    it has the flash setting button on the right and light measurement settings on left of prism, like any other fake should have
    Not very good, for a fake

  • MVK

    Definitely a fake. Covers are wrong. Basically took an image of a D3 and the one of the D300 that was noted and just brushed in what was needed.

  • Arterio

    It does not match the brochure. It is a fake.

  • Josh Geyer

    I do notice it has a bigger FX sensor than that picture from letsgodigital, and not just an FX badge on the corner of a D300.

    still probably fake though

  • Theo

    OK, if it’s based on D300 body, what did you expect?

  • freddyc

    Much better effort. Good use of PS sticking bits of the D3 to the D300 – no obvious joins. Just for those who doubt it’s faked, lined up the picture from kernal’s link with with the “D700” above in PS – and it’s a perfect match right down to the grain on the grip – nice try!

  • Jason

    I hope it’s a fake… no flash. But I like the terminal covers better than the wierd ‘donut’ shaped ones

  • christophe

    too much fake pictures lately ; few days to go till the offical announce from nikon !
    Another fake found “dont remember where on the internet” :“>”>”
    This one is kinda weird ; some said Nikon will announce new lenses with the “hypothetical” D700. Why does this one have a cap on the lens ?
    Pop-up flash is gone ? As surprising as in its time the D200 has a built-in flash while in film format, most expert cameras didn’t (F90/F100)

  • Just Me

    The original D700 Spy Shot was faked by a flickr user:

  • Renato Pedrosa

    I’m starting to think all this D700 business is not real, we’ll be seeing what most had expected before: D90 and D3X and next year the compact FF. Makes more sense.

  • christophe
  • It is fake. You can see the blurred section under the big NIKON logo and the gradation of light on the top of camera doesn’t seem to match. Good try but it is fake.

  • nikon user

    looks like your “source” isn’t so reliable.

  • Anonymous

    This is a total lie, i know because my brother made it and was bragging on myspace about how fantastic it was cause he fooled you guys. The commenter Josh Geyer.

  • Ryan

    I’m not saying that the D700 photo is real, but it’s not your letsgodigital D300 photo. The lighting is different: the D700 is lit from the top and left while the D300 is lit from the front and left. That would be pretty hard to fake in PS, so it’s either a different D300 photo turned into a D700, or it’s real. I wouldn’t put my money on real though.

  • Josh Geyer

    That’s a pretty strong accusation there anon.

  • Anonymous

    Way to kill the lulz… All these n00bs were falling for it too…

  • Blog Admin

    Wow! They have fooled a rumor blog! Very impressive – typical “myspace material”. is reporting rumors, you guys decide if they are fake or not (you are doing a much better job than we can). That’s the whole story, period.

  • Anonymous

    According to the poll it fooled 51% of the readers too.

  • Rick

    While this is clearly a fake (magnify and lighten the prism and look to the right above the D700 name and see the blurriness – plus the lighting on the prism is clearly different than the rest of the top) it is what I expect the D700 to look like – D300 with D3 prism.

  • Blog Admin

    It sounded reliable when I got the email. Maybe I should not make such comments any more…

  • Blog Admin

    What are you talking about? Which real ones? I don’t understand.

  • Anonymous

    When someone says they bragged on MySpace, then they have too much time on their hands. I guess it’s summer, so he has nothing else to do before going into the 8th grade.

  • Blog Admin

    Bad economy – it is tough to get a summer job.

  • Mike

    No offense admin, but you should be alot more skeptical when youre running a rumors site. lol.

  • Mike

    Anyone who fell for this is an idiot…

    why does an fx camera have the same size sensor as a dx? lolz. noobs, pwnt.

  • Blog Admin

    No, it should be the other way around – that’s why it’s a rumor site.

  • Blog Admin

    Easy with the language there my friend – that’s what we are all trying to figure out. I did not see you giving any reason why this is fake, just bragging how smart you are (and maybe you are but your language does not show it).

  • Mau


  • Anonymous

    Silly, silly mike, when I made it, one of the things I did was put an FX sensor in it.

    Don’t call Anonymous a n00b, ok?

  • Blog Admin

    I did notice it, but I thought that they (letsgodigital) got it fist and marked it. Why didn’t “the artist” take it out completely? Maybe he/she did not notice it either.

  • I’m really surprised no one noticed the “Let’s Go Digital” watermark in the bottom right corner… Decent PS work on the “7” though.

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