leaks PC lenses

Update: has only 2 PC lenses listed as current products. also leaked the new PC lenses:

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  • fotomik

    Oh. Okay, so you’re counting these as new ones then. Weren’t these intoduced at the same time as the first new one? Months ago?

  • I just know 45 PC is Micro.

    Hope I have a budget to buy. haha

  • Arterio

    These have been in that catalog for a little while now. ThIs is not new.

    Monday will exciting! There should be a new AF-S 200mm f/4.0 Macro as well!

  • fotomik

    Bah. I just hope they finally get the 50mm 1.8 updated to AF-S, so everyone can finally quit whining about the lack of fast AF-S primes to go with their D40s.

  • Sam

    come on nikon ! bring the real nikkors .. 28 f1.4 ? 58 f1.2 ?

  • Blog Admin has only 2 PC lenses listed as current products:

  • Jonathan

    what is a PC-E lens?

  • Nikon user

    Just google it and you will find out – it basically lets you shoot straight skyscrapers and much more

  • Jason

    Why all the PC-E’s? There are more urgently needed updates than these specialty lenses.

  • Yes…. I Publish it, on my website, (in spanish) on past May the 17th…
    Best regards

  • Nicolas

    These 3 PC lenses are not new at all!!!!
    They have already been anounced a long time ago on all (official) Nikon web-sites (was it early this year or late last year, can’t remember). It just takes much time for Nikon to provide them.

  • Blog Admin

    Then why has only 2 PC lenses listed?

  • Dan

    You’re 100% right in my book. Lets see the Nikkor glass equivalents to those great Canon 50 1.2 and 85 1.2 lenses. With the D3 and upcoming D700 we need FF buddies with the sharpest and fastest glass.

  • Xavier Alonso

    Looks like the new 85mm PC-E is optically identical to the old lens of the same focal length. Still 6 elements in 5 groups, same close focus distance and filter size. Looks like they just added the auto-diaphram.

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