Nikon leaks new PC lenses in catalog

Go to

and download the Nikkor Lenses catalog (pdf file). Open the PC lenses site - there are 4 lenses listed. Currently has only two. I will list the details later on.
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  • fotomik

    I don’t get it. There ARE 4 PC-lenses, are there not? These 3 new PC-E lenses (24, 45 85), and that legacy, the PC-Nikkor? The one that was left over from the old ones?

  • Blog Admin

    I am confused too (I’ve never used PC lenses) but has only 2 PC lenses listed???

  • Blog Admin
  • Bart Simpson

    Nikon already stopped building the old 85mm F/2.8D PC lens and replacing it with the new PC-E version.

    Yes… Nikon will be announcing new PC-E lenses (45mm and 85mm) on July 1st.

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