Nikon SB900 flash spy picture – exclusive @

It was very hard for us to get this spy picture, but here it is for your enjoyment: we present you the new Nikon SB900 flash:

Picture temporary unavailable.
Thanks Paul!
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  • Bryan

    I hate to break it to you, but that’s only a picture of the Autofocus Assist light. The rest of the flash mounts on top of it. I heard the optional back strap will be $300 though….

  • Jonathan

    you think that’s impressive, what truly makes the SB-900 so revolutionary is that it will still run on a couple of AA batteries.

  • Blog Admin

    Oh, I forgot to mention – it runs on solar energy, no batteries required!

  • Roy Batty

    I hate to burst your bubble, but… that’s a blatant fake. You can tell it by how crudely they Photoshopped the “Nikon SB-900” on the front… ;-D

  • njangka

    whooeeiiii, that means that the D700 has the hotshoe on the bottom right????

  • Paul

    Sorry to break it to you, but the only Photoshop work is where I removed the third wheel…the Nikon rep told me to do it to make it look more compact.

  • Gah! Not funny! You made me click in anticipation!!! I REALLY wanna see what the SB900 brings!


  • Jason

    The guy about to be obliterated by the SB900 Ultra Particle Beam

  • Steven

    What’s the point of these lame attempts at humor? Is this a joke site or a Nikon rumor site? Stick to the news instead of fishing cheap traffic.

  • Wow!! This is great!!!

  • Mike

    There are too many joke threads… this is just stupid….

  • Blog Admin

    I am afraid that if you continue with this tone I will have to block you – you will be the first person to be blocked here. I really don’t want to do this. Let’s stick to the rumors discussion. Please?

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