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More on the Nikon D400 rumor

Some web site in Europe already is selling battery for the D400. Typo? Probably. The D400 cannot be a real rumor without a picture: I am not going to comment on the authenticity of the pictures – I am sure you will.

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Capture NX 2 officially announced?

According to this post – YES! UPDATE: some more on the topic, this time from Australia. Update: Capture NX 2 was released 3 days later!

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Nikon stock gained 5.1 percent today

Does someone somewhere knows something and is buying Nikon stock?

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July 1st?

Official Nikon announcement on July 1st? All major online stores are out of the Nikon 50mm f/1.4D AF Nikkor lens. Coincidence? I also have big hopes for a new 50mm AF-S glass. If not, on July 10th I will be buying the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM lens. Hurry up Nikon!

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Nikon D3x: 28mpg or 32mpg?

This post claims the new replacement of the D3 will have “28mpg or 32mpg”.

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Thom Hogan’s prediction for 2008 Nikon DSLR lineup.

Thom Hogan is predicting that by Christmas the Nikon DSLR lineup will look like this: “D60, D90, D300, D3, D3x, and possibly the D10 or whatever the lower-specked FX body is called” which matches what NikonRumors has been rumor-ing for the past few weeks. Compared to many other previous rumors, Thom Hogan is very well respected […]

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Third hand rumor: No new Nikons this year?

The post “No new release from Nikon for now” reports exactly that (there is also some Canon rumors there as well). I know it is third hand, but this is all we have folks.

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Nikon D60 with lens is cheaper than Nikon D60 body only! ($659.99 vs. $699)

The price for the D60 + lens is not displayed in the above picture – follow the link and select your option to get the price. No rebates needed!

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