Thom Hogan’s prediction for 2008 Nikon DSLR lineup.

Thom Hogan is predicting that by Christmas the Nikon DSLR lineup will look like this:

"D60, D90, D300, D3, D3x, and possibly the D10 or whatever the lower-specked FX body is called" which matches what NikonRumors has been rumor-ing for the past few weeks.

Compared to many other previous rumors, Thom Hogan is very well respected individual in the photography community and I doubt that he will provide any disinformation for the sake of publicity. I guess at that point the question is when?

I am much more interested in the upcoming Nikon lenses, but he did not comment on that.

The full text can be found here.
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  • Dan

    It’s Thom, not Tom.

  • NikonRumors

    Fixed! I guess I got too excited when I was writing… sorry!

  • Nikhil

    What Thom Hogan says is true. Nikon is very much interested in having a wide variety of Dx as well as FX DSLR camera bodies to cater to the entire segment ranging from hobbyist/prosumer to a Professional.

    We pray that Nikon very soon launches its low cost FX DSLR camera body.

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