More on the Nikon D400 rumor

Some web site in Europe already is selling battery for the D400. Typo? Probably.
The D400 cannot be a real rumor without a picture:
I am not going to comment on the authenticity of the pictures - I am sure you will.
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  • That seems very nice. However, the pictures look a lot like the D300 with some post-processing magic applied around the model number. One has to wonder where the big pentaprism is …

  • I don’t think either company cares about confusing comsumers.

    Canon: 300D, 40D & D60
    Nikon: D300, D40 & D60

  • Marc

    The EN-EL9 battery is for the D40, so I’m sure it’s a typo.

  • Thx for the visit to my site … best wishes from me to your effort on your new site. Bravo!!

  • Blog Admin

    Yes, that’s probably the case but such leaks from web sites are very useful to track upcoming products.

  • If it’s an FX camera, why is it shown with a Nikkor 18-200 DX lens.

    I call bullshit!

  • Blog Admin

    Freedom of speech – you call it whatever you want!

  • Blog Admin

    Maybe this is a marketing trick to get you interested in the competition.

  • Blog Admin

    No, my comment was for the “bullshit” comment after yours. You did not disrespect the site in any way, even the comment after yours did not. This what people think, and I respect that – otherwise I would have removed their comments already

    I am glad you like the site and this is all I care about.
  • Josh Geyer

    Sorry, I meant no disrespect to the site.. Just pointed out an obvious flaw in the mock up 😀

    Great website by the way. I check every couple days.

  • Yo!

    As with the D3, you can set it to 1.5 factor to enable you to use your old dx lenses.

  • Blog Admin

    I do like DX lenses – you can get them today for less than 1/2 of the price and weight of a FX lens. Yes, they are not future proof, but by the time full frame become mainstream, the price of FX lenses will be half of what is today – so over time you can get 2 lenses for the price of a FX lens today.

  • Nikhil

    Dear All,

    Theres a huge market waiting for a low cost affordable Nikon Full Frame. Whether its called D10 or D400 doesnt matter. What matters is Nikon should not delay their launch of such a low cost camers and give a upper hand to Canon.

    People are waiting to gobble up a low cost Full Frame. HOPE NIKONS LISTENING?.

  • Artur Kozlowski

    Also, the viewfinder is too small for FX (full frame) sensor. Cheap job, at least the D10 fakery is consistent.

  • Adrian

    Euro soccer has nearly finished and no Nikon announcement. Just a heads up for non-Europeans.

  • mayur

    Nikhil is right–see now canon will go for a low cost full frame–I wish please add GPSsystem in Nikon D400 .Should nikon change from Nikon D300 to Nikon 300F–F will mean full frame–To read FX is little bitter–i think thatnikon should change nikon 400F as full frame future model.

  • frank

    I won’t buy a digital SLR until Nikon brings out a full-frame DSLR that can take all non-digital-sized AF and manual lenses.

    People’s creativity is being stifled and they are forced to pay out extra for new lenses when the old Nikon and Nikkor lenses were renowned as some of the best.

    Does anyone know whether there is a strap-on CCD for 35 mm cameras that really works? If not someone should invent one.

  • meran

    such a crap!!!
    the idea of a touchscreen Rear LCD for the profesional photographer is so funny
    and there will be no FX format for d400 when the d700 comes to do the trick
    the d400 will still come as a DX format sensor and a higher resolution and much improved live view function, i guess

  • Al

    I just saw one today. My neighbor who came from Holland got one. My kid was playing with their kids in the snow this afternoon. I saw his wife taking pictures with a DSLR. I couldn’t resist and had to have a quick look. Thought it was a D40 but I rubbed my eyes and looked again, sure it said “D400”. The D40 I got for this Christmas is still in a box and they have already bought the D400. What gives?

    • Can you send me a picture of the camera?

  • Al

    I will ask them tomorrow to see if they will let me take a picture of it. How do I send you a picture when I have one?

    • just email it to tips[at]nikonrumors[dot]com
      (just replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .)

  • karatedog

    well, something must come after D300, as a lot of new features has been packed into D90, some of them already missing from the D300 (constrast-based AF in Live View).

    • JD

      The D300 does have contrast based AF in Live View. Handheld Live View mode uses contrast detect. The D300 also has phase detect AF in Tripod mode.

      The D90 has nothing but video over the D300.

  • JD

    “I just saw one today. My neighbor who came from Holland got one.”

    Yeah, right…

    You can’t even get a Nikon camera for at least 30 days after the official Nikon announcement. Your neighbor just happens to have gotten one in Holland? And NOBODY else in the whole word has one yet?

    Assuming your neighbor is beta testing the Nikon D400, do you really think that he’s going to give it to his wife to take snapshots of the kids playing in the snow?

    You can make up a more plausible story than that, can’t you?

  • Snow

    I have been looking at the prices drop on cameras and stopped by the local shop today and they say they are hearing rumors of a D400 in the spring but that is all they can tell me, I see that there is a lot of speculation on a D400 and / or D800 coming out in the spring

  • Joe

    You have to take Ken Rockwell with a grain of salt. He is somewhat full of himself.

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