Underwater housing for Nikon DSLR

No rumors here, but I have been struggling with this one for a while and would like to share my experience.

I was looking to find a cheap underwater housing for Nikon DLSR. I will use it mainly for snorkeling and pool pictures (I live in Florida).
If you have an extra $1000 you can go with the Fantasea FD-40X Underwater Camera Housing (depth rated to 60m/200 feet)- I am sure it is a fine product, but not in my price range:
The next step down is the Ewa-marine Underwater AF SLR / Digital Camera Housing U-AXP (for dive depths of up to 50m/155 ft). It will send you back more than $300. The cool thing about this product is that you can include your external flash unit in the housing.
The third option is the Dicapac WP-S10 SLR Pack Waterproof Case (Waterproof to 16.4 ft/5.0 m). It sells for $100 at B&H. No much info is available online for that product. Dicapac web site sucks! Don't even bother accessing it with Safari. No one sells that product, except B&H (even Adorama, Amazon and ebay don't have it). Few shady sites have is for $150. This will either be a "garbage bag" or the best deal around (it has finger sleeves for control!). The best way to find out is to buy one and I did.
I am going to sacrifice my D40 and try this under water. Will post the result later on.
Note: The above underwater housing models are for Nikon D40 - other sizes are available for the different Nikon DSLRs.

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  • Blog Admin

    I did not see that listing because I was filtering for US$. It is the same price (almost) in B&H. Thanks.

  • Hope it worked out! I use a smaller version of the dicapac for my surf shots from the water and some other stuff pretty successfully too. You can check em out here if you’d like:http://www.flickr.com/photos/haniamir/sets/72157603169366588/
    It was pretty sturdy but make sure you check it regularly for leaks. Mine faces a lot of abuse in the surf and its okay except for some breaking near the outer lip. A lot of water can get in if I accidentally open the velcro; easy to get away with for a P&S but I don’t think a DSLR will be that lucky. I’ve heard that the Ewa marine bags are of a better quality and last longer though. I’ve been lusting after a housing for my D70s for ages. That Ewa marine bag is what I’ll probably end up getting. The “real” housings all seem to cost a fortune!

  • Blog Admin

    Cool pics – I saw few where the edge was dark because of the housing. I had the same problem: the housing was to big for my D40 and the lens was loose – I always had to adjust it. I returned the Dicapac – I will create a new post on this topic soon. I am getting the Ewa Marine U-A:

  • Adrian

    Why not put a box of tissues in the bag and take that underwater. Cheaper than a camera and shows up water ingress immediately.

    Also for the Ewa-marine – the newer BXP range is for the big cameras (D2,D3 type).

  • Blog Admin

    This is the one I am getting:

  • Amanda

    I am looking forward to hearing about your review on this. I need something like this for canoe trips. Although the camera won’t be submerged, I still want it protected from water and other elements.

  • Blog Admin

    It has been crazy with those rumors… I will let you know once everything settles down.

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