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The Nikon D810 camera underwater review

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I am continuing the series of Nikon D810 guests posts with this D810 camera underwater review by wetpixel.com: I was able to take a D810 to Mexico in late July to shoot the annual whale shark aggregation with the 2014 Wetpixel Whale Sharks expedition. For those of you not (yet!) familiar with underwater photography, in order […]

Nikon D810 underwater review_01
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Nikon D810 first impressions

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Nikon D810 first impressions by Jakob Gronkjaer (Website | Facebook | Vimeo | Twitter): Last weekend we went out to a wedding with the Nikon D810. I work with my wife as a team shooting with two bodies each. We had always used DX bodies until now and decided our 4th body was due for an upgrade. Ultimately, […]

Bouquet - 1/1600 @ f/3.0, ISO 64, Nikon D810, 105mm
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Using the Nikon D810 for wildlife photography

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Des Ong (website | Facebook | Instagram) shares his initial impressions on using the D810 for wildlife photography (see also his previous guest post): A few months ago I had the opportunity to try the D800e as I was looking for a backup body. Some of you may recall from my previous article [link?] that […]

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Nikon D750 first impressions

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Initial observations of the Nikon D750 FX DSLR camera by Delmar R Mineard Jr This afternoon I had the opportunity to handle and shoot the new Nikon D750. Here are my initial impressions and observations based upon a limited amount of time in the store and standing outside. The local camera dealer had two in stock […]

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Creating spinning circular timelapse with Nikon DSLR camera

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Artist and Nikon Ambassador for Lebanon, Alexy Joffre Frangieh (who painted his Nikon gear with military grade “Desert Mirage Lizard” paint) shared with us an interesting and challenging setup. His aim was to create a spinning circular image from within a leafless apple tree: creating a time lapse for use in a video artwork that […]

Creating spinning circular timelapse with Nikon DSLR camera
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Backpacking around the world

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Walter Chang (website | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter) shares his experience on backpacking around the world for over 2 years and documenting his travels with Nikon equipment (first with D700 and then with D800, click on images for larger view): Discovering what we call home I started traveling when I quit my job back in September […]

Pyongyang, North Korea: Arirang Mass Games
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The making of Full Moon Pacific Blanket time-lapse video (San Francisco Bay Area)

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Gary Yost (www.garyyost.com) talks about the making of the Full Moon Pacific Blanket time-lapse video in the San Francisco Bay Area: I’ve been a volunteer fire lookout on the East Peak of Mt. Tamalpais for the Marin County Fire Department for four years and its aerial location has provided many opportunities for me to see […]

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