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The West Highland Way with the Nikon D750


My name is Ingo Scholtes and I am a researcher based in Zurich, Switzerland. When I’m not in my office doing research, I enjoy spending my free time outdoors doing landscape and nature photography. Since about 10 years, this has become a growing passion and you can find some of my photographic works on my […]

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At the Nikon museum


This post about the new Nikon museum in Japan is by Richard Haw:

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Zombie wedding project


This Zombie Wedding Project is by Irina Skripnik (website | Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo | YouTube): Four days before Halloween 2015 me and my husband had a regular conversation, sitting on our couch. We talked about future photo sessions and tried to find out what project we should do to show my photography and post-processing skills, because I am developing […]

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A day with the Nikon 1 ‘all-in-one’ zoom lens (10-100mm f/4-5.6)


  A day with the Nikon 1 ‘all-in-one’ zoom lens is by Thomas Stirr (photography website | general website | YouTube): I must admit when Nikon first launched the 1 Nikon 10-100mm f/4-5.6 zoom lens I scratched my head a bit. After all there already are two 1 Nikon zoom lenses in this general focal length, the 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 PD […]

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Traveling to North Korea: rare photos from inside the DPRK


Today we will see some rare photos from inside North Korea (DPRK) from Viktor Nemeth (blog | flickr, see also his previous post on Chernobyl): Tourists are, while quite a rarity in the DPRK are actually not that entirely uncommon. Numerous companies organise trips in and some of those trips last as long as twenty-something days. I […]

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