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Odd ways of macro photography

The last guest article for the weekend “Odd ways of macro photography” is written by Junaed Rahman (website | flickr): The standard tool of macro photography is a Macro lens. That what the book says. But I learned to achieve high magnification when i didn’t had any standard tool. However they are unlikely to generate good […]

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How to use Nikon’s AF-ON and back button autofocus

This article on how to use Nikon’s AF-ON button for AF is written by Steve Perry (website | YouTube | Facebook): Still autofocusing by pressing halfway down on your shutter release? Well, suppose I told you there’s another way that you might even like better? Sound interesting? Read on. The technique is called Back Button Autofocus […]

Keeweenaw Sunset Breakers
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Night photography by Max Seigal

In this post Max Seigal (www.maxwilderness.com) will talk about his night photography: It was the most difficult shot I’d ever created. I sat, huddled in the cave, wondering if the stars would ever creep out on that cloudy night. It was the Milky Way, after all, that I was hoping to photograph that night, while […]

Night photography 8
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Nikon Df: It’s like being in a relationship

This guest post is by George X. Lin who recently went on a trip to Turkey and Iceland with the Nikon Df camera (click on images for larger view):

Nikon Rumor (23)
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Birds in flight photography with the Nikon D800 and D600 cameras

Hi [NR], I am Jiayi Chong (Flickr). Outside of work, I do wildlife (mostly birds) photography as my weekend hobby/passion. There has been much discussion about the new D600 and D800 cameras with regard to capturing birds in flight. Since I use both of these camera bodies regularly, I thought I could provide some useful […]

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Guest post: Different angles of Mademoiselle Eiffel by Patrik Banas

The guest post “Different angles of Mademoiselle Eiffel” is by Patrik Banas (Web | Blog | Facebook): If you have only a limited opportunity to take pictures during your occasional travels, do not hesitate and take this as a possibility to train your eye, find more angles, try something new… aka “work it, work it, work it”. Even one […]

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Guest post: Shark Photography

Today’s guest post on Shark Photography is by Brook Ward (Website|Facebook|Google+|500px|Flickr): Shark photography….really???? I know that’s what you’re asking at this very moment. Let me come back to that question. My interest in photography and scuba diving was engrained in me early by my father. In the 1960’s he was scuba diving on shipwrecks in […]

6 Great White Shark
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