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Nikon D500 review, a wildlife photographer’s perspective

Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks Fighting In The Air in Ritch Grisson Wetlands near Viera FL. (c) Steve Perry

“Nikon D500 review, a wildlife photographer’s perspective” by Steve Perry (website | YouTube | Facebook, you can check also his previous [NR] posts here): OK, I’ll admit it. As a wildlife photographer, I had resigned myself to the idea that DX was dead. It was too bad, really. Although I do enjoy using a full frame camera, I longed for the […]

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Nikon D5 and D500 live concert photography


I will be traveling in the next few days and will have limited Internet access. In the meantime enjoy this guest post by Arash Taheri (arashtaheri.com) who is a professional music photographer and an ambassador for Nikon Norway: My name is Arash Taheri and I am a music photographer based in Oslo, Norway. For the most […]

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Photographing a JNU protest march, Delhi, India

harvinder sunila8

Photographing a JNU protest march, Delhi, India by Harvinder Sunila (website | tumblr | instagram): My name is Harv, I’m a photographer in the UK, some of you may have seen my guest post on NikonRumors last year about the school under the bridge in Delhi. Earlier this year I had the chance to go to India again, these opportunities […]

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Nikon D5 review: The dark night rises

Nikon D5 camera review

Nikon D5 review by Ross Harvey (Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram): “Powerful, insanely fast, supremely agile, hauntingly accurate and a master of the dark. The Batman of the camera world.” I could end the review there, but what fun would that be? INTRODUCTION As with my Nikon D750 Review, this Nikon D5 review is founded upon […]

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The top 10 new features on the Nikon D5


The top 10 new features on the Nikon D5 by Aaron Baggenstos (website, Facebook, YouTube): I spent the last month in Costa Rica field testing the Nikon D5 in comparison to the D4S, which I have shot with extensively since its release. Below I have listed are what I consider to be the top 10 new features […]

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The Nikon Museum in Tokyo

Nikon House in Ginza 3

The Nikon Museum in Tokyo by Jeff Lewis (Facebook): I visited the Nikon Museum in Tokyo a couple weeks ago – it’s situated in a large office block in Shinagawa. The museum had a lot of old and new gear as well as multimedia displays, scientific exhibits, etc.  they also sell nikon pins and some other […]

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