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New Nikon prices in France

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I have no price reference for France, but I think they are going up as well – this is the new Nikon France price list for February 2009. Update: for comparison purposes here is the price list for September 2008.

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BAD NEWS: Nikon US to raise prices

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Update: Just got a similar report from a second source! Get your lenses today from Adorama, Amazon, B&H, Calumet or Ritz while you still can (use those links if you want to support NR – same price to you). I am suspecting that many products will be out or stock until the new prices kick […]

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Yep, Nikon prices did go up in the UK today. Is Norway next?

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As previously reported, Nikon UK raised their prices today. The new price list can be found here. Some examples submitted by a reader: The D300 has come down by £20 and the D700 has gone up by £100 (5%) The D3x has gone up by £500 (9%), the D3 up by £200 (6%) The D60 […]

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Is the US next for a price increase?

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Update: I just updated the price watch section and I noticed a slight price increase across the line compared to the last update two weeks ago. This could be just a post-holidays adjustment. Nikon price increase is already a fact in Canada, UK and Australia. Is the US next? I do not have any information […]

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Nikon UK prices – cannot back order for the old price

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Update – and another price increase report: “Interfoto in Norway will increase their prices on January 15th.” Several readers informed me today that resellers across the UK already have the new pricing. The worst part is that buyers cannot back order any item for the old price: “I was at Jacobs in London today, and […]

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Nikon UK to raise prices next week

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The initial report was that Nikon prices are going up this Spring. Now it seems that this may happen earlier,  way earlier… like in 5 days, on January 12, 2009 (Monday). The source is an email sent from a major shop in the UK. There is also similar thread on flickr. If you are planning […]

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Nikon prices around the world

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Nikon prices are falling in… Saudi Arabia. According to a NR reader, Nikon prices in Saudi Arabia were recently reduced. A Nikon D90, for example, sells for SR 4,949 = USD 1,321, Nikon D3: SR 18,749 = USD 5,007: FYI, Nikon D90 prices around the world: Germany: EUR 979 = USD 1,317 UK: GBP 768 […]

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