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Rumor: Nikon price decrease in Canada on Monday

Update: this price decrease is basically an adjustment based on the exchange rate. For our fellow Canadians – the rumor is that Nikon Canada will decrease their prices on Monday. If true, I will have the new Nikon price list online on Monday (November 16, 2009). NR rating system: 75% probability

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Nikon D90: another price increase (UK) and LV bug

Amateurphotographer reports another 10% price increase of the Nikon D90 in the UK starting next month (May, 2009). The reason – exchange rate fluctuations. Expect this price increase to trickle-down to other countries as well. Now, the D5000 pricing will not be so close to the D90 price. According to this post in dpreview, Nikon support confirmed the D90 LV […]

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After the Nikon price hike… a rebate?

Nikon France started a new rebate program (valid from March 15 – June 14): Not sure yet if other countries will have similar programs. Update: Belgium Nikon rebates. Hit the comments section for more rebates reports from around the world.

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Poland: 10% price increase coming at you

I received some information that Nikon prices in Poland will go up by 10% on April 1st, 2009. Sony is also raising prices in  the UK on April 1st by 18% (source). This banner was on the main page of Jacobsdigital (UK) few days ago.

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How can Pentax do it?

Price increases, economic worries… but not for everyone in the DSLR industry. If you have missed the news from few weeks ago, Pentax reduced their prices (Pentax K20D & Pentax K200D models) and today they announced plans to revive its long-awaited 645 Digital medium format camera: Are they nuts or we are all being taken for a […]

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