Reminder: up to 30% price increase on Nikon lenses in Europe

For all European readers - I have been reporting for months now that a big Nikon price increase is coming to Europe in early 2016 (up to 30% in Germany, 5-20% in the UK). Have you seen any price increases in your country? Please report in the comments section below.

The above screenshot is from a recent email sent from Kamera Express in the Netherlands, the translation says:

Final opportunity!
Be aware!
Nikon Europe rises from January 1st 2016 the prices of lenses up to 30%!
Get it now in 2015!

Update: here are the new Nikon prices from the Netherlands:

and the new pricing from Germany:

Nikon price increase Germnay
Another report from Romania:

"From January 1st, the VAT in Romania decreased from 24% to 20%, but prices on Nikon lenses increased dramatically. The price for the 70-200 f/2.8 increased by 30% compared to the 2015 price, which was with 24%VAT, while the higher price now is with 20%VAT. It looks like the bodies are not affected. the prices are lower due to the tax change."

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  • julian_n

    Comparing the current prices advertised by Grays (UK) with what I paid in November on a couple of items (70-200/4 and 200-500) these prices have not gone up – yet.

    However, the Pound has fallen by less than 4% against the Yen – whereas the Euro has fallen by over 9% – so maybe UK will escape?

  • ovidiu

    Thank God for 3rd party!

    • FountainHead


  • Paco Ignacio


  • Steven Thomas

    As if their prices weren’t high enough already. Look at the new 16-80and the 24 1.8. Very expensive.

  • Carlo

    So far heard nothing for Switzerland

    • vousplaisentezouquoi

      Maybe because Switzerland is not in Euroland?

      • Marco

        UK has no Euro but prices will increase 5-20% according to the article

        • T.I.M

          UK is part of European countries community, but the only one who have kept it’s money (God save the Queen)

          • FountainHead

            Denmark and Sweden would like a word…

  • Bas Wit

    I heard the same from two dealers (Hans keuzekamp & refoto). The 24-120 f4 will probably get €150 more expensive in the next days.
    They also told me that the new 24-70 VR had already gotten the new price at it’s introduction (which originally was around €2070, now around €2499)

  • David M. Gyurko

    Yes, Nikon, this is a great solution. Good luck!

    (Why bother with innovation, risk taking, attention to costumers and their ideas, etc.?)

    • T.I.M

      Maybe Nikon need to make some profit to survive.
      Lenses request a lot of labor and highly priced machines to build them.

      • Cristian

        So are you saying that since now Nikon has been a non-profit organization?? Judging the price of bodies and lenses I absolutely don’t think so….

      • Thom Hogan

        Yes. But inflation in Japan is zero. The lenses that are getting repriced are already designed, and the machines involved in making them are already built and paid for.

      • FroBro

        You don’t make profit by pricing your own products out of the market compared to the competition.
        Fact is Nikon and Canon do not make profits from pro photogs. They earn their profits from average joe who probably still shoots in auto 80%+ of the time. New people to DSLR will not go to Nikon, people who are still on 1 lens + body will switch since they are not too deep in.

        Nikon are breaking both of their legs at a time when they were treading water.

  • ashwins

    Perfect time for Sigma and Tamron to reduce their prices a bit…

  • Lorenzo Amato

    It sounds great if Nikon wants people to think twice about buying into Nikon …

    • Morris

      thats how nikon covers its recall expenses

  • keng00ru

    There is no increase prices in Germany.

  • John

    No price increase in Norway yet, as far as I can see.

  • Petr Cech
  • Peter Rothengatter

    This was a great HOAX! just to increase selling of some dealers at the end of the year 🙂

    • You think so? I believe the price increase is real but let’s wait and see.

  • So the new 16-80/2.4-4 is then 1300 Euros instead of 1000 Euros. The Sigma 17-70/2.8-4 is about 400 Euros. Good luck Nikon!

  • animalsbybarry

    I do not understand why Nikon will be raising there prices substantially, just when so many people will be switching to Sony mirrorless.

  • Fadil Polisi

    In Germany: The Price for Nikon D750 from Calumet Photo is higher now.
    In December price for the Body only was 1729 Euros.
    Now it is 1899 Euros. Same sh** happened at the seller
    Also the Price for the Nikon D750 Body only in Switzerland is now around 150 Euros higher at

  • Jerome Milac

    Just checked. Not yet.

  • Cristian

    If this will be true, I think Nikon should be prepared to have also a 30% sales drop…

    • Thom Hogan

      Could be more or less than that. We don’t know the PED curve.

    • ZoetMB

      I think the lower the price, the more the sales will drop. While that might seem counter-intuitive, at the high end, you have either pros or people with money who either have to have the equipment to do their jobs or for who price is not a major consideration. So there’s less price sensitivity.

      But at the middle and low end, the equipment is more of a luxury, it’s easier to switch brands or start buying third party lenses or simply defer purchase because it’s not absolutely necessary–especially for hobbyists it’s “nice to have” not “must have”. I think there’s far more price sensitivity there.

      For example, in my case, it really doesn’t matter if the 800mm is $16,000 or $21,000, as unless I suddenly came into a huge windfall, there’s no way I’m ever buying that lens. But if I were a pro shooting sports or a pro shooting in the jungle for National Geographic, I might have no choice but to own that lens, regardless of the price.

      Personally, I think Nikon is insane. There must be a level of insular arrogance there that makes them think these price increases are going to increase either revenue or earnings. And it’s not like they lowered prices when the Yen declined against other currencies. Nikon’s strategy (aside from the recent rebates) seems to be: “If the Yen drops, raise prices. If the Yen increases, also raise prices.” And it’s not like they decreased prices when they moved much manufacturing out of Japan.

  • TinusVerdino

    Up to 30% :p

  • whisky

    can Nikon force dealers to raise prices of existing stock? apparently B&H gives in to this kind of price fixing, but i thought anti-trust was a bit more rigid in Europe … ?

    • In the US Nikon controls their prices, I don’t think that is the case in Europe. One would think that it would be the other way around.

  • Nikkor300f4VR

    Even if it’s true I don’t really care..
    I’II buy anyway some “noice” Samyang lens in this year to treat my Nikon body.. 😛

  • catinhat

    One possible strategy could be to raise prices but have more sales and discounts as they see fit. Then what seemed like an already high price yesterday may appear to be a bargain half a year down the road when it goes on sale.

  • Mark

    A lot of people don’t realize that many European prices include VAT, which can be almost 20%, and is included in the price. Not saying that’s what happening here, but it often throws people off when they are using a press release to try ans calculate USD equivalents.

    • tamaszlav

      You mean VAT can be almost 30%.

  • R0gue_4cid

    Import your lens from other markets this is nuts to pay 30% more for something that was 30% less prior to the change.

  • KnightPhoto

    Apparently Nikon Canada is going to raise lens prices April 1st. This is due to our low Cdn dollar.

    BTW several lenses are major bargains here if bought from the USA (or other high currencies countries) at the moment. 24-70VR is one example.

    • I heard about that as well. Several other companies are also raising their prices in Canada.

  • marloh65

    No visible price increase for Nikon gear at my preferred online shops in Germany so far.

  • godafoss

    Go Nikon, that’s a brilliant way to counteract the threat from mirrorless, make your system far more expensive. That’s reverse psychology gold.

  • Julian

    If you go to for instance – and then select say a
    D810, there you can see a price graph for the past few months, and as
    others have reported there is no sign yet of a price increase – the same
    for the nordic areas (where I live).

  • mircea812

    Bad news from Romania. One of the biggest Nikon dealers increase prices :
    Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR II 2765EUR (from 1950)
    Nikon 70-200 f4 1660EUR (from 1285) etc…

    • Mriekert

      In Holland the Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,4 / 50 mm G just went up from € 349 to €489 that’s an increase of 40.11%


  • Mriekert

    In Holland the Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,4 / 50 mm G just went up from € 349 to €489 that’s an increase of 40.11%

    • here are the new Nikon prices for the Netherlands:

      • keng00ru

        “…and the new pricing from Germany: …”

        I’ve never seen so low prices as “old”, and now I do not see so high as “new”. In Germany, prices have long remain stable.

  • Ronald

    Sigma, Tamron and Tokina make good lenses too. So good luck with these rip off prices, Nikon.

  • A-Z

    I wonder if price hike will influence Nikon 1 lenses?
    Have 18.5mm f/1.8 on my wishlist and planning to buy it in month or two, so kind of curious if I should pull the trigger now(my credit card wont like this) or wait for a month or two?

  • Henning

    From Germany: The battery grip for the D750 (Mbd16) was at around 205 Euro before Christmas, now it is around 260,- Euros. (At, but you can still get it elsewhere for about 220,-Euros)

  • Mirko Schurink

    April’s fool????

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