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Nikon Fabre Photo EX portable stereoscopic microscope review


I usually don’t do reviews, but when I do… I make sure it is something interesting and fun. The Nikon Fabre Photo EX microscope was released back in February 2009 but unfortunately only for the Japanese market. If you are in Japan you can buy it from Amazon for less than US$1000 (including the DSLR […]

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Finally: Nikon Fabre Photo EX microscope available for purchase

In February 2009 Nikon announced the Fabre Photo EX microscope which now offers a DSLR attachment (the previous model Nikon EZ-Micro Stereoscopic Microscope could only take a Coolpix camera). The product was not announced in the US and it seems that nobody from Nikon support have heard of it. I had dozens of people asking […]

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Nikon Fabre Photo EX microscope may not be available in the US

The Nikon Fabre Photo EX microscope (with DSLR compatibility) was announced over a month ago in Japan and there is still no word from Nikon US/Europe. I contacted Nikon US and it seems that this product will be available only in Japan. I also email Nikon support, but have not received an answer yet.

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More new Nikon products

Nikon is on a roll- here is another new product. More info after the break. Ok, this is the new Nikon Fabre Photo EX – a portable stereoscopic microscope that can be attached to a Nikon DSLR camera (read the whole story here).

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