More new Nikon products

Nikon is on a roll- here is another new product. More info after the break.

Ok, this is the new Nikon Fabre Photo EX - a portable stereoscopic microscope that can be attached to a Nikon DSLR camera (read the whole story here).

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    What the hell is that thing?

    • Looks to me like a microscope adapter, so you can photograph what you are looking at. Extreme macro photography?

      • DNHJR

        Yeah, it does look like a microscope.

  • Marc W

    HAHA, I thought it was a stereo view of the sensor πŸ™‚

  • Pablov

    it’s an adapter to analyze the camera’ sensor !! πŸ˜€

  • peter.maccoleman@gma
  • Jon Paul

    Is that a D400 connected to that thing!?!?!?

    Just kidding.

    • Kavin Kowsari

      You’re absolutely right. I have both the D700 and the D300 and here’s my analysis of that photo:
      It seems to have:
      – a D700 card door
      – a D300 viewfinder (D700 is round)
      – D700 control buttons (D300 does not have a seperate center button)


      – Appears to have a smaller top lcd (D700’s is smaller than the D300)

      Hmm maybe a D700 with a D300 eyepiece?

      • Jon Paul

        D700 with a D300 eyepiece. That’s exactly what I’m expecting the D400 to be. I don’t think this is a coincidence…

      • Willis

        Don’t forget the D90’s control knob (top left hand side)… Doh! No D400 here.

        • Sindre

          This is a D90, stop kidding your selves!

          • Jon Paul

            My question is, Who’s kidding whom here?

  • HDZ


    This very funny as hell!! lol!!

  • Anonymous

    c’mon guys, its a D90. theyre using it to shoot movies of bacterias

  • ace

    It is marcian UFO checking out new Nikon D800

    • Jon Paul

      I think the viewfinder’s prism housing is too small for FX. I still stand by my D400 call.
      I’m just upset that it looks like I’ll have to convert to SD from CF when I upgrade from the D300.

      • That’s the new Micro CF system there. Don’t worry about having to convert. I think there are adapters. Your current CF cards should fit in the (included) CF-to-Micro-CF adapter.


        • Jon Paul

          Sweet. I can’t wait for Micro CF. Mostly I want to see those adapters. πŸ™‚

    • Jon Paul

      I think the viewfinder’s prism housing is too small for FX. I still stand by my D400 call.

    • Sindre

      Stop it, this is D90

  • Ben

    It seems to be a very expensive dating tool for those that can’t figure out πŸ˜€

    “I see you looking at me” …. We’re both drunk…. Wanna share a cab?

  • Fred

    FINALLY a sure fire way to clean the sensor

    • Anonymous

      hehehe yeap, all the dirts will be eliminated!

      • All your dirts are belong to us!

        • Jon Paul

          For great Justice.

  • Jack

    That’s awesome. Why can’t I find it anywhere on Nikon’s website?

  • Simon

    Gives a new meaning to “Micro” Nikkor πŸ˜‰

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