Nikon Fabre Photo EX microscope may not be available in the US

The Nikon Fabre Photo EX microscope (with DSLR compatibility) was announced over a month ago in Japan and there is still no word from Nikon US/Europe. I contacted Nikon US and it seems that this product will be available only in Japan. I also email Nikon support, but have not received an answer yet.


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  • Jack

    I’d still be able to buy it from Japan though, right? That would suck if I couldn’t.

    • Can somebody get me one from Japan? Is it available in stores? Will they ship to the US?

      • Anonymous

        if you work…

        save up for a flight ticket for japan and spend all week looking everywhere for it until you find it, problem solved.

        • Pablov

          yeah, and since being there why not to visit Nikon too? and bring some cameras, and also Canon, why not? and a 50″ TV, and a dog-robot…

          • Pablov

            “rude” people…..

      • I live in Japan. If you seriously want one, drop me a line. You should still have my email laying around somewhere 😉

  • NikonMan

    we requested one from Nikon’s New Zealand importer, the reply they recieved from Nikon Vision was:

    “We regret to inform you that Fabre Photo EX is available only in Japanese market at this time.
    International department has no plan to release it to the overseas.”

  • Willis

    Now we know why Nikon calls Macro “Micro”.

  • I live in Japan. Email me if you want one.

  • Jack

    What’s the point of only having it available in Japan? I don’t get it.

    • Your Eyes

      perhaps American and eu laws/compliance issues?

  • Anonymous

    Any more word on this microscope? I really want a portable microscope, and this looks great, but I’d much rather have one for my D200 than screw around with a Coolpix.

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