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On another note, did you notice the new addition on NikonRumors? It has been online for few days already... I have not officially announced it yet, but if you are following NR on Twitter or Facebook you already know the secret.

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  • Anonymous

    see? see?

    i called nikon and “maintenance update” and everyone ignored me…

    • No, I never ignore any tips – sometimes I am slow to post them, but I will not ignore them.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t put the sad face for the Canon announcement. It is 1080p at 20 frames per second. Yeah, that ISN’T a typo, although I wish so badly it was.

    I hope Nikon get their next camera right.

    • Anonymous

      does it do 24/30fps at 720p? that would still be good

    • hulk

      With Canon taking out the garbage, I hope Nikon will not feel safer and postpone the release of the D400!

    • lifelion

      720p at 30fps yes.
      IMHO, the 500D is not 1080p. At 20 fps it is useless. What is the point of having 1080p, if it is to have slow speed? The goal is better quality and 20fps is mediocre.

      • 9190

        Yeah, I agree with you. 1080@20 fps is bull shit.

  • Pablov

    yes, it does :

    EOS 500D / Rebel T1i DSLR
    Movie Specs:

    • 1920 x 1080 (1080P, 16:9) @ 20 fps
    • 1280 x 720 (720P, 16:9) @ 30 fps
    • 640 x 480 (4:3) @ 30 fps
    • Quicktime MOV format (H.264 video,linear PCM audio)
    • Up to 29 min 59 sec (or max file size 4 GB)

    Let’s see what Nikon has to offer (are they awake?? )

    • ouch

      20fps ha ha what’s the point of that. talk about crippling it intentionally. you can tell the marketing guys wanted 1080 video at all costs for their brouchures but the upper brass was worried about canibalizing features in the 5D line.

      and what’s the deal with locking you in 720 at 30fps. are they being silly, an option for 720@24fps could have been made easily available.

  • Why the ‘NSFW’ warning? It’s a butt… in panties…
    Would be more NSFW if he shot the photo with a D500, D6x or whatever 🙂

    • let me guess – you are located in Europe… the US is different…

      • Andrew

        I wish I knew what NSFW meant BEFORE I opened it at work.

        • Anonymous

          I am in the midst of a divorce cause my wife caught me clicking on that link!

          • rhlpetrus

            My wife said the shot was really bad, no woman likes to have a pic of her like that. She didn’t ask for a divorce (I make sure I show this type of stuff to her first 😉 ).

      • rgr that 🙂

  • Gary L

    D300 discontinued? …… While D200 new still around? ……. something does not pass the smell test.

    Dropping the D300, their best bang for the buck vs. Canon, would be moronic unless they plan on a D300x with HD at the same price, and even then, they should price it “right” and sell the hell out of them.

    Perhaps the vendors got tired of Nikon’s recent price games, poor inventory control and would rather spend more effort/$pace for Canon, and perhaps others – I know of a couple of sites which made that decision. We’ll see ….. soon enough. Just pure speculation on my part, though.

  • Cavok

    Nikonshop is up again, – no new cameras :o(

    • Pablov


  • Chris

    Not sure who’s telling you the D300 isn’t available in the UK. Looks very available at Jessops, Jacobs, Park and Grays to me.

  • Photography Bay talks about a $799 list price for the Rebel T1

    • Pablov

      EOS Rebel T1i with EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit: $ 900
      EOS Rebel T1i Body only: $ 800

      ( I don’t get fooled by that $ 0.01 advertised price !!! )

  • Daf

    Maybe something relating to all these sites going down – dunno.

    I called Nikon UK spares a few days ago and just got a recorded message saying that they would be unavailable 16-25(or 27 can’t remember) for annual stock taking.
    So there may be a big huge Nikon wide ‘stoke take’ type rejig of their systems. Spring clean type stuff….

  • Daf

    Re Hot shoe Diaries : Amazon UK is selling it for HALF PRICE with free postage!!
    Not sure how long for.
    Although they said published 25th I got mine delivered last week!
    (LOVED Moment it Clicks)

    • Stephen

      Actually, It’s not really half price, everyone is selling it for that rate. And it’s always free shipping if it costs more than $25 bones. Don’t get our hopes up man.

      • Daf

        Ha ha, damn.
        Would have got it anyway.

      • Daf

        Just checked – no I can’t see anybody selling it for that amount (£12.99) .
        Couple come close, but others are closer to the full value (£25.99)
        Note – I mentioned UK.

  • alex

    dude ii understand you love canon but it’s not really “nikon related links”

    • Pablov

      maybe hard to believe, but some readers use Nikon & Canon, and/or are Nikon & Canon fans 🙂

      (I’m one of those)

      • alex

        who asked you? i was talking to the moderator

        anyway he’s just getting links for his little website…. nothing wrong with that

  • rob

    As for the hotel thing…

    When I was working for Jessops in the UK, I got taken to a bunch of shows in hotels to play with new kit. Once it was Nikon day, and I got a cool pen. I also got to play with the D70, D2H and 10.5mm AFS.

    Not sure when or anything, but it was before these were availiable in the shops. (Maybe the D2H was, I am not certain. It was some time ago)

    So its more than likey that its real. We didnt bother blacking out the names however. We were in a small town so I guess there was no need.

    All we need now is a 20MP FX SLR, high ISO performance and no built in flash. For about £1200. Job done

    • Amen! Make more cameras without a damned useless flash. If it can’t run in continuous shooting mode, it doesn’t belong on the dx00 and up.

      There’s nothing like my old f100 in the current Nikon line. That thing was weatherproof! I’m afraid to get my d300 too wet because there’s the potential it’ll zap me in the face.

      Please Nikon, when you get around to the d700x (or whatever you call the 24mp d700) dump the flash!

      • Not everyone agrees with you on that! I like having the flash if needed. I have an SB600 (not it is not an 800 or 900, I don’t use it that often) when I need more, but often the onboard flash is useful. If, as rumered in another thread, Nikon moves to a more powerful built-in flash that can be adjusted to bounce, it would be even better!

      • Cole

        I disagree about the built-in flash — I never use it really as a flash, but as a CLS commander for the SB speedlight units it works nicely in a pinch. Otherwise you’d need to buy a separate commander unit, or of course drag your pocketwizards/etc around with you everywhere.

  • Nikkorian

    The 500D / T1i got

    1.) exposure bracketing
    2.) depth-of-field preview

    Seems like it’s competing with the D90 rather than D60.

    • Anonymous

      all canon’s DSLRs have DOF preview and bracketing, this is canon being canon and nikon arbitrarily disabling features

    • Pablov

      you forgot to mention its most newest feature: Video capture mode

  • peter

    another camera “upgrade” with more MP’s and video but with the same lame ass LV and video AF and no articualting LCD. i big fat “SO WHAT”. the d400 will be the same. no innovation, no sensor development…just like the P&S market.

  • qwe

    i can confirm the whole “resellers not getting a hold of d300 anymore” in norway

  • employee at RC

    Retailers (at least the one I work for) stock Canon only because they have to. Canon pays zero commission, does not provide any training or support whatsoever to reps, and has terrible retailer support. Nikon, on the other hand, is always offering sales reps classes and field trips with their equipment, has a very generous employee purchase program, and extremely helpful retailer support. Consumer Canon users are generally people who insist on buying what they see on TV and “hear that other brands are only for professionals and are very hard to use”. Putting 1080 HD video with only 30fps will work well for them because the average consumer has no clue what the 30 fps means, only that “Canons are cuter” and they’ll “never figure out” any of those other “professional” brands.

    Just my observations….

  • Be-Bop

    Canon officially announced some new products today. Nikon usually follows suit a day or two later (or vice-versa). That coupled with anecdotal evidence of the D300 going away might be a sign of new stuff coming soon. But the usual reliable sources have been very quiet. Maybe with so many obsessed with a 700x (including myself), a new D400 and a new entry-level DX camera will arrive without much fanfare.

  • shivas

    i’d jump all over a discontinued D300 if it came down to the prices of the D200 at Bestbuy recently ($599 for the D200 body, what?!)

  • Ron Scubadiver

    Seems like a lot of grasping at straws. My guess is Nikon will stick to their usual schedule and things will drop with no warning as with the 35 f/1.8 AF-S.

  • tipster

    try adding /forum to the name

  • Regarding the Kutcher bit – I think it’s a fantastic use for the Nikon 😉

    I for one am sad and glad to see a bunch of good offerings from Canon (first the 5DM2 and now this), sad because I don’t shoot Canon, but glad b/c it puts the pressure on Nikon to hurry up and release a D400 or D700x already!

  • rhlpetrus

    I think the D90 is still a better camera overall, at about same price (and much better kit lenses available).

  • BTW: the site is back up and I do not see anyting new. 🙁


    “The Nikon, though, records in the crappy motion JPEG format. The 500D pops out .mov files in the H.264 codec. ”

    I would argue that .mov is equally crappy. Why pay Apple for the “privilige” (and pass on the cost of the license to the customer) when they could have used an open-source container as well as an open-source codec (.ogg or something, idunno).

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