Tamron develops new SP AF60mm F/2.0 Di II MACRO 1:1 lens


Model Name G005
Focal Length 60mm
Maximum Aperture F/2.0
Angle of View (diagonal) 26 degrees and 35 minutes (APS-C size equivalent)
Optical Construction 14 elements in 10 groups
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.23m (9.1in.)
Max. Magnification Ratio 1 : 1
Minimum Working Distance 100mm (3.94in.)
Filter Diameter 55mm
Overall Length 80mm (3.15in.)*
Maximum Diameter 73mm (2.9in.)
Weight 400g (14.1oz.)*
Diaphragm Blade Number 7
Minimum Aperture F/22
Standard Accessory Lens Hood
Compatible Mount For Canon, Nikon (with built-in AF motor) and Sony


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  • I want to go to there.

  • Anonymous

    one day too late.

  • D800 is among us

    Why does it say 35 minutes on APS sensor?

    • Because the field of view is 26 degrees 35 minutes. There are 60 minutes to a degree. 360 degrees is a full circle. This is a minute of arc, not a minute of time.

      • D800 is among us

        Oohh!.. make sense. thanks

        • Pablov

          hi D800, when are you coming?
          you are LATE ! 🙂

  • johnny

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

    But not much more 🙂

  • Jimo

    wow.. it even comes with its own food.. yipee, no need to buy food for this lens…

  • CatSplat

    I wish my lenses came with Lens Food as standard, that’s normally a pricey aftermarket accessory.

    • lol – I copied that from the original Tamron site…

    • A new Nikon fanboy

      I never buy Lens Food. The lens will just get fat and lazy, which makes them heavier, harder to fit into camera bags, and may shorten their lifespan. I want my lenses lean and hungry.

  • never knew that lens needs to eat as well. The typo’s still there NR

  • A new Nikon fanboy

    Nice. I’ll wait for the test results, but I can see buying this down the road.

    • Anonymous

      +1 If it can focus quickly, loca isn’t horrible and it’s as sharp as Tamron’s other macro glass. I’m guessing about US$450.

  • Pablov

    I hope Tamron releases a 24-70 or 24-75 f2.8 with VC (or whatever they call the stabilizing system), built-in AF motor, and weather sealing.

    That would be a great choice to compete with Nikon and Canon Zooms (much more expensive)

  • kidfromkor

    so basically, useless on my D700

    • Chris

      If you’d like to swap your D700 for my D90 it’ll be ok…..

    • ChrisL

      You already have the option of the Tamron 90mm FF macro lens, which is well respected. This new lens adds a DX alternative with a similar field of view.

      Gee, is it possible for any manufacturer to introduce a DX lens without the FX crowd bursting into tears?

  • Wahlroos

    So ugly, like any other pirate manufacturer lens.

  • Tamron Lens

    Great news. I’m anxious to see some video podcast reviews of this lens in action by professional photographers.

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