SanDisk cards on sale (CF & SD)

More SanDisk memory cards on sale (those are with mail-in rebates, also free shipping):

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  • Pablov

    Thanks for posting this info! it’s always good to know this kind of rebates or promotions

    I was just looking for some CF cards promotions but of 8GB, like those from Lexar that after rebate (or mail-in promotion) were only $2 or so

  • DDC

    Just a FYI:

    Looks like this deal is for the previous version of the Extreme III rated for 20MB/s, not the updated version rated to 30MB/s.

  • Gary L

    For the past 9 years I’ve been getting virtually all of my geek fixes from They are nearly untouchable in price or service. B&H and Newegg are the only two places I would, and do, deal with w/o ANY reservations.

    I just checked and this card goes for 22.99 + S&H/per. This is the 1st time I’ve seen a legit ‘beeneez’ beat them on anything computer related, and especially memory – of course, special purchase deals notwithstanding. Cameras wise however, they are not aggressive, in particular at the low volume, high end goods. At least not yet.

    Their policies are straight forward and no “got ‘ja’s” nor having to read all of the fine print to make sure you are not getting screwed. I buy much every year, and I don’t recall one single issue I’ve had with them, even when it was a manufacturer problem, or a shipping company screwup.

    I just bought a couple more Kingston Elite Pro 4GB for $12 ea. They are the 20MB/s. Bought 2 more last week for $13 ea. Most of my memory is Kingston and have had zero problems. One Sandisk died on me and they were a PIA to deal with in spite of the card having been discontinued. They actually paid $4-5 to have it returned to them.

    BTW, this one has 10 yr warranty & it is made in Taiwan.


  • Anonymous

    Am I correct in my evaluation that these are all on the NON UDMA cards?

  • Anonymous

    US only, aargh!…
    Why dont they extend these offers to Europe and Asia.

  • ChrisL

    Please state in the title of such announcements, what country or countries this applies to. Thanks!

  • PJS

    Be aware that the rebate is not cash/check, but a pre-loaded Visa card, as stated on the rebate form. Not a problem for me, but I have heard some “less aware” folks bi**h after the fact. Solution? Read the instructions! SanDisk also takes forever, but they have always come through on my rebates.

  • Pablov

    It’s only my feeling or everything is very calm and quiet?

    Tomorrow is the thunderstorm? 🙂

  • bman08

    It is the newest 30MB/s UDMA compact flash card if you order 8GB Compact Flash(Manufacture SKU: 3XSDCFX3008GA31) at adorama. Thanks a lot for posting this! Just ordered pack of 3 8GB cards.

  • bman08

    To clarify: I mean the newest Extreme III compact flash.

    • Actually it is the Extreme IV cards that are UDMA. They are part of the rebate program as well (I bought some).

  • thanks!

    Hey, this is a great deal – I missed the SanDisk rebates 3 months ago, but this time I got it – thanks indeed for posting it.

  • Pablov

    yes, it’s always great to know these deals.

    BTW: why we know about them few days or weeks before it expires? I mean are they somewhat not much advertised or anything ?
    Because I don’t live in US but have a friend, and makeing the arrangements with him will take me some time, and can’t get the rebates safely if I know just 1 or 2 weeks before ending. (I will wait some months for new deals anyway, I didn’t have the cash this time)

    I appreciate a lot these postings because can help to people a lot.
    I hope there can bring NR some benefit too.

    • The rebate should tell you about the expiration date – usually is 30-60 days after purchase – make sure your friend makes copy of the all rebates and receipts, just in case.

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