NikonRumors Forum now online

As promised before, I created a NikonRumors Forum ( This will give you the option to start your own topic, discuss further posts from the blog or whatever. I already have few sample headlines based on discussions from the blog - feel free to add your own. For now I am using a very simplistic platform/design, but if we get enough interested readers I will move to something more serious. You can add a picture/logo to your profile by registering your email with Gravatar (this is valid for the NR blog and NR forum and many other site that use Gravatar).


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    Nice job on the forum.

  • xray

    This is the greatest. Thank you for all your efforts!

  • EAJ

    Can you increase the font size?

    • I increased the comments font size by 10% – is that enough?

  • Gentoo

    I screwed up when spelling my email and now I cannot get a password. Help!

    • register again – I cannot give you your password for security reasons. Email me if you still have a problem

  • Anonymous

    admin, i would join the forums if you put up rules like “no wishlist” or ” no ‘hey! i heard D7X is coming out tomorrow!'”

    • yes, I will have to add rules, privacy policy, etc

  • Juergen

    Complaint! Complaint! Complaint!
    I wanted to be the first one to post on the forums – waaaaaah, there were already so many – WAAAH!!! ;-))

    To get serious:
    Great move to have forums! Wish they will be a tremendous success for NR!

    • Anonymous

      Add another congrats – Congrats ! – and also a did you know…..that it is possible to have smoke without fire ? Overheat an electrical wire (say by shorting it) and the plastic will melt and smoke but not ignite. Dull, but true.

    • Well, you make a comment and I will change the date so you will be first… 🙂

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