Another new DX lens? AF-S Nikkor 10-24mm

Who said DX is dead? Maybe another photoshop job of the 12-24 DX lens? The current Nikon 12-24 DX is f4.

More images of the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 10-24mm 1:3.5-4.5G ED DX lens available here.



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  • Anonymous

    But a little late, i have the sigma …

  • johnny

    sign me up!

  • Mark

    if this is real, its exciting. the 12-24 can’t get as wide as the 14-24 on full frame. DX isn’t going anywhere

    • Joe R

      Please, please, please (please?) don’t start that again. There’s a forum now.

  • I see f3.5-4.5

  • Ray

    too late i got the tokina already. i need f2.8 for everything i do.

    • shivas

      agreed – just got a Tokina 11-16 on backorder, f/2.8 or bust, 3.5 is just too slow. . .

  • Nikkorian

    it’ll have to have a good price though with all the competition there. also 3.5-4.5 isn’t really state of the art… it really should have constant aperture.

    like it is, with 3.5-4.5, if it’ll be more expensive – which is likely – than the announced 10-20 3.5 by sigma – who are the only competition offering the HSM-AF so far – it sould offer much better quality OR top the 3.5 aperture. since the latter is not fulfilled, quality is the key. i’m curious 🙂

  • Nikkorian

    ps: it would be a nice ps job then, wouldn’t it?

  • Cyberimage

    Wow, I hope this is true this would be a great lens….

  • Mike

    I’m a bit dissapointed that it may be variable aperture. I’m sure it will be SWM. They are only releasing SWM equpped lenses now. Nice range. I wonder if it’s made by Tamron though? It’s grainy enough to be a real spy shot though. I would still love that rumored 10-18 FX f/4.

  • Ron Scubadiver

    If the 35mm f/1.8 is a hint, I suspect that future DX Nikon lenses will be aimed at the consumer price range. A faster ultra wide does not seem to fit in that category. A 20mm faster than f/2.8 would be awesome, or a compact 14mm.

    • dino

      I agree
      if consumers are the target of this lens it means they are collecting money to finance bolder and more expensive (FX) projects. The larger is the number of people going to get that lens, the faster we’ll see a FX prime soon. Augh !

  • DarthDuster

    This better have wather sealing, I live in the tropics and it rains here a lot, or else im buying the tokina.

    • DNHJR

      Tokina lenses don’t have weather seals. So what you said really does not make any sense.

      • DarthDuster

        I mean if it didn’t have weather sealing then there is no reason to buy this over the tokina. It does seem to have weather sealing though. Now I have to decide weather sealing VS 2.8

  • Sven

    I can confirm that this lens has come onto the computer system at in the UK.

    Delivery date set to be 02/04/2009
    RRP; £329.99

    • Mike

      This may be roughly $700 Canadian then? Seem consistent with the 16-85, 18-70 (when it was new). If the optics are great, this will make a nice DX/pro kit… 10-24, 24-70, 70-200!

    • Wow! So it is real… can you send us a screenshot please?

  • Desinderlase

    So 12-24 is obsolete?

  • TRP

    Fake, look at the 10 vs the 24, this is photoshop for real 🙁

  • Mike

    The perfect lens for my D40 if it really stays pricewise south of $500. Combined with the AF-S 35/1.8 DX and a AF-S 85/1.8 DX (do you hear me Nikon?) or if that won’t happen the 55-200 DX VR I’d have my dream combo.

    Anyone interested in an AF-S 16-85 DX? If the rumour is true I’ll have one for sale April, 2nd 😉

  • Dan

    Interesting how it’s similarly spec’d to the Tamron 10-24 F3.5-4.5. The distortion between the 1 and 0, with the zero being bigger lends me to believe this is fake.

    I’d rather see an AF-S 55mm F1.4 DX

  • Sven

    Other than what I have said above, if you go to the link provided as the source of this image, you will see that the zero on the 10mm looks normal. The image above has been compressed somewhat and as such looks a little odd.

    You will see in a few days.


  • Tom

    Look at the link provided above as the source of the photo. The photo above has just been compressed and as such is making the zero look wierd.


  • North75

    It seems that source has a number of other photos as well. I’m assuming of the same lens. Looks pretty big around in the shot from the front.

    • North75

      Although not so much from the rear shot of the lens mount. It is metal mount with a gasket.

  • Well, I ran this thing through the translator:

    I STILL can’t tell just judging by the photographs weather it is fake, or not. It does bear a striking resemblance to the 12-24, though…

  • Anonymous

    Can you provide us some proof that it was added to the computer system at
    A screen shot maybe?

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