Finally: Nikon Fabre Photo EX microscope available for purchase

In February 2009 Nikon announced the Fabre Photo EX microscope which now offers a DSLR attachment (the previous model Nikon EZ-Micro Stereoscopic Microscope could only take a Coolpix camera). The product was not announced in the US and it seems that nobody from Nikon support have heard of it. I had dozens of people asking me about this product and its availability. I finally found a website in Japan that is dedicated in "bridging the gap between 2 worlds apart, Japan and the rest of the world". They are wiling to ship the Nikon Fabre Photo EX microscope to the US for $26 flat fee. The prices are as follow:

Nikon Fabre Photo EX Camera Microscope for sale:
Nikon Fabre Photo EX Camera Microscope: US$1,303
FSBU1 (compact camera adapter): USD 338
NSA-L1 (DSLR adapter): USD 550

I will order one and will post a brief review after I get it.



This product is part of Nikon Sport Optics.

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  • decapitor

    I really want this but $550 for an adapter?!? I’m pretty sure there are much cheaper alternatives out there for a standard microscope w/ DSLR adapters of comparable quality.

    • From what I understand the adapter allows different magnification levels – that’s why there are 3 different sizes. I should get it in a week and will let you know the details.

      • Chris Lilley

        From the diagram, there seems to be a very narrow tube leading out from the microscope and then the three other parts must function like teleconverters to blow that up to a DX (I assume) image circle.

  • rad

    Why do none of the Pro Bodies mount to it?

    • WoutK89

      Because they would cause the microscope to be lifted I suppose, seen how low the DSLR already hangs to the ‘table’

  • Anonymous

    Wonder how close it gets compaired to the macro lenses (especially the Canon MP-E 65mm)

  • low

    now thats a macro

  • shivas

    could’ve used this when I was working on my PhD dissertation 3 years ago. . .BUT ANYHOW, better late the never, right?!

    With a macro lens, the quality of image capture on hemotoxlin&eosin stained slides will be sick. . .

  • James

    Thanks – I was one of the people who emailed you to ask you about this product. I just ordered one. I have a DX camera which should be x1.5 the magnification. I think the most you can get is x50, so with DX sensor should be x75, correct? Not bad. Not to mention that the kids will have a blast with that…

    • WoutK89

      How do you come up with that equation? 😛 It is magnification, not field of view, so something that is 1 mm in real will be at a 1:1 magnification on Full Frame and DX still be 1 mm, not all of a sudden 1,5 mm. Therefore a 1:1 60mm or 105mm macro Nikkor is still 1:1 on Dx too!!

    • Henke

      The specs I found said something like a 45-66x magnification for APS-C as defined by the ratio between an A4 sized print and the actual size. Strange definition if you ask me.

      An A4 is 297mm along the larger dimension, that is 12.6x the size of the sensor. That should work out to a maximum magnification of around 5x, with the regular definition of magnification.

  • PhotoGrows

    Ah, this is great, and would love one but can’t afford it.
    And I just wanted to add that over the last 6 months or so I’ve quickly discovered that Nikon Rumors is much better assembled and more attentive than Canon Rumors. I shoot with Canon now, and still have some Nikon gear, and really prefer the style, arrangement, and feedback of this site vs the other Rumors sites.
    Well done.

    • thanks, btw I do not run CanonRumors, but they are good too…

    • another anonymous

      +1 😉

  • EAJ

    Thanks for posting this, and please do follow up with your impression of the vendor…and of course, the product. I imagine you ordered the dSLR adaptor, but did you also buy the P&S adaptor?

    • I will keep you posted, thanks

    • JCDoss

      Just wanted to parrot EAJ’s comments. Thanks for posting this, and I look forward to your review. I hope this becomes a mainstream product and prices come down, though… $1800 is more than I want to spend.

  • Sayapunyer

    cool microscope..

    It does really exist right?

    do post some picture when you receive it 🙂

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