Official statement from Nikon on second D5000 recall

Official press statement for the second Nikon D5000 recall:

Nikon would like to confirm that it has contacted a small number of D5000 customers within Europe that have previously sent their cameras in for repair following the recent Service Notice, asking them to re-send their cameras in to their local service centre for further repair work. Subsequent to the publishing of the Service Notice and the adoption of the preventative maintenance, an additional and enhanced procedure was developed. A small number of D5000 cameras in Europe were not initially treated with this enhanced procedure so we are asking customers to return them to us for a short time. The process of repairing affected D5000s is being handled in a fast and efficient manner and we are committed to maintaining this level of service so that the issue is fully resolved within the near future.

In addition, Nikon recommends that all D5000 customers check the updated list of “Affected Product Serial Numbers”, further to the following Service Notice as additional product serial numbers have been added.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that Nikon customers may experience as a result of this issue. Nikon remains committed to providing only the highest quality photographic products and hopes that you will continue to choose Nikon for your imaging needs.


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  • dave

    A couple ways to take this, but in the end this is good for D5000 owners. Nikon is trying to make sure they fix the problem correctly. Yes it is an annoyance for those who have recently purchased the D5000, but overall, it will lead to a better end-user experience.

    People make mistakes. Big companies are made up of people. Mistakes, even from big companies, are unavoidable. Would you rather buy a product from a company that admits their mistakes and then tries to correct them, or from a company that denies a problem exists and then quietly fixes the problem for those that complain the loudest.

    Kudos to Nikon!

    • D40-owner

      Yep. Remember the Canon EOS 1D Mark III focus problems? It took ages for Canon to even admit the problem.

      • Anonymous

        it’s because canon isn’t a very honest company.

  • steve

    I love google ads. Currently there is an advertisement on the top right hand of this page that is for a personal injury lawyer, regarding a hip replacement recall.

    As for the topic at hand, recalls happen. They suck. But better to have it fixed. What would people prefer that Nikon do?

  • NikoDoby

    I think this is a good thing Nikon has done. They could of just NOT done anything and who would of known there was a problem with the D5000? Most company’s would of just waited for the defective D5000 to fail and THEN handle the problem !!

    Great work Nikon

  • I think Nikon must take a serious look at their quality control. My three daughters each bought a D90 and now the 2 cameras are in for repair. I’m angry and disappointed. What has happened to a company who give me a Nikkormat, now 38 years old, and with 2 service check.

  • I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but I noticed that Nikon changed plastics around the time of the D60’s release. The newer Nikon stuff feels cheaper in my opinion. I really hope they take a hard look at QC issues, as it really sets them apart from Canon.

    Two dead D90’s? Are the S/N’s close to one another?

  • Rosco

    Every business makes mistakes; it’s the way they address the problem that counts. It seems to me that Nikon have been pretty onto it in this case.

  • grumps

    Just a quick update:
    Sent it off on Monday, got it back today (Wednesday). Everything works really well, in fact I saw some improvement in shutter response which sometimes lagged a bit, not anymore (I know this wasn’t the fix, but it’s all great now!).

  • zoe Montgomery

    This is the 2nd D5000 i now have due to the other having that fault… Just found out about the fault.. Do nikon not contact the likes of jessops to tell them about it before they sell anymore. Jesus christ get them out the shops. now am gonna have to send this one off to be repaired only used it twice….

  • Paddysnapper

    Nikon are brilliant at looking after their customers….Who else would have replaced the sensor in a 2003 Coolpix F.O.C.

  • zoe Montgomery

    Well called jessops this morning gave them a piece of my mind and told them this is the 2nd one they have sold me… they apologised and i am going in to collect a new camera on friday and different make…

    Thank you very much jessops

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