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Nikon Df camera

Adobe released Lightroom 5.3 and Camera Raw 8.3 with Nikon AW1, P7800, Df, D610 and D5300 support

Adobe released new versions of Lightroom 5.3 and Camera Raw 8.3 with support for the latest Nikon cameras and lenses. Download links: Lightroom 5.3: Mac | Windows. Camera Raw 8.3: Mac | Windows New Nikon cameras support:

Adobe Lightroom 5
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Nikon Japan reports shortage of Df cameras

Nikon Japan reports short supply/strong demand for the retro-styled Nikon Df DSLR camera: The “Df”, announced after the date of November 5, 2013, state that received a reservation more than expected, production can not keep up with your order has continued. I am sorry to have to apologize for the inconvenience to our customers. Because we will […]

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Recall: Nikon CF-DC6 case for Df cameras

Nikon Japan issued a warning about the semi-soft case CF-DC6 for not fitting properly on the Nikon Df camera. Nikon will replace the defective cases for free. I have not seen any CF-DC6 cases in US stores except on eBay where it sells for around $300. In Europe the price seems to be lower (159 EUR)

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There is a new “Lord of Darkness” (Nikon Df DxOMark test scores, low light ISO comparison with D800, 6D)

The Nikon Df has better low light performance than the D4 DxOMark published their test results for the Nikon Df camera ($2,746.95) and it seems that Nikon were able to further improve the low light performance of their 16Mp sensor: the Df score is 3279 vs. 2965 for the D4 (the D3s score was 3253). […]

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Some Sigma lenses have AF and OS issues with the Nikon Df, firmware update coming soon

Sigma reported another issue with some of their lenses when used with the Nikon Df (the previous one was for the Nikon D5300). A new firmware to address the problem will be released shortly. If your Sigma lens is not compatible with the USB dock, you will have to contact your nearest Sigma service center in order […]

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Top 10 NikonRumors posts for November 2013

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for November 2013 – it was all about the Nikon Df:

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Nikon Df now shipping in the US, currently listed in stock

Today B&H sent out email notifications that they are starting to ship the Nikon Df camera to existing pre-orders. The first deliveries are expected on Friday, November 29th. Update: Amazon is now also shipping the Nikon Df with prime delivery for Friday, November 29th. Update #2: Nikon Df kit now in stock also in B&H: Pictureline currently […]

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