New $400 price drop on the Nikon Df camera, $600 off the lens kit

I am not sure if this is part of the Cyber Monday deals, an upcoming price reduction or just a mistake, but the price of the Nikon Df camera dropped at OneCall's website and also at their Amazon store: the body only is now $2,346.95 ($400 off) and the lens kit is $2,396.95 ($600 off). OneCall lists on their website that the camera comes with one year Nikon warranty. The MSRP of the Nikon Df in all other online stores is still $2,746.95.

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  • reader2

    Df is a disaster for Nikon because it has been marketed to the boomers since the start. Many of its targeted demographics have deep pockets but not necessarily they want to shoot Nikon in the first place. Nikon failed to stir up their “wants”. I expect to see the price dropped to $1500 by July.

    • Guest

      Admin, this idiot has been trolling these forums all the time, please delete this comment! Thanks!

      • mikeswitz

        What guest said.

      • Aldo

        According to the admin… people have to right to be idiots in the comments…

      • stormwatch

        But man is right! Everyone except a few hard core fanboys and handful of hypsters (and they doesn’t know how to use a DSLR anyways) knew it’s gonna be a huge fail, so the price will continue falling and on the end it will be bundled with LR6 for 999$

        • cheeseme

          Oh come on! Hipsters all buy Fuji, not the Nikon DF and you know it!

          • Kynikos

            He said “a handful” of hipsters.
            Agreed, most of the scenesters will buy Fuji.

    • ZoetMB

      Since you seem to “know” that it’s been a disaster, you must know how many units they’ve sold. Please enlighten us.
      Furthermore, of course Nikon is marketing to baby boomers. Who do you think buys DSLRs? My bet is that most of the people on this Board are baby boomers. Having said that, the TV spot seemed to have a guy in his early 40’s using the Df, making him Generation X.

      • Thom Hogan

        “Disaster” would only be something Nikon could judge, I think. We’d to know their long-term expectations and their actual sales to come to a similar judgment.

        Initially, the Df sold decently, near the modest production run. But that stopped pretty fast and since then the production has been more of a trickle. The over/under line is probably around 100k units. Is that enough to make Nikon some money? Yes, given that the camera was mostly cobbled from other things and the only real R&D was the mechanical aspects of the top controls. Moreover, that appears to have been an already sunk cost, as the camera was developed long before it actually was decided to produce it.

        It seems clear to me that Nikon wants to sell more expensive FX cameras as opposed to less expensive DX cameras to serious shooters. This is one way they’re dealing with the decline in the market, and they built a position of a full line of full frame DSLRs that isn’t matched by anyone else at the moment. The Df fits into that, though not as a big seller. Still, it’s unique in full frame at the moment. So I suspect that Nikon believes it was successful. After all, a 100k units would be something like US$200m in revenue to corporate at a time when revenue is tough to find.

        • Fly Moon

          I would buy Df2 if it had the new 24 sensor!

        • Roy LaFaver

          I agree that the shutter, sensor and electronics are probably off the shelf, but the entire shell is unique in size, shape and the skin. The only sticky skin on it is the thumb area. The intention had to be to make it feel like a film camera, and in this I feel they succeeded. I can understand how someone dedicated to maximizing output speed might dismiss the Df, but I believe knew there was a core of buyers for this camera. The only question is, did they guess right on the numbers. If they did I suspect there will be a Df2 because that means they met their profit target. I’m sure some people who bought the Df are already dead, but more people are getting older and slower every day, and when you get old, the thing you want to do is “go back”. The Df takes me back, and I have company. I have yet to hear from an owner who is unhappy with the Df,

          • Thom Hogan

            My point was that they had already spent the money developing the Df bits about two years prior to it actually appearing. Often times things get fully fleshed out, then either get delayed or cancelled due to management decisions.

            When they green lighted the project, most of the cost was already sunk.

            • Roy LaFaver

              That sounds right. But would they not have researched this market before development and possibly again before release? I really wonder if they met their sales goal. I hope so. It is a wonderful camera.

            • phil

              Nikon and market research ?
              Tell me you’re kidding.

            • > ” … would they not have researched this market before development ”

              Had they done a tiny bit more Research they might have noted that ‘Video Capability’ IS (and was) popular.

              They may have thought video out of place on their recreation of the “classic DSLR” but that does not mean they should have left it out.

              It would have taken up no “space” to add the capability, save for the Firmware size. Indeed lack of that capability places it in a class of it’s own (shared with the Sigma SD1).

              I think the FujiFilm ‘X’ Lineup looks more like a classic Film Camera than the Df.

              I sure like the Specs. on the Df’s Sensor, sure would have liked to have seen the Video it could produce.

              If they could have added Video to the Firmware they might have received more Sales, I do not see the argument for it being rejected (by it’s supposed “Core Supporters”) because the only Video mode it ‘felt like’ supporting was 1080P @ 24 and 30 FPS.

              It had no Video and it was a little less retro looking than the Competition, and not low priced.

              That is what made it less popular than it could have been, not a smite on what it did offer, only a question of what it lacked.

            • mikeswitz

              I own a bunch of Fuji stuff. Nobody buys Fuji for their video. Nobody.

            • +mikeswift You own Fuji Stuff, K.

              Fujifilm does not have a Video Webpage (unlike JVC, Panasonic, Canon, many others), but they do have one for Video Lenses:

              Smart catch. They should hire you, for your knowledge about stuff. They could make video for people to buy; for their Video Lenses (which people do buy).

              Then somebody could buy it. Somebody. Own a bunch of it too.

            • mikeswitz

              Sorry, I think you misunderstood. My post was in response to someone talking about how the Df would have been a huge success if only they had included video like Fuji did with their retro cameras. Nobody would have written such a stupid reply if they had read the entire thread. Nobody.
              Btw, I have been a filmmaker for over 40 years and Fuji’s BROADCAST lenses have nothing to do with this thread. Nothing.

            • Captain Megaton

              “When they green lighted the project, most of the cost was already sunk.”

              That doesn’t modify the profitability equation any though. You might as well have said “Nikon decided to go ahead with the project as planned instead of cancelling it at the last moment.”

            • Thom Hogan

              Not exactly. With so many of the parts being reused from other things, including the sensor, basically you lose more money by cancelling the project, as one key to cost reductions that Nikon pursues is gained through the quantity of parts they buy.

              Remember, they’re not really vertically integrated, as some other electronics companies are. Thus, if it was determined that the Df + D610 would sell in greater quantity than just the D610 by itself, there would be financial benefit to NOT cancelling it. Also, Nikon very well may have committed to fabbing some number of 16mp sensors, and I can tell you that the D4/D4s certainly didn’t sell in any quantity like the D3/D3s did. It’s perfectly possible that the Df was given the D4 sensor for that reason. Thus, without it appearing, Nikon would have been sitting on a less profitable D4/D4s.

        • MyrddinWilt

          I don’t think they need to sell anywhere close to 100K to justify the Df.

          VLSI manufacturing isn’t completely repeatable. Some Intel CPUs come out that can run 20% faster than others. Some have 8 working cores, others only have 6. So when Intel tests them some go in the $2000 pile, others in the $500.

          It is the same for camera sensors. Some have stuck pixels. Some have better low light response than others. It really isn’t a coincidence that the D3s came out shortly after the D700 launched and the D4s came out shortly after the Df. The point of the Df body is to allow the D4s to push out an extra ISO stop by selecting only the best of the best sensors.

          The retro styling allows Nikon to avoid canibalizing their flagship market at the top end and give themselves a little space above the D610.

          • Thom Hogan

            Agreed on the sensor bit, though generally a sensor like the 16mp one isn’t constantly produced, it’s produced in batches. As I note above, the D4/D4s didn’t exactly sell the way I think Nikon thought it would. They very well may have committed to more 16mp sensors than they needed, and the Df became an outlet for that.

            • MyrddinWilt

              That is also a pretty good reason for producing the Df and would explain why it was designed earlier, alongside the D4.

              Given the number of Df and D4 units sold we are talking about rather small batch sizes. I don’t know the wafer size for the process but at 50 good sensors to the wafer, a tray of 20 wafers is a thousand. Compare that to the 10 million iPhone 6 sold with two cameras each on the opening weekend.

              It certainly makes sense for Nikon/Sony to amortize the cost of setting up a production run across more than one camera model. But what might be an even bigger concern is the ability to get a production slot booked at all.

    • FredBear

      Depends where you live in the world I suppose.
      One would imagine that the sales are high where they already have soap bars and know what they feel like.

    • Global

      Df is a good, solid camera with a great sensor and an interesting look. I was against the Df at first, because Nikon had not yet released a D700 replacement (D810 is a $1,000 more and slower) — nor has it yet (!!) made a D400 replacement… and the D600 was the real disaster. With the release of the D750 a LOT of those issues went away (and with the liquidation of the D7100 happening this Black Friday, I think we’ll soon see something in DX). Furthermore, the Df was $1000 over priced (considering the gaps in the line) and that was an insult to consumers, who had marked their brand with the D700 and D300. Nikon was slapping these loyal Nikonians in the face with a nichey geeky camera that only the wealthy could ever afford considering its business handicaps.

      But the Df — in isolation — is a great camera. And well-deserving of a Mark II. Hopefully a little bit less crippled, $500 less expensive, and (in my opinion it should properly be Nikon’s FIRST pro-FX mirrorless (a Nikon X-T1). Just not at the cost of the business line.

      If Nikon puts its business professionals FIRST (get a damn D400 out, now that they finally got the D750 out), then it can go back into playful la-la-land. But when you have a serious gaps in your line, then any playful camera is going to annoy those waiting for the more serious offering.

    • Patrick

      I totally agree.

    • Read the FAQ

      When a manufacturer reduces retail prices, doesn’t that mean they need to move specific inventories to generate some cash against operating expenditures? Leica recently reduced prices for the same reasons; high inventory and slow sales. But then are all Leica products a “disaster?” Same goes with Fuji, Sony, etc.. They all make certain decisions to move particular inventories of stock at any given moment in time.

      There appears to be a high inventory of the Df at the moment. But this doesn’t automatically mean it’s a ‘disaster’ camera.

    • Andrew

      Apparently, Nikon has limited production of these cameras so there will not be much pressure to lower its price significantly. And besides, the Df has the D4 sensor and lowering its price significantly will undermine sales of the D4s for those shooters who are interested in its full frame ISO performance.

    • Rob

      Well it’s a long way past July. Nikon USA have the DF for $2795 as do Adorama and B&H.

  • fandilatiffsg

    I love to see it at $1500 but I don’t think it would ever happen.

    • Louis-Félix Grondin

      If the d610 can make it lower… They have the same AF, Df doesn’t have video and has poor ergonomics, I don’t see were all this value come from? Looks? Can the 16mp sensor be so much more expensive than the 24mp? Over 2000$ the Df is way overpriced IMHO, except for the retro vibe and the size, the D750 does everything better at a lower price…

      The minimalistic approach should come with a minimalistic price…

  • Spy Black

    I hope this means they’ll make an updated model with the D750 AF system, and EXPEED 4. 😉

    • Eric Calabros

      With hybrid viewfinder, OVF for AF, EVF for MF. Touch screen with Focus stacking feature, you touch 3 points in live view, it takes 3 shots and combine only focused area of those 3, outputs a single NEF file. with internal 5G wifi 802.11ac, which after being connected you only need to type DF2 in the address bar of your browser to download all nef/jpeg files. You can upload transparent PNG files as watermark, and it puts that on any in camera jpegs. Also accepts LUT and Lightroom curve files. In that web-like interface you can name your banks (or U1, U2,..), change the functionality of every button of the body. It has also something like Siri, constantly listening to your voice, you can say AFS, or AFC, .. you can also call the name of your banks. Has fully electronic shutter with fast readout, with mirror up, it becomes as silent as your smartphone. Its display has the anti reflection technology used in iPad Air2, only reflects %2 of light, with conrast (black level) of iPhone 6 LCD.
      Nice wishlist, huh? 🙂

      • Spy Black

        I hope this means they’ll make an updated model with the D750 AF system, and EXPEED 4…

        • Eric Calabros

          or maybe even Expeed 5.
          I forgot something: 128GB internal SSD storage.

  • Wade Marks

    Interesting…Norman Camera also has the black Df at this price…

    See this link:

    • Spy Black

      Again, as with other Nikon products, what this should have cost in the first place.

      • Wade Marks

        Yes, that’s true. If the camera had hit the streets at this price, the reaction of the market would have been far superior.

        Remember the clever teaser campaign…how it had everybody hooked and waiting…and how the big disappointment was in the price.

        Now look at the Nikon successes…the D800 was a revolutionary camera and came in under pricing expectations. Some expected it to be $4000. The new D750 has come in at a very competitive price point.

        Pricing matters. It’s not everything, and Nikon is wise not to get into a race to the bottom in pricing…but they still need to make it competitive. They know how to do so…the D750 proves that.

        • Roy LaFaver

          I can only speculate, but I suspect they sold every bit as well as expected. It was not meant to be a high volume camera. It is made in Japan, and it uses a ton of parts, I suspect. More than a regular DSLR. You might hear people talk about cheap build, but believe me, that is a crock. The dials on top are magnificent, and they ain’t plastic. They are engraved metal. The outer skin on the body seems just like what was used on film cameras, not soft and grippy like a DSLR. You feel like you are shooting with something like an FM2 or FE2. And it is solid as a rock.
          Now for low volume items you are going to pay more, no doubt about it. They probably have a good profit margin in it, and I’m sure it is a little cash cow for them. But it has no real competition, so why not.

          • Captain Megaton

            Map Camera lists serial numbers of used Dfs (which are easy to find, by the way, as they don’t sell especially quickly even at 190,000 yen). The last digits are always less than 20,000. That’s for the Japanese domestic market. By way of comparison the highest serial I can see on a D800 or D600 is just short of 50,000, while D7000s seem to go to well over 200,000.

            That puts it, by the way, very roughly on par with the V1.

      • rt-photography

        Ding! Bravo! Exactly!

      • Andy Aungthwin

        Is someone giving you $1 every time your say this?

        Seriously, just about every one of your posts starts with this.

        Whether it’s the 1 system, the AW1, D610, Df, you have this need to keep repeating yourself.

        Nikon, Canon or Whoever can charge whatever they want to start with and reduce prices whenever they want.

        Is Nikon forcing anyone to buy cameras at their initial announced prices?

        Enough is enough. Give it a break!

        • Spy Black

          Um, because it’s true?…

          • mikeswitz

            Because everyone is wondering when Nikon is going to make you head of marketing, because clearly they need a dog with a bone.

            • Spy Black

              Well keep reading then.

            • mikeswitz

              Think I’ll just wait for the Nikon reply.

          • Andy Aungthwin

            I read all posts in a thread that I am following.

            This way, I can make a proper judgement if someone is writing garbage or something that contributes.

            Hopefully, you will stop writing garbage but I doubt it.

            Then again, maybe you are giving away your $ to a charitable cause, in which case I take back everything I said.

            It’s always easy to troll when hiding under some ridiculous cartoon avatar and an equally ridiculous name, isn’t it?

            • Spy Black

              Well keep enjoying it then.

            • Andy Aungthwin

              Enjoy this.

              Happy Advent to you too!

  • phil

    still overpriced by $800

    • rt-photography

      $2000 is what it should have sold for from when it launched.

  • jr456

    I think the people who sought out this camera really enjoyed it and I think this is just another incremental price step to make way for a DF-2 that is somewhere out there on the horizon.

    Strategy criticisms aside – Nikon has so many good cameras right now both on the new and used markets. Even with modest budgets how can one not love to be a photographer with all this amazing gear!!??

    • Captain Megaton

      I’d argue Nikon only have two really good FX cameras on the market right now: the D4s and D750. The D610 makes up for its flaws by being cheap, the D810 makes up for its flaws by being the only game in town with that combination of resolution and pro features. The Df is .. a very good idea gone horribly wrong, but still endearing to some.

  • Kynikos

    Even cheaper in Canada.
    Bodies under C$2500 = $US2200. Kits $50 more.
    There will be some sales tax on that but if you can deal with shops doing GST only that’s 5%. Not sure if there is sales tax at One Call.
    Would be a Canadian warranty, which would seriously suck if the video recording stopped working…

    • Captain Megaton

      which would seriously suck if the video recording stopped working…

      har har

  • tomherren

    So, with the kit, you get a good lens for USD 50.–. I’d wish the price would drop as well here in Switzerland (still CHF 2’840.– for the kit).

  • Roy LaFaver

    Wow, the idiots are really out today. Well, this is the finest camera I have ever owned, and that includes film, digital, pro, and enthusiast cameras. I wish I could buy another. What a great price. It was a great camera for $2800. Even better now. I wonder if they are updating it in the near future. I will start saving for that today.

    • rt-photography

      So great u want to buy a replacement huh?

      I guess youre among those idiots.

      • Imus

        @Admin–can you please control/ban these immature, hateful posts–it’s getting out of hand. Just because I disagree with someone else’s choice of camera doesn’t mean I have the right to insult and call anyone idiot. There are bigger problems in this world and it’s the HOLIDAYS, a time for joy and cheers. Maybe it’s time for a bit of perspective and civility.

        • done

          • rt-photography

            why arent you banning the person whos calling many people idiots. its right there at the top..thats ok though?

            Roy LaFaver

        • rt-photography

          so maybe ban the original poster I was replying to who called most of the people here idiots..hmm?

    • jr456

      I think this price drop is just another planned drop to eventually make way for the DF-2.

      I think Nikon has it within them to make this camera even better for those that use it.

      • nwcs

        Hard to say if Nikon will make a DF2. The thought out there is that Nikon would only make a DF2 if the DF sold well. It has sold OK. With the D750 out there it makes it a harder sell to put another FX camera there in the same price range as the D750 — especially one that is so niche. Personally I hope they do. The DF has promise but really needs a lot of refinement to make it stand out from the other offerings.

        • Roy LaFaver

          Actually the D750 and the D810 are not competition for the Df. This is a case of apples and oranges. While the Df can be used like a run-of-the-mill DSLR, I don’t think that is the target audience. They want people like me who never look at the top LCD and never use the menus for anything more than deleting files or formatting cards. The lone exception is switching on and off Auto ISO, which is pretty infrequent. Otherwise it is all manual control with lots of manual focus lenses. I sold my D800E for lack of interest, and I really could care less about a D750. I am the typical targeted user for the Df, and I would jump on a Df2 if it is at least as good as the original.

          • nwcs

            The D750 is not a feature competitor but it is a price competitor. That is what I was saying. The D750 splits the potential buyer base at that price range. The reality is that there are not enough of people like you who prefer the DF style to make it a long term viable option. If there were we’d already see indications of a successor and other variants.

            I can appreciate the DF style, especially after using Fuji cameras for quite a while. But if I had to choose between my D750 and not having video, LCD, etc. I’d pick the D750.

          • Another advantage of the Df is that it is still the smallest full frame DSLR camera – this should appeal to the folks who wants to buy a mirrorless camera.

            • nwcs

              Having been in the mirrorless camp for a long time I’d say you’re right in theory. The problem with the Df for those who are thinking about mirrorless are what’s missing in the Df package. Video is the first obvious choice. A lot of mirrorless people are accustomed to the EVF and value the tradeoffs over the OVF. Also the mirrorless cameras tend to have a lot more features packed in such as WiFi, GPS in some, etc. If Nikon made a Df2 with build in wifi with more control than the current built in one (the D750 is serviceable at best) and a host of other features while eliminating some of the UX issues it would very much appeal to a mirrorless user.

            • Roy LaFaver

              I agree it is not a mirrorless users choice. It doesn’t have video, and I would not have it any other way. I don’t want wifi, eyefi, or semper fi. I have a Sony for all that stuff., and I don’t want EVF cobbling up my Df. It has got to be optical. I want them to use locks like the one on the Samsung NX1, push once for lock always. Push again for lock never. I wouldn’t mind an improved LCD for preview, although the one it has is pretty good. DON’T mess with the sensor. 1/8000 would be nice but not a have-to-have.

            • Captain Megaton

              ”Another advantage of the Df is that it is still the smallest full frame DSLR camera”

              Yes, but barely smaller/lighter than the D750, and it’s still large and ungainly compared to even the Sony A7, let alone the APSC and 43 mirrorless bodies.

              Nikon was right to make the Df as small and light as absolutely possible, but the “small FX” class is equally well served by the D610 and D750 (and 6D).

      • I hope they do make a Dƒ2 because my Dƒ has been a total joy every day for a year – even at full price!

        Could they make it better? Yes, and I’ll buy it when they do.

  • Rafa R

    Most people that dislike or criticize the Df dont have one, and probably don’t want one, the Df is a fantastic camera, great sensor. Im a no hipster, this is my personal camera (I have the D4, D800, D750 and D3x) and this is the camera I use for personal stuff, never on the job. People should learn to respect what they don’t understand.

    • Louis-Félix Grondin

      I think most people don’t doubt that the Df is a good camera, it’s just hard to justify the price of the camera when you consider the cost of materials used and the fonctionnalities.

      I get that for someone that already has 4 FF cameras price might not be such a big factor, but what it comes down too for most people is Df or D610/D750 from the bang for the buck perspective…

      • Roy LaFaver

        Choice is good. Why begrudge a product that costs more than you want to pay. You just don’t buy it. I would not mind having a Leica, but there is no way I would pay the price. This doesn’t mean the Leica isn’t worth the price to others.
        Personally, I think the sensor and the design of the Df is worth a premium. There is no other camera that allows you to slap on older Nikon lenses and feel like you are back in the day, shooting film. Worth every penny to me.

      • Yet, by this logic, what is Photoshop “worth”? After all, it’s not even “books and diskettes” any more. Many products and services are priced based on value, not cost. As a photographer, I price my work that way. A picture to a local weekly newspaper might get me $100. The same photograph sold to Ford for an ad on the back of Vanity Fair would get me $20K+.

        • Louis-Félix Grondin

          As for photoshop or any services R&D and the formation of the professionals who make the service/product give a lot of value to the products. The direct costs of material/salaries is also a big factor.

          It’s the same for cameras, but I don’t think the Df required any more R&D or expertise than the D750 to make, that’s my point. I suspect that nikon has a big margin of profit on this product and it’s fine by me if they’re fine with the number of units sold. I just think it’s an overstatement to say that people don’t get the meaning of this camera and that it is worth every penny if you factor in that it can mount pre-Ai lenses and that it feels cool… No need to enter into a philosophical analysis of the concept of value/worth here.

          • Agree, it’s not philosophical. But, there is an element of marketing strategy involved. How DO you price a camera that uses the same sensor as your flagship professional tool, especially given that the sensor is probably the single largest expense in building those cameras?

            • Louis-Félix Grondin

              Like I said, their might be other considerations on the nikon side for the pricing (and marketing strategy is a great example), that price point might be ideal for nikon’s strategy, it’s just not priced to be sold in big quantities like the D750 or D810 (who is more expensive but still offers much more).

              The “flagship sensor” altought does not give a lot of advantages for most people; the main advantage of this 16mp sensor for the D4 is that it allows the fps that comes with/keep the files small enough (the 24mp sensor is no slouch at high ISO)…

  • The yen has been weakening for some time now and Nikon is using that as an “opportunity”. I think we will continue to see a lot of price drops, even on “popular” cameras. It doesn’t have so much to do with this or that camera being a “failure”.

  • sperdynamite

    I LOVE MY DF. I shoot with it professionally at weddings. I use the 58mm 1.4 and the 35mm Sigmalux. It’s fantastic. I generally agree that it should have been $2,250 or so body only and should have had the 51pt system. But other than that, it’s a badass camera that I personally love using. Haters gonna hate but this was no Nikon fail among a lot of photographers I know.

  • doge

    When Fuji releases their Full Frame X-T1F, you’ll be able to buy these things for pennies on the dollar.

    • mikeswitz

      Ain’t gonna happen. they have too much invested in their lens line-up, plus they have said repeatedly that they are not interested in FF in the foreseeable future. No pennies on the dollar for you!

  • Bill Pahnelas

    The Df has its flaws, but I’m not sorry I bought one (full price, too!). It has its limitations and aggravations (the metering mode dial is too easy to bump into the wrong position; the diopter goes out of adjustment easily), but I’ve gotten used to it. I switched the command dials and like having SS on the top dial. AF is underwhelming, which is the only thing that piques my interest in a D750, but I find myself going for the Df more than my other cameras. When I want no compromises, I’ll reach for the D800, but with grip it’s a lot more to deal with than the skinny Df. I know Nikon is capable of building a camera that would have everything I want in one package, but since they’re not going to give me that camera, I’ll make do with the ones they make — even if it costs me more. If you like to have choices — and I do — this is what you deal with.

  • slimysnot

    Hmmm. The DF is nice, but the Fuji X is much cheaper with lighter lenses. I know I’m comparing FF against an APS-C, but man, if you don’t care about the AF, I would suggest to readers to consider the Fuji X. I have the D800 and I honestly cannot say that the FF pictures turn out better than the Fuji ASP-C. I don’t know how the D800 compares to DF though… my apples to oranges to banana comparisons aren’t holding up 😀

    • nwcs

      The Fuji X system is excellent. Pretty much any modern camera is. I think Fuji has a really good concept. I’m really interested in seeing where it goes.

    • mikeswitz

      I own an x-t1, Xpro-1 and D800. I love both systems, but you can’t really compare the two. Unless you shoot jpegs or convert raw in camera, the Fuji sensor is not quite ready for prime time. The colors are great, and I think, the DR is as good as any ASP-C out there. The lenses are fabulous. But Nikon’s (Sony) full frame 16mp is just in another league. They are such different cameras there really is not much use in comparing them.

  • TerraPhoto

    The Df is not perfect – if Nikon had designed it to work like Fuji designed th X-T1, this whole conversation would have been different. But, the DF is still a good camera with a D4 sensor… that means better ISO low noise capabilities than any other current Nikon camera below $6,000.

    For the right purpose, it is a good alternative when the D4s is out of your price range.

  • Robin

    I DO like my DF – the image color indeed quality seems to be better than both my D3s and the D800E. I’m not a pixel peeper – and I’m certainly not a hipster as I read the comments below. I got mine way off of retail – as refurbished by Nikon. I like the size, I like the features – but above all I like the quality of the image…- So to me (I know that there are those who will laugh) but heck TO ME… – it is a steal at 2100. What worries me more is the Shorts on Nikon stock – they know more than perhaps we do about the health of that corporation. THAT worries me – too much gear to lose parts support.

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