You can now purchase the Nikon Df Gold Edition camera on eBay

Two weeks ago Nikon announced the Nikon Df Gold Edition camera that will be available for sale only in Japan. If you live outside Japan, you can now purchase the limited editi0on camera on eBay for around $3,250:


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  • neversink

    A pretty camera, but I would probably beat it to death. This is one for the studio and the display case, not for the African climate.

    • jstevez

      Pretty? The back looks just like any other DSLR, and now that that D750 has cleaner ISO people who buy this truly do it base on looks.,

      • neversink

        Yeah – It “looks” pretty. But I am not going to buy it. Already have the D4 and D800 and a backup D700. And my display case is full. End of Story.

  • fjfjjj

    This is super gold shown edition for dedicated Nikon otaku in the winter time 2014 with seen. Shutter element pressing with a finger made in spring to is this plum blossoms for the next year having shallow field!

    • Kynikos

      You did not follow
      The form that is required
      So I claim No Sale.

    • Hope you have happy ending. 🙂

      • fjfjjj

        That sounds slightly morbid, but I’ll take it in the best possible way. Happy holiday to you 🙂

        • Yeah, sorry of the edge of dark humor, slightly magnified by the events surrounding Bill Cosby. Just seemed to go with the wonky Japanese translation of yours. Nonetheless, happy winter solstice to you as well….:-)

          • fjfjjj

            Merry solstice. I did notice the skull, after all. Ruby red inverted pyramid.

        • I had assumed it was a “Manilla” reference.

    • Look as good it will not, when 900 days old it reach.

  • nwcs

    I really like the looks of it but would rather be given the camera, or win it, than buy it at that price.

  • catfish252

    I had the D60 gold edition and it’s wasn’t anymore collectible or worth anymore than the standard edition, so don’t buy it for that reason.

  • MyrddinWilt

    I think the panda version actually looks better.

    But what I don’t like about the Df is the feel. I picked one up at BH Photo and it really didn’t have the feel of my Nikon FG or the F Photomic it is styled after.

    Its not bad but it isn’t a ‘wow’ either and that is what it has to be to justify the price they are asking.

    • Aeroengineer

      I’m with you. I still have and love my black body F. When I picked up a Df, my immediate reaction was that it lacked that feeling of beautifully crafted indestructibility and density. I think the sales guy was a bit surprised when I handed it back to him, saying “no thanks, it is too light.”

  • stormwatch

    It would be made only in a very small and limited number below 1000 pieces, because Nikon is sh… scared that ammount of more than 1000 gold Nikon Df cameras can completely cut down sales of other different coloured Df’s.

  • Global

    I think it would look better with a white Nikon logo, instead of gold. The gold should be.. what do you call it… “accents”, not just everywhere. But the logo should be white, properly, per branding. There are already other white markings on the body and this would harmonize and balance it. The other gold markings are acceptable as “accents” that accentuate the “gold line” implication of coloring. Its rather gaudy with a gold logo, as it tips over the line to “gold heavy” instead of just accentuated in gold.

    To put it another way: the metal bits should be gold; but other parts should conform to standard. Dull gold paint on plastic doesn’t look right.

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      I like it as is in Black & White and even can imagine it fine in a special Black/Gold version… but looking at it at Black/Gold/White really looks like a total mesh… Completely agains the idea behind the camera…..

  • Kaman

    The Nikon Df Gold Edition is available only in Japan as either “Df Body Only” or “Df Body with Special Gold Edition AF-S 50mm f/1.8G Kit”.

    The “Df Body Only” is limited to 600 units with a retail price of JPY 313,200 (including 8% sales tax) while the “Df Body w/ Lens Kit” is limited to 1,000 units with a retail price of JPY 334,800 (including 8% sales tax).

    If you were a tourist visiting Japan later this month and interested in this Df Gold Edition, you can purchase the “Df Gold Body” or the “Df Gold Kit”, without the 8% sales tax, for around USD 2,428 and USD 2,595, respectively. All you need is to present your passport to the salesperson and he will staple/glue a small “tag” onto your passport page (just to make sure your purchase is for export) and the local Japanese Customs will remove the tag when you’re leaving Japan.

  • :-)

    e_product_japan – great seller and it was no problem to send the Nikon DF Gold to germany

  • Guest

    e_product_japan – great seller and it was not a problem to send the Nikon DF Gold to germany

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