You can now edit Nikon D750 NEF/RAW files in Capture NX2 with the free RAW2NEF software

As you probably already know Capture NX2 is no longer supported by Nikon and it is replaced by the less capable Capture NX-D version. Few weeks ago I published a post about the free RAW2NEF software - an alternative solution that allows you to edit Nikon D810 NEF/RAW files with Capture NX2. The latest version of RAW2NEF now also supports Nikon D750 NEF/RAW files. For additional information, visit this website.

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  • neversink

    This is promising for D750 users and for those of us who have given up on Capture NX2. I have a question for Mac users about NX2. Will NX2 work on Mavericks or Yosemite. I am still using Mavericks (which I only upgrade to a few months ago) as I tend to wait a long time to switch OS until the bugs have been eliminated. I never installed NX2 in my new MBP using Mavericks and uninstalled NX2 on my old MBP before upgrading to Mavericks. and was wondering if Nikon is supporting NX2 on either of these OS platforms. And if so, are the speed issues eliminated.
    Thanks so much.
    PS – Using LR5 and Capture One Pro 8 and find them acceptable but both have their problems.

    • nwcs

      I ran NX2 on Mavericks without issue and it runs speedily enough. That probably means it will work fine on Yosemite. I think of this kind of hack as a very temporary one where the costs outweigh the benefits quickly over a short time — especially as operating systems change, NX bugs are unfixed, and Nikon makes rendering engine updates.

      • neversink

        Good to hear. Thanks…

    • John

      Yes, NX2 works fine on Yosemite but you have to trick the installation because Yosemite looks like “old” OS. NR has a post about a month ago.

      • neversink

        Trick or treat, eh… I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks…

    • Jorge

      I’m running NX2 on Yosemite. It works perfectly fine. Just make sure your NX2 is up to date BEFORE you take the OS up to Yosemite. Just as a precaution.

      • neversink

        Thank you , Jorge — I will wait awhile before updating to Yosemite. until I am certain the bugs are eliminated.

  • peter

    It’s time for Nikon to gracefully leave the software business by releasing Capture NX2 as open source. Google might then be interested in adding their proprietary u-point technology as a plugin.

    • nwcs

      They probably can’t do that due to how many different parties have licensed code being used. I think the best thing is to publish the NEF specification and open source their SDK. That would be more than enough. It’s very unlikely to happen given that each camera company believes their special sauce is why people buy the equipment.

  • Spy Black

    Gotta love the folks like this guy and Nikon Hacker, my hat’s off to both of them.

  • Bill Pahnelas

    I have read that if one changes the EXIF camera ID from D750 to D5300, the RAW files can be opened in NX2. If so, I would find this far more appealing as a solution than a “conversion.” While one might lose some bragging rights, by now the novelty of the D750 should have worn off enough to make this a non-issue to someone who just wants to use NX2 to edit D750 RAWs. I dunno, even that’s a bit kludgy, but I’ve done it before in a similar situation, and it’s really rather painless.

    • neversink

      But won’t NX2 then process your D750 NEF files with the algorithms associated with the D5300. That’s not acceptable at all.

      • Bill Pahnelas

        That could be, I suppose, but I’m doing the processing of my RAW files, not an algorithm. I could be way off base here, and I’m not seriously interested in a D750 yet to pull a file off IR and try this trick. I wouldn’t be hard to test, however.

  • neonspark

    OSX looks horrible. what happened?

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Thats one of the most fail movements Nikon has ever made. Surreal. Wonder what they are smoking over there.

  • andomar

    For me this RAW2NEF Software is relative useless. You can achive the
    same result (editing a D750 file in Capture NX2) with simple changing
    the EXIF camera ID from D750 to D5300 with exiftool. But in difference
    this simple “patch” will not enormous increase the NEF-file size as this software does.

    But no matter which of the two solutions you choose, the Picture
    Control Settings and the Active Lighting from inside your original
    D750-NEF will not be adopted by Capture NX-2! So, for my workflow
    (which is based on the camera settings) none of the both is a solution.
    🙁 Only solution for me so far: bring back the D750 and change
    against a 610/df/D4 which is supported by NX-2.

    I don’t think that it will be possible in the future to open unsupported NEF-Files with support of the camera-settings in Capture-NX2.
    Over and out. 🙁

    • qushui

      Only solution for me so far: bring back the D750 and change
      against a 610/df/D4 which is supported by NX-2.?

      Change Exif mode to D610? Change D610,D4 NX2.4.6 open it not right,it will become slight red.

  • change idea,If someone find how can modify NX2 configure let it suppport D750,D7200,D810,it is profect.because use RAW2NEF or exifTool modify image have some a little transeform.

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