Weekly Nikon news flash #281

→ Refurbished Nikon Df cameras are now available from $2,295. Refurbished Nikon D610 cameras are now $1,579.

QuickPro Nikon Camera Guides
→ New QuickPro training DVDs: Nikon D810 Beyond The Basics & Training DVD Nikon D810.

→ New: AquaTech Elite 800 underwater housing for Nikon D800/D800E/D810 cameras.

→ Nikon Cinema blog: Lens selection focus technique for DSLR video.

→  The brand new Topaz Impression is now 25% off (until September 30) with coupon code: SEPIMPRESSION.

→ Roberts Camera is offering an extra 10% off when you buy two or more lenses from their eBay store.

Profoto-Air-Remote-TTL-N-for-Nikon-now-shipping Profoto-Air-Remote-TTL-N-for-Nikon2 Profoto-Air-Remote-TTL-N-for-Nikon
→ The new Profoto Air Remote TTL-N for Nikon cameras is now shipping and is currently in stock. Watch also the new promo video here.

→ Phase One announced Capture One Pro version 8 with support for Nikon cameras.

Apple Camera RAW
→ Apple Digital Camera RAW compatibility update 5.07 released with Nikon D810 support.

→ New: RRS L-plate for Nikon D750.

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  • waterengineer

    Absolutely insane what underwaterhousings cost. Oh, then you have to buy the lens housing yet.

    • INa

      Yes, especially when is has depth rating only 33′ / 10m…

    • Spy Black

      $1900 for housing rated to only 1 atmosphere, no less. A Nikon 1 AW1 starts looking professional…

  • Spy Black

    The black Df is tempting…

    • mikeswitz

      Let the hate replies begin!

    • Since you mention the AW1 and Df at the same time, check out the size difference. I knew I took this picture for a reason.


      • Spy Black

        Really small, that AW1, ay? 😉

    • Andy

      Be tempted, I just got one on the weekend and it’s a much better camera than the Internet thinks it is

      • stormwatch

        If you think about AW1 you’re right!

      • Completely agree!

        What people say | Truth
        Amateur | Fun
        Plasticky | Lightweight
        Hipster | Classic
        Bling | Elegant
        Sensor is great | It is
        Focus System sucks | Meh. Not that bad
        Cramped | Compact
        Overpriced | Luxurious (or search for deals)
        Controls suck | Room for improvement but you’ll learn to like it

        I could go on and on.

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