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Nikon D7000

Nikon D7000 has a Sony sensor (confirmed)

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Chipworks.com is doing something that I always wanted to do – to teardown a camera apart. Few weeks ago they took a Nikon D7000 and documented the guts of the camera. The interesting part? The sensor model IMX071 is made by Sony (direct link to image). This is probably not a surprise, but till now I […]

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Nikon D7000 firmware update 1.01 is out

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Update: you may have to run the firmware update twice in order to get rid of all “bright spots”. Here are three examples: before the update, after the first update and after the second update (.mov files may take a while to load). As previously promised, Nikon USA just published a firmware updated for the Nikon […]

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Adobe Lightroom 3.3 released with Nikon D7000 support

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I just got this message when I started Lightroom: Yes, Adobe Lightroom 3.3 just got released with Nikon D7000 camera support. Download links: Windows | Mac. Update: support for Nikon D3100 and P7000 are also part of this update. The new Adobe’s Camera Raw 6.3 can be downloaded here. Adobe Photoshop 12.0.2 was also released: Windows | […]

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Nikon promises a firmware fix for the D7000 hot pixels issue *updated*

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There is a big thread in the  NikonRumors forum and several other websites describing hot pixels on the Nikon D7000 when taking videos in low light. I have been holding off to write about this issue because I wasn’t sure if this is a wide-spread problem or just a defective batch of cameras. Today, Nikon Japan published a service announcement […]

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Aquatica to release AD7000 underwater housing for Nikon D7000 in early 2011

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After Nauticam and Ikelite, Aquatica will also release their AD7000 underwater housing for the Nikon D7000 DSLR camera. The retail price of 2,499.00 USD will place the Aquatica housing between the Nauticam and the Ikelite versions (in terms of price). Expected delivery is slated for early 2011. More images after the break:

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Nauticam NA-D7000 underwater housing for Nikon D7000

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Nauticam announced their underwater housing for Nikon D7000. NA-D7000 has depth rating of 100m, it will cost $3,100 and will be available for sale at the end of November, 2010. More images and full press release after the break:

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Nikon D7000 videos only for “personal and non-commercial use”?

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According to the Nikon D7000 manual, the AVC (Advance Video Coding) can only be used for “personal and non-commercial use”: This is above my pay grade and I am not sure how this is supposed to work. Does this mean that users have to apply individually for a licence if they want to use any video recorded […]

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