Nikon promises a firmware fix for the D7000 hot pixels issue *updated*


There is a big thread in the  NikonRumors forum and several other websites describing hot pixels on the Nikon D7000 when taking videos in low light. I have been holding off to write about this issue because I wasn't sure if this is a wide-spread problem or just a defective batch of cameras. Today, Nikon Japan published a service announcement and it seems that a new firmware upgrade for the Nikon D7000 will fix this issue (update: the service message is now published in English, also available on Nikon USA):

"We have received reports from some users of the Nikon D7000 digital SLR camera regarding the occurrence of noticeable bright spots with movie recording under certain conditions.

Nikon believes that these bright spots are not normally noticeable, and therefore do not indicate a problem with practical use. However, with further investigation of the reports received, we have confirmed that bright spots may be noticeable when recording movies of especially dark scenes or subjects.

In order to provide our customers with better products, Nikon is currently preparing to release a firmware upgrade with measures to reduce the occurrence of these bright spots for the D7000. Further details will be announced at a later date."

Here is a video that shows three hot pixels one red, one green and one blue (0:28-0:30, watch in HD):

And two more video examples of D7000 hot pixels:

BTW, Amazon has the Nikon D7000 kit in stock right now.

Image credit: memania/flickr. More "D7000 hot pixels" examples from other [NR] forum members can be seen here: 1234567.

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  • 2cents

    I’ve got 2 hot pixels on my D7K, but only in video which I’m not really using. I’m trying to figure out if I’m having a focus issue or not. Seems to be a slight back focus issue with the camera, maybe. (Always could be the shooter) :).

  • jp

    IMO this is not only firmware problem. It is sensor’s issue. I checked 3 different, new, cameras in 3 different shops and results were the same. There were dozens of dead or hot pixels, majority red.
    I took a photo with manual setting, ISO 6400, Speed 1 second, F22, cover on lens – image normally should be completely black. BTW the “black” part is very clean without noise. Only hot pixels pollute the photo.
    Image taken in the same condition with my old D700 : 1 hot pixel

  • NikonFF&DX_User

    Dear Nikon:
    Please release a firmware update for my D300s TO MAKE IT a D400 18MP with 1080 HD and 60fps and can shoot 11 fps still images ISO 200-12800

  • Marcel

    My d7000 came in with

  • Mtcj619

    I ordered a d7000 from Allen’s Camera in PA, and it had 1 dozen hot pixels and 3 stuck pixels. I noticed it in Auto Video Mode in a dark room at is0 1600, and shooting in Photo mode at iso 1600 too. In photo mode I only saw the blue pixels and the 3 stuck (bright white) pixels in the frame. I called Allen’s and they were happy enough to replace it. I get a new one in the mail on Tuesday. and My girlfriend ordered one also from Murphy’s camera… let’s hope they will be perfect! :T

  • Torben

    Why are my posts getting deleted?, can you only say positive things about Chinese produced lenses or what?… Welcome to the Matrix.

    • You could have expressed you dissatisfaction of products made in China without using any profanity and then your post would not be deleted – try it if you don’t believe me.

      Using abusive language against another reader, myself, a country, a race or a company will not be tolerated here.

      • Torben

        I’m sorry, so I can only say positive things about China?, because I did not:

        Use profanity against YOU (I think you’re doing a good job :).

        Aim for another race.

        Did not target a reader/writer.

        Target a company, except Nikon who should keep PRO things PRO.

        Come on, have the world come to this?, I would say it’s about challenge wrong doings and I feel Nikon is letting me down.

        • I will repeat it again for you – you can complain about Chinese products as long as you don’t use profanity. How difficult is that? Cursing a whole country will get a lot of readers upset and this thread will turn into a bloodbath.

          • inuendo

            I am ok with you Admin on the fact that racism wrong.

            But there should be nothing wrong by pointing a finger against a global problem regarding the way some products are made in a certain country and the profound disregard used towards worldwide consumers. In fact it is more the result of a socio-political problem than a simple human problem.

            As a consumer, it is perfectly fair to ask for quality products, especially for the price paid. Also, their’s no way to tolerate anymore toxic plastic toys / homeware products, even for a 1/1o of tge price.

            If they dont care about that, we, for our own future and ecosystem, must care.

            • I have never deleted a post describing a global problem, as long as there is no profanity involved.

  • Please ad in 30p 1080 with this update aswell! Then all my complaints will be gone!

  • Susanne

    I’m sorry, I’m not tech savy. Can anyone please share what exactly is involved in a firmware update? Will I be required to take my camera somewhere? How does it work?

    I have a d7000, and sure enough hot blue dots in my video.

    • Usually the manufacturer provides a detailed description of the steps needed to upgrade the firmware – you need to download it first, copy it to a SD card, insert it into the camera and trigger the upgrade. Just make sure your battery is fully charged.

      • Susanne


  • Susanne

    Another question. Will Nikon install the firmware update in the d7000 cameras in production?

  • JoshL

    I got a faint blue pixel that I have to really look for, and one white pixel that anyone can see (and the actual video file output corresponds to the aforementioned pixels seen on the LCD). Since I hardly use video, it doesn’t bother me too much. I do use liveview when i focuse manually for night shots, and it kinda bothers me sometimes….i just found a new one that doesn’t show when LCD view is zoomed out, but it appears at like the 3rd zoom level. Looking forward to the firmware fix.

  • Adam J McKay

    My roomate just got his D7000 back from Nikon after sending it in for this very problem. Needless to say, nothing has changed, the hot pixels are still in the video.

    firmware 1.02

  • al

    I had 7 HOT pixels from the first moment I turn the camera on movie.


    What did I do after I found out about this? I SEARCHED ABOUT DEAD/HOT PIXELS IN CANON!!!! Surprise !!!!! eeee there WAS no surprise. There was a lot of $%#$ on the Canon forums also.

    My idea is this: BUY THE D7000 WITH THE BEST BUY PROTECTION. THEY TOLD ME THAT THE $300 PLAN COVERS EVERYTHING. SO IT SHOULD COVER THE HOT PIXELS TOO, CORRECT? And you have 3 year replacement for accidental dropping also.

    HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THAT WILL TAKE TO UPDATE THE FIRMWARE (I am asking the optimist people here, not the canon pessimist ones)?

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