In Taiwan, Sony surpasses Nikon in the interchangeable lens camera market

Digitimes reports that in Taiwan, Nikon's market share for interchangeable lens cameras dropped to 20-25% compared to Canon with 42-43% and Sony with 30%. The reasons for Nikon's drop are product shortages and strong sales of Sony NEX cameras. The website goes further by stating that Nikon is able to satisfy only 50% of all existing orders. The shortages are expected to be resolved by December 2010.

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  • mshi

    Taiwan should be a small market to Nikon anyway.

    • Yes, but the trend is scary – this could easily happen in other Asian countries. Nikon has to release their EVIL solution asap.

      • zzddrr

        NR Admin, you’re right. I just realized that Sony is capable of learning a lot not to mention sony will not miss the Xmas shopping season.

        • jason

          not sure about the US but here in the uk sony is offering the VAT back on almost everything they make offer ends 24/12/2010

      • mshi

        Maybe one day Sony can buy Nikon, then we end up with the best of both world.

        • zzddrr

          then we can play games on our dslrs 🙂

          • F2

            hahaha in that case, i hope apple buys nikon so we can listen to music, read, send emails, multitask, play games, print, use iLife, check vitals, watch movies, and pretty much do everything on our dslrs

            JK ;D

            • I hope apple has *nothing* to do with Nikon. They’d put a simple shutter button on the camera that’d be it. Everything else would be “elegantly” stacked inside the touchscreen, oh the frustration. Apple, just go back to making a product that the consumer can use anywhere, anytime and interact with any other product at their own leisure.

            • jdsl

              how about putting iOS in the DSLR? 🙂

            • Thomas

              Sure, and Steve Jobs rules which pictures we may take and which not.

            • Bryan

              Not to mention, if you hold it a certain way, it won’t take a picture…..

            • GlobalGuy

              Yeah, and you could only sync your camera to a registered iTunes account to get your pictures…… lol.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Waaah. Let’s cry about Apple. PCs are so much better. Ask any photographer what system they use and the vast majority will respond, Apple. Because it’s fascist in its design? No. Because it gets the hell out of the way and doesn’t whine like a little bitch all day long. “Download a driver for me. Cure this virus for me. Reboot me. Reinstall my system software. Again. Waaaa.” If you want to see where other systems will be in 5-10 years, take a look at where Apple is now.

            • Dan

              Isn’t that an iPhone 4?

          • Dude


            For sure I don’t want to play games on a DSLR.
            But on a note to that comment.
            Sony giving away huge potential by not connecting their DSLRs with other of their products.

            Why is there no PS3 Software to remote control a DSLR or upload images into your PS network?
            Why is there no WLAN connection to a PSP or SonyEricsson Smartphone to use it as LV screen, Histogramm, …?
            Why is “Transferjet” no buyable product?

            Sony could turn the DSLR much more to a rich lifestyle Product if their departments would work together.
            (Not saying they should remove strengths of traditional Camera design)

        • Jabs

          I also disagree with you as I have been following and more importantly BUYING Sony Pro and Consumer gear for years. Sony is very innovative and often releases unusual products which often FLOP because users are incompetent or the equipment is TOO GOOD.
          I have bought many of these unusual products myself PLUS I have been to the old Sony Showroom/Product/Future Trends “Museum” in Manhattan (NYC), New York. There you were able to not only see Sony’s current ideas and products but also their ‘future’ concepts PLUS often use them and they were always radical and even revolutionary as in GREAT.
          Nikon also had a NYC Showroom/Museum and therefore I was able to contrast BOTH Companies and they are totally different philosophies and even thrusts.
          Sony has an ULTIMATE Division named its’ Broadcast and also its’ Cinema Division and they make ‘unreally’ expensive equipment costing millions.
          Sony also has a Consumer Division and they now are struggling mainly BECAUSE they got into too many areas and they actually NEED to lose some PRODUCTS/DIVISIONS, as ineffective when you spread yourself TOO THIN, as in too many diverging or conflicting areas of Interest.
          Nikon has Medical Imaging, Chip Designing and Manufacturing Divisions, Construction SCOPES and Related Equipment PLUS Pro Cameras and Lenses with a Consumer Division that is OK.
          Nikon is mainly a specialists Company while Sony is into Movie Studios, Music/Video Consumer Production/Management, Video Game Systems and such.
          Nikon is small and growing while Sony is TOO BIG and needs to get smaller as APPLE has taken the LEAD from them in the design cuteness factor in the Consumer realm, where Sony ruled in the past.
          To answer another person here (who shall go nameless) – Sony did NOT release a SUCCESSFUL DSLR so far and has just RECENTLY introduced VIDEO in it’ DSLR range while Nikon was first in the Market with the D90 body (a best seller for yearsand still is) and when you compare the A900 or even A850 to EVEN a D3S (with its’ lower resolution), you see Sony as being clueless (don’t even try comparing them to a D3X) – and therefore people talk here without perhaps REVIEWING the facts.
          SONY and Apple are competitors while Nikon MAKES what they BOTH dream about and is a lot smaller = MY TAKE!

          There would be NO benefit to Sony buying Nikon, as Sony needs to LOSE Divisions and refocus themselves and NOT spread themselves thinner, as that is their current PROBLEM.
          Too many POTS on the fire to watch at the same time, so you become ineffective like GM did and had to lose some brands and Divisions to survive.

          Nikon is SUFFERING from GROWING PAINS and thus different problems!

          • Anonymous

            Did you take a breath while you were typing this long story? Man, you wrote an encyclopedia 🙂

            • Jabs

              Setting ’em straight here.
              FAST typist – fast thinker – deep thinker – BOZO!

            • Anonymous

              Funny, your post filled up from top to bottom a 20in display. 🙂

          • Jabs,

            where is this Nikon Showroom / Museum in NYC you were writing about? I’ve been in NYC for over a decade, and have never heard of such a place. The closest thing there is a to a Nikon showroom that I’m aware of is the Nikon section at B&H; and there is nothing there about company philosophy or a museum of any sort.

            Would love to here more…

            • .errr HEAR more.. (typ0)

            • Jabs

              The Nikon Showroom/Museum was in the Rockefeller Center area in the little Shopping Promenade which leads to the Skating Rink area – the weird place with the trees carved to look like animals.
              Unfortunately they closed it a few years ago (long ago actually).
              The Building (Rockefeller Center) became GE and NBC headquarters over the years and is about Mid-Town Manhattan – maybe 45 to 47th Street and 5th to 6th Avenue – forgot exact location BUT ask around for the Skating Rink area where they put the Christmas Tree yearly.
              I used to go there all the time and Nikon had every body and lens that they made available for you to look at and handle plus cutaways of many of their cameras. That is where I saw and used the 300 F2.0 ED-IF, the 200 F2.0 ED-IF, 300 F2.8, 400 F2.8, the 6mm F2.8 220 degree Fish-eye lens, the 2000 F11 HUGE mirror lens, the F3P, Nikonos IV or V AF bodies and lenses plus many Nikon NASA bodies and a Museum of famous Nikon shots by many well known photographers plus I mounted my F3’s on them and took pictures with them. It was a Treasure House for Nikon fans but long gone.
              Sony had a Showroom/Museum at about 55th Street and maybe Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) – forgot – long ago also and not sure if still open, as I travel a lot.

            • @Jabs,

              Thanks for the info – sorry I missed it!

              I wonder if maybe it was something the Associated Press hosted – they are in the building you are talking about (that’s 30 Rock)


            • Jabs

              Yeah, almost missed your response too -lol.
              AP has been in that building for ages but Nikon was not in the building itself but in one of the small shops in the Promenade surrounding it, so that is why I mentioned the trees or shrubbery pruned to look like animals.
              I forgot who was now there as the last time I was in NYC, I went there and other tenants were there.
              When walking towards the skating rink from the Promenade area with the weird shrubbery, Nikon was in a two story Building at the end on the right. That is – you were walking towards the front area of 30 Rock and the skating rink is now right in front of you and thus you are facing the front facade of this building – got it?

          • mshi

            If you take a look at Sony’s net profit margin displayed in their Annual Report, you will be surprised because it’s only about 2% of sales.

            • Jabs

              Exactly – huge and profitless compared to net sales and the expenditures needed to earn plus maintain those very sales.

            • GlobalGuy

              2% of how many BILLIONS, by the way?

              I would take 1% of SONY’s 2% profit without worrying about my future ever again… 😉

      • Ren Kockwell

        +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

      • HDZ

        Don’t worry in Thailand we still love huge Digital-SLR.

      • DX2FX

        But in South East Asia, I can see there are far more Nikon and Canon users than Sony in SLRs. Nikon & Canon have long been established in this region.

      • Kelly

        My first guess is that this has to to with labor issues overseas. Does anyone know where nikon manufactures most of their products? I’ve seen major issues in the medical industry over in Asia. Mostly China.

      • Jabs

        I disagree with you on this one.
        Taiwan is not a huge place nor a huge market, therefore the significance is not really alarming. Taiwan is ruled by China as far as I know!
        Nikon has KNOWN product shortages DUE mainly to releasing them superior and sought out cameras and lenses.
        HECK, the I-Phone and I-Pad probably outsells both the NEX-3 and 5 plus Nikon but does that mean much?
        Nikon apparently has PRODUCTION constraints as in having a much WIDER demand than they anticipated and that in this LOUSY economy is great for the future of the Company BUT lousy for the short term.
        If this was in Japan or America/Europe, then maybe.

        • Anonymous

          Jabs, the last 10 yrs Nikon constantly had shortages. Oh, that’s not correct, i would say the last 25 yrs. So you think since Nikon was unable to sort this out has only to do with “too good products and too high demand…” My friend, if you believe in this BS then don’t quit smoking the shit you’re smoking right now because that’s a strong shit and you’re day dreaming.

          My view is that nikon is impotent to fix its supply chain and production issues, period. Other companies can get it right but Nikon is unable to do so. It is not a coinsidence. There is no excuse for year over year outages.

          • Jabs

            Nikon seems to have a PHILOSOPHY of absolute quality as opposed to GIVE ’em flawed products quickly and thus YOU either accept that or move on.
            Nikon’s STRENGTH has always been their dogged determination to PROVIDE you the PRO with the BEST and not at the fastest rate, hence they have this reputation that NO ONE else has – FACTS for over 60 years.
            Nikon is also NOT the slowest in the PRO ranks, but lags in the CONSUMER realm.

            In the PRO ranks Nikon has NO real competitors now, as everyone else is way behind them NO MATTER what people claim or try to infer here.

            NAME one PRO camera that equals even an OLD D3 – NOT the D3X or D3S mind you.

            The D7000 is a better camera than the new Canon MK4 and surpasses ALL of Canon’s, Sony and Leica’s gear – look at DX-0 for a clue – and THAT is scary!

            Nikon fan plus USER and realist when it comes to the PRO or semi-Pro ranks, as I don’t care about consumer bodies.
            If you can’t handle the heat – GET out of the kitchen = LOL!

            My take!
            Have a great and PRODUCTIVE day.

            • Anonymous


              I am not saying that Nikon does not provide quality. There are other companies that provide quality and have outstanding 1) policies 2) warranties 3) can fill orders without constant backlogs and shortages, and 4)leaders in their fields.

              Nikon gets an A+ for products but F for dealing with its a) own delaers b) customers and c) filling orders

          • Jabs

            I agree about the lack of availability but I also believe – ‘good things come to those who wait’ and Nikon delivers that better than anyone else – in my opinion.
            Nikon shooter here plus Businessman.
            Leica is worse for example – lol.

            My first real camera was an F3HP with an MD4, MN2 Ni-cads and then an MF-6B (think that was the name) back and I have been hooked ever since – lol
            Looking forward to the D4 series and new shortages plus advances, as used to this madness.

            • aetas

              Is there any chance nikon keeps their quantities low so that their prices stay high. I know it does not seem to make a lot of sense but even though the level of quality is high nikon gear goes for a premium. It does seem like you would make more money with more product but sadly I think some people want to buy into nikon because their stuff is sold out. If i cant get it it must be good kinda thing. What do you think.

            • Jabs

              That’s a philosophical question that I don’t know the real answer to and not sweating the details either, as in don’t care (lol). There is created demand and then real good products that sell themselves because of a better thought out interface, better performance, better durability and even better Engineering versus smugness, elitism or even snob appeal.
              Leica = snob appeal and well built products but little or no real engineering or thought put into the products, ergonomics or functionality – mainly made to please sybarites or them resting on perceived past ‘glories’.
              Canon = mass appeal and lousy delivery of absolute performance over the years except when digital first started and they finally surpassed Nikon only to lose the lead in what seems like now a permanent fashion since the D3/D300 ‘bomb’ of a release and they have been mortally wounded ever since, it seems.
              Nikon = ultimate real performance to me and that extends from the only working TTL and now integrated Flash/RGB metering system that works flawlessly and the only RGB (Red, Blue and Green color meter vs black and white metering in all others) – thus Nikon is well engineered and performs on a level way beyond others especially if you are as meticulous and fussy as I am plus I have tried many other cameras and systems on the market and none of them even comes close to Nikon’s in its scope (as in available accessories) over the years – facts.
              Canon had an opportunity to surpass Nikon in video but instead of capitalizing on that, they fell asleep and did not introduce an RGB meter which is even more critically needed in HD video and thus they are now falling further behind in the Pro ranks as Nikon’s D3S looks better to me than any of Canon’s HD cams, as I have looked at and used Sony Broadcast monitors with SMPTE colors (not LCD’s which don’t have the gamut or color reproduction capability) and the difference in obvious as I use Sony Trinitron’s daily with their gorgeous black levels and color quality.
              Your experience will determine your perspective and mine has been vast, so not choosing based upon brand but merely performance that I can see and understand clearly, as I am a ‘perfectionist’ and not some idiot obsessed with having the latest gear or fad except when it has proven itself to be clearly superior to anything now available and also after supply becomes less constrained – so certain issues, I plan for and not complain about, as to complain to me means that you are an idiot who expects to control the destiny of someone else’s business and thus a foolish dreamer about things not in your control.
              My personal take from using Nikon, Canon and Leica gear over the years.

            • aetas

              The point made that I think alot of people agree with is that there is a difference between a perfectionist and someone with N.A.S. Some of us like knowing that what we put out is as good as we can and not just what gets us by. If that means something new that comes out will help or add to that so be it.

              Plus, Having a vast amount of camera systems used does change your perception on things. I have to look for people (like you and others on nikon rumors) with other views if not only because I have been solely with nikon, excluding the AE1=)

        • I said that this is scary because it seems that this market share loss happened because Nikon did not have products to deliver and not because consumers wanted to buy Sony or Canon.

        • HY

          @ Jabs, you have no idea how sensitive Taiwans camera markets is, it is a country which loves new technology . You will defiantly see a world wide shift if nikon do not act fast or keeping the same lazy pace as they do now. Off the topic, Taiwan is not ruled by China in any way. Just for your future reference.

          • Jabs

            Look here:
            Taiwan (Traditional Chinese: 台灣 or 臺灣, Simplified Chinese: 台湾 tái wān) [1] is an island nation of about 36,000 km² located off the coast of southeastern China, southwest of Okinawa and north of the Philippines. The island is governed by the Republic of China (中華民國 Zhōnghuá Mínguó) or ROC.

            Clear enough?
            I agree that Nikon needs to shore things up, but I don’t see a need to panic – that’s all. I consider it a better strategy in Business to have an oversupply of demand that you cannot meet than an under-demand that causes you to lose your whole Business. With an oversupply of demand, you farm out the over-Production to Contract Manufacturer’s or work 24/7 in multiple shifts in your current Production Plant, as you cannot grow a Factory or a complex Manufacturing Facility overnight out of no where.
            Also – I don’t see anyone now making a product which now competes with the latest releases from Nikon (D3100 and D7000), so hence what to worry about? I fully expect the D7000 to outsell even the D90 as it is that much better to me – in my estimation.

            • AF 88

              Taiwan is the Republic of China.

              China is the People’s Republic of China.

              Ignoramus. Though the two nations have had a cold relationship since the Communists took over Beijing, they work together in lots of economic developments, most notably the outsourcing of Apple product manufacturing to Mainland China by Taiwanese company Foxconn.

              With legislative incentives for technology and science developments, Taiwan is a nation of geeks. In terms of informed consumers, they would probably be the world’s top 3. So yes, this is relevant.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Admin is right here. It’s relevant not because of Taiwan’s size but because it underscores the fact that NIKON CANNOT GET THEIR PRODUCTS TO MARKET FAST ENOUGH. Anywhere. This is a decades old issue with them. Getting a product right only excuses a product’s delayed release. But once it’s released, it’s all about the supply chain and distribution savvy. How embarrassing that Best Buy sold the D7000 before they were supposed to. Has Nikon punished them? Not that I’m aware of. Independents should be mad as hell. That’s a fucked up way to treat your best customers.

            • Jabs

              @AF 88
              I was wrong about Taiwan.

      • Vlad

        How is that scary? The NEX are consumer oriented, while most DSLRs go up from there. And the consumer market is huge. There i no”trend” , nothing. It’s just that the NEX are put in a category which wasn’t meant for them. Why don’t we count them in the compact camera market and see what happens?

        • Ok, forget Sony, Canon outsells Nikon 2:1

        • Mock Kenwell

          Are you nuts? That Coolpix camera you despise so much is what butters your DSLR bread, my friend. You better goddamn hope Nikon continues to garner favorable market share in consumer markets. As cool a camera as it is, they make virtually nothing on the D3s.

      • broxibear

        Unless you’re a professional or enthusiast you don’t need a DSLR.
        Personally I find the Sony NEX series pretty ugly but the image quality is definetely there as is the size and features.
        If Nikon or Canon’s design team come up with a special design they could own the market just as Apple did with their iPhone…wether they can design it is the big question?

      • ja

        hi admin can you give info if you have it or can you look into whether nikon is planning to annouce the D4x in march 2011 as is reported on
        also if the info is correct then should we expect an annoucment of the D4 before the year is out D????

        • I think they are just guessing – there are many guesses online about the release date, I prefer to wait for reliable info which I do not have at that point.

    • Mon

      I know Taiwan’s market very well. There are two major reasons for this kind of market share:
      1. The gray market of Nikon in Taiwan comprises a very large portion (may be at least half of the total Nikon sale), which is not really counted into the official statistics. In contrast, more than 90% of Sony products sold in Taiwan are official local Sony imported. So, the 20~25% Nikon market share in Taiwan should actually be almost doubled in the real world.
      2. There were no new mid-upper levels of cameras of Nikon in the first 10 months of 2010. In Taiwan, entry level cameras like D3000/D5000 usually do not sell better than something fancy and shiny, say, NEX3/5, A33/A55, which came out during summer of 2010. However, D3000/D5000 are very popular in other market regions, including the US.

      Short-term wise, Sony may make some noise, especially in Taiwan. However, Nikon still has the long-term reputation and reliability.

    • Boo!

      Also, SONY pay huge $$ for shelf space, eg in Sg airport they paid so they would be in the shop with Canon, while no other brand could be sold after customs.

      You’ll always have newbies wanting a camera and just buy whatever the sales says. And the sales in most countries are paid most commissions by either SONY or Canon.

  • zzddrr

    This is scary “Nikon is able to satisfy only 50% of all existing orders.” I think sony took advantage of this. When sony said they will release something actually they did and ensured that orders are fill. I wish Nikon would hire couple of dudes from sony to fix their supply chain.

    I was going to give a shot to the D7K body but I can’t get one before my travel. So, I will skip this camera and wait for the D4 for next Xmas.

    • Man de Labrat

      Nikon, lost sales really do mean lost opportunity – best case is that someone will upgrade to a later model like zzddrr, worst case the person goes with another solution (very likely at Christmas / when the purchase is for someone else) and then the customer will be lost for all time for upgrades, additional lenses, etc

      • gt

        It does mean lost opportunity. New DSLR shoppers who wanted a D7000 this christmas are going to end up buying a canon 550 or 60D. Those are massive lost sales.

        • dgm

          not counting the ‘follow up sales’ in lenses, flash etc …

        • Thomas

          Thats a Loss – Loss situation. For Nikon and for the Shoppers.

    • Jabs

      Have you looked RECENTLY at the portfolio of CURRENT Sony cameras as in DSLR’s and WHEN they released them?
      Have you looked or even HEARD about the myriad of problems that they are currently having with their pellicle mirror camera and its’ OVERHEATING plus inconsistent result issues (so much for SMOOTH releases, eh)?
      Have you figured WHAT Company is now comfortably LEADING the DSLR Market in INNOVATION and more importantly, superior PRODUCTS released RIGHT NOW.

      You complain so much that perhaps you are UNABLE to figure these out.
      The megapixel shortage is OVER for Nikon and the RELEASED products are SUPERIOR – look at DX-0 for a clue.
      Complainers often JUMP from one ‘hole’ to another, as in another thing to complain about AFTER a problem HAS been solved perhaps because they LOVE to complain and they DO NOTHING about much in life OFTEN.

      TELL us here what YOU do and also use DAILY in your life (if you have one) – what GEAR and camera BRAND(S) plus models do YOU use and OWN currently – NOT talk about or DREAM about???

      FESS up bud!!!

      • Either you are William Shakespeare reborn writing in iambic pentameter or you like to hold down the shift key far too often. Your replies with every second or third word bolded by CAPS creates a strange rythym!

        • Jabs

          Sorry, but just my style – will try and improve or change.
          I also hate Shakespeare – lol.

          Work calls – busy day with Contracts to write and people to call.

          • Discontinued

            “Work calls – busy day with Contracts to write and people to call.”

            LMAO ! ! !

            • JerryPizza

              +1 LOL this kid is out of his mind. I think we all like nikon gear here but wow. Total fanboyism. Love the old man yelling style caps for emphasis. Keep the laughs coming.

    • jason

      nikon just need to annouce next years products no dates needed and there will be a sharp uptake
      but yep im holding out for the D4

  • I live in Japan and there’s never any shortage of Nikon gear here. Why can’t they get it right for the rest of the world?

    • where the F is D800?

      Nikon gear in Japan sells for 30-50% more if you convert the yen prices to US$ prices. I guess that might explain why.

      • Hamuga

        Depending on where you are originally from, with the rise of the $ the stuff here in Japan is looking better and better. Though it has a long way to go before I stop “importing” stuff from the US to Japan because of the exchange rate.

      • I’m originally from Australia and Nikon gear is cheaper here in Japan than Australia… Plus when I lived in Australia I had to wait more than a month for a AF50f/1.8D which I can walk into almost any camera shop in Japan and find plenty of stock of. If I go to Yodobashi camera in Osaka, they have stock of every lens Nikon current make including Ai-S.

  • asdasd

    it has begun…
    the lame nikon policies, expensive gear and slow release rates are going to hunt them.
    All sony needs is F-mount AF-ing adapter and some normal flash shoe 🙂

  • Ren Kockwell

    Have some effing pride Nikon. Release that god damn EVIL and stop contemplating your navel.

  • Nikon is able to satisfy only 50% of all existing orders

    In corporate terms, that is absolutely unforgivable! Seriously, I liken the position to Lee filters – great product, total inability to get it to market. In the long term that leaves you ripe for take over and in fact I’m sure if Sony were truly serious about the DSLR market that it’s something they might have thought about more than once.

    I feel 2011 will be a telling year in the fortunes of the company because the D700 replacement, D3 replacement and EVIL incarnations will define how successful Nikon are likely to be over the next 3 to 5 years. If they don’t get the product right they could be in serious trouble especially in light of the continued current economic climate and threat an ever-improving manufacturer like Canon presents.

    • F2

      definitely not at their profit-max point.
      BTW, I really like your portfolio!

  • I’m not understanding this…

    Nikon, a very large and respectable camera/lens maker, is having trouble keeping orders up for a while now. Is it possible for them to build another facility to manufacture more of their products?! The money’s all good, the demand is there, and they’re only hurting themselves and consumers by not being able to provide.

    • aetas

      You would think that could be a solution.

  • gt

    Honestly, I don’t understand. How can Nikon’s supply chain fail this badly?

    Do they just lack factories? IF SO, why are they not actively purchasing more factories?
    And how did they get by for this long with so few factories anyway?

  • polo polo

    Taiwanese are known to buy things to show they are rich and fashionable. Therefore a pink and tiny NEX is far better than a Nikon D7000 when it comes to be fashionnable…
    SO, I will tend to say Taiwan is not a representative market whether it is for camera, cars, laptop….

    • gt

      did you miss the part about 50% of orders not being fulfilled?

      • polo polo

        I saw that but I don’t get where these guys found the numbers. I live in Taiwan, I have been buying Nikon DSLR products and checking others in the shop, I never had to face this issue.

  • Johokim

    It’s just like ps3 and wii when it first came out. Japan will supply the country with the best currency exchange first until the demands start to drop and then supply it to the world. I couldn’t get a ps3 for 6 months after it’s initial launch.

    • Markus

      Oh, so you live in Afghanistan? The PS3 and especially the Wii had an whole other reason…but a nice try! 🙂

  • Nikon is unable to meet the demands for d7000 ( consumer camera )
    that is an indication to their struggle.

    I don’t think people can wait for more than a week for their product to ship. they’d rather shift to canon or the newly good looking a-55 camera’s

    • Markus

      This is not specifically Nikon, if a product is highly popular any producer will have shortages, in this case it has nothing to do with a SP (Supply Price) strategy, purely related to their production capacity. Don’t forget that this camera is also released at the same time in the largest growing market of Nikon, India.

      • Anonymous

        And the Nikon smart execs just did not f**n dream that if they want to replace the best selling camera they ever had (D90) then there will be low demand? You gotto be kidding right?

        • Markus

          You have probable no idea how expensive it is to set up totally new production lines, you probable can’t even think about how many time it costs to set it up, to test it, to train people etc.? The D7000 is made on the same line as the D90 and seems to be in production since Sept of this year at the factory in Ayuthaya, Thailand. There will be a new production line ready next year, not for the D7000.

          • Anonymous


            Only losers give excuses! Nikon is in this business for over 50 yrs. So there is no excuse for that, period. Other companies do that without any problem and the #1 or #2 on the market is unable to do just that. BS

            • Markus

              The way you reply and you’re level of knowledge about production strategy shows already who the looser is…next!

            • Anonymous


              Now that’s another typical problem I deal with on daily basis: people make assumption, often bad assumptions due to limited information (just to name one key factor) like you just did.

            • gt

              I’m with anonymous on this. Production capacity is the most basic function of a corporation

        • Jabs

          Nikon clearly stated that the D7000 was not to replace the D90 and that both of them are still to be sold concurrently (side by side or at the same time), so perhaps you recant and rethink your post.

          D90 is still in Production plus being sold at the retail level and will be for a while – so said Nikon.
          D7000 = new breed of camera and not a replacement for anything Nikon makes.

          • Anonymous


            The D90 is no longer in production period. Why don’t you ask Thom?

            The D7k is clearly a replacement for of the D90 and especially for those people who had a D90 or something below.

            Third, the D7k is the highest resolution Nikon one can afford before taking a second mortgage on his/her house. Now, think a bit logically please. These clearly indicate that there should be demand. Besides, the competition is selling similar cameras for less so Nikon really had to come out with the D7k.

            OTOH, please do not try to convince me that the D7k is a new breed of super cameras. It is just a camera that has better features and it is not outdated like most of the Nikon products in that category. I am talking about iso, mp, video, frame rate, DR etc.

            If you still think the D7k is even a “lifestyle” then I give up and won’t comment.

            • Jabs

              At this very web site – nikonrumors – I remember Nikon clearly stating that the Nikon D7000 was not a replacement for the D90 but the D90 would continue in Production for an unspecified time – ASK the Administrator yourself.

              The D7000 is a new era and a new style of camera – maybe you are clueless.

              LOOK at the performance at DX0 Labs as in equaling and even surpassing certain Medium format cameras, all of Canon’s cameras, all of Sony’s, all of Leica’s and equaling the D3/D700 in certain ways and blasting by both the D90 and Canon Mk4 plus the D5000 – if that does not mean a new level of performance, then I have nothing more to say.
              Only the Pentax K (new one passed it)!
              Look at Nikon’s current line-up at Nikon USA here –

              I live in America and cannot speak for the rest of the world but I also have an excellent memory and read most of the discussions here when I have the time, hence informed.
              Price is according to what you make monetarily and also what you do with your cameras, as I don’t consider a D7000 or even a D3X expensive – because I look at what they make and not what they cost, so perhaps we are in different ‘zones’ – meaning I am a Businessman and I don’t know what you are.
              Believe as you wish!

          • WoutK89

            “D90 is still in Production plus being sold at the retail level and will be for a while – so said Nikon”
            What self respecting company will tell you that a product is old? They only said this so people will still buy it for the holiday season. Just my opinion.

    • Teeth

      If you found the perfect camera (eg D7000), it’s out of stock for 2mths, and you decide to buy another brand/model like the crappy 60D or one of those ugly blocky Alphas, then you deserve to be crippled with that camera and $50 lens hoods for the rest of your life.

  • Knobs

    I can’t believe Sony has more market share for dslrs. Sony. This has to be a joke.

  • jelmer ten hoeve

    Sony nex, next, will be better,
    the iso/ccd is not that good,
    system off nex is what I like way better dan The Alpha’s.

    Still waiting for nikon’s D700s, evil will be nice.

  • Merv

    Goes to show that a small size camera that looks good is as important to sales as is camera performance and features.

    Anyways, I am thinking that the market that wants better camera features/performance is a saturated market now.

    Manufacturing facilities are expensive to build, and Nikon being smaller than either Canon or Sony, probably can’t build that many.

    • Anonymous

      That’s bs Merv you know that right? Nikon is the #1 or #2 camera manufacturer and you say that they are small. Perhaps they don’t make copy machines or play stations but I guarantee that since they are so specialized in the camera business that they may have more power than you think.

      • Merv

        Canon’s total net sales in 2009 was $34,882,620.
        Nikon’s total net sales in 2009 was $8,955,707.
        Sony’s 3rd quarter sales alone in 2009 was $24,325,000.

        I’d say Nikon is much smaller than either Can0n or Sony. Canon and Sony have a broad product range and can use money from other divisions to help out their camera range if needed. Nikon really only specializes in cameras.

        • Anonymous


          I guess you do not clearly understand business. Perhaps you may want to compare only the camera divisions of these companies. In that way you’d get a better picture.

          • Merv

            Canon and Sony can direct revenues in their other divisions into their camera division. Which also means Canon and Sony can direct more funds to increase its manufacturing capacity for camera products.

            If you think other companies do not do this, take a look at Microsoft. It used its profits from its Office and operating system products to try to compete against Google in the search engine business with Bing which is still losing money.

            • Anonymous


              I give up on you. You are helpless. Why can’t you just compare the sale of only the camera business of these companies?

              I guess you have never heard about that if you use money from one side of your business that money is nothing else as investment right? Don’t you think that Nikon would not be able to raise money? So the entire size of the company does not really matter here. Just compare the camara production capacity of these manufacturers.

  • Heh

    This means nothing. The nex is basically a point and shoot. People who would have bought a high end point and shoot are buying this instead. It happens to have interchangeable lenses, therefore on paper Sony seem to be doing better than Nikon.

    However in DSLR sales Nikon are killing Sony.

    • Sky

      You need to learn a lot man. Learn it before it’s too late.

  • Darklight

    I think the quality control is too high, too much rejections of their (chinese) products…

    • Anonymous

      then Nikon should hire more kids in their Chinese factory since they charge the same if it were made in japan.

  • This seems to be the current biggest problem that Nikon has to overcome. It’ll be the main reason for users switching to other brands. It’s great that Nikon has so many wonderful products, but there’s no point if they continue to keep this up 🙁

    • If Nikon release another 2 or more pro bodies next year, and on top of that a mirrorless to compete with Sony…than more trouble is ahead… 😮

  • le_eiji

    after all, nikon’s potential success depends on sony to a great extent. They can’t do anything without Sony. Sony, Canon as well as Panasonic are the leading horses in DSLR era. I am certain that in 10 years, Sony will trump both Canon and Nikon in the DSLR market share.

  • The invisible man

    Maybe Nikon should start thinking about his customers……

    The 300mm AF-S f/4 is 10 years old and everyone is wating for an update with VRII, G mount, and a real tripod mount.

    No, instead Nikon realease shits like 18-280mm f/6.3-8.5 DX zoom that nobody want !

    So Nikon, stop making things we don’t need and get back to work.

    • NikkorPM

      Seems like a lot of people want their products if they can only fulfill half of their orders.

      I’m waiting for D7000, 35mm f/1.4.

      Not sure if your argument holds up.

  • Jabs

    Business 101:
    If I have a SURPLUS of orders that I cannot FILL, then Business is booming!

    If my customers are WAITING for these ORDERS to be filled, then I have LOYAL customers plus perhaps superior PRODUCTS already released that they are WAITING for and thus I have SUPPLY or Production Constraints which I HAVE to work on quickly.

    If I have NO ONE waiting to either purchase my products and no or little BACK-ORDERS, then I am doomed, as in soon will be BANKRUPT.

    You figure it out NOW!

    • Anonymous

      Jabs, where did you learn to write? You know that you do not have yell every other word, right?

      Now back to your business 101. You say that if you cannot fill your orders then you must be a good business. Nikon has not been able to fill orders properly back to at least 25 yrs. Go and read the comments of Thom Hogan who knows a little bit more about this business.

      • Jabs

        Where did you learn or not learn reading comprehension?
        I never said that Business was good.
        I merely stated that Business was apparently BOOMING for Nikon!

        Big difference.
        In my experience from BUYING and using Nikon’s for over 30 years – AFTER every body is released there is a severe shortage and certain PRO shooters (not me) have first ‘dibs’ on the bodies and lenses released. I just wait and get mine when I can, as I have other bodies to use, so WHO CARES! Certain Nikon lenses have always been in short supply as they are custom made up with known lead times before you get them and Nikon clearly states that. Try ordering a custom suit/dress or a Ferrari and then learn this fact yourself.
        I don’t obsess about the latest gear as in BUSY making money with what I already have and then TAKE my time to revue and familiarize myself with any new gear before putting it into a Production environment while many NON-USERS here clamor for everything brand new, apparently because they are dreamers and not users/buyers.
        I don’t need Thom Hogan to think for me, as God gave me a brain ALSO – hence you figure out the rest.

        • Anonymous


          That’s not what I said. Please just read Thom comments about the Nikon supply chain and production issues.

          Second, Nikon is capable of producing shortages in consumer level items. But in the pro level there is always something missing. Simply there is no excuse for that.

          Try to say goodbye once in awhile to the CAPS LOCK button. 🙂

          • Jabs

            Let me spell it out clearly here for you and others here.
            I don’t give a crap about what Nikon does or their Production problems but care only about their gear and its’ performance when they release it. Too many dolts obsess about future issues as they are trying to drive idiots to their own web sites while i am about making money with my current gear plus planning for future purchases, so I like nikonrumors for that.
            I have no Nikon stock, no interest in them and no axe to grind nor any hidden agendas nor some big fat ego to massage as in trying to be some Internet guru or futurists as I firmly believe that only God knows the future and all else are mere guessers, so I don’t obsesses about that.
            I take ’em as they come and thus happy person and not some frustrated old bat trying to sell you the obvious, as I merely wait for things to happen and then react.
            You cross the bridge twice as in speculating and then you pay the toll twice – hence moron or wasted brain power!

            That is how I live my life.

        • If you have a SURPLUS of orders that you cannot FILL, and continue to UNDERESTIMATE demand in a competitive market, then you have a FAILING business.

          If customers feel that they’re ALWAYS waiting for orders to be FILLED, then your LOYAL customers start to complain and bitch. Do it for years on end, and the complaints get LOUDER, and others considering buying into a system select a COMPETITOR’S instead.

          I’ll make some comments about the mirrorless market when I post my review of four competitors later this week. Conspicuously missing from that market are Nikon and Canon. But here’s one small little problem: because mirrorless are interchangeable lens cameras, that means that lens supply is a factor in purchase decisions. If all you want to sell is a body and kit lens, then any company can quickly enter and perhaps dominate this market with the right product. But it’s not quite that simple. The primary important difference between m4/3 and NEX, for instance, is lenses. Sony has 3. Oly/Pany have 16 with about 4 more ready to hit. Heck, even Ricoh’s GXR has more lenses than Sony’s NEX.

          So here’s a question: given Nikon’s inability to even produce a full range of DX lenses to satisfy customers, let alone keep them in stock, just how many lenses do you think they’ll have ready for their mirrorless entry? I’m betting no more than four, and all catering to mass market. And those won’t be available in sufficient quantity.

          Thing is, Nikon users are now starting to resemble masochists. We make loud claims that “Nikon is best” mostly to overcome our anguish at having to wait for what we want, not because it actually is. Nikon users will point to something specific–such as the low noise of the D3s–while ignoring something specific–such as the over antialiased results or the nearest neighbor filtering on raws.

          The simple truth is this: you can take great pictures with any current DSLR or even mirrorless camera. Thus, we’re entering into the commodity product phase of the market, where not meeting demand can (and often does) result in efficient competitors taking market share away from you.

          Nikon cannot afford to lose market share. It is the only “pure” camera company left (other than specialists like Leica or Hasselblad). Loss of market share essentially means the entire company becomes shaky.

          • preston

            haha, I liked the first 2 paragraphs best Thom – they really packed a PUNCH!

            Thanks for visiting and eloquently clearing this issue up.

          • Anonymous


            Thank you Thom, you always better describe the reality and the issues. That is why I refered to your earlier comments but this summary is really actual.

          • Jabs

            @Thom Hogan.

            You posted this in your first two columns:
            If you have a SURPLUS of orders that you cannot FILL, and continue to UNDERESTIMATE demand in a competitive market, then you have a FAILING business.

            If customers feel that they’re ALWAYS waiting for orders to be FILLED, then your LOYAL customers start to complain and bitch. Do it for years on end, and the complaints get LOUDER, and others considering buying into a system select a COMPETITOR’S instead.

            Here is my reply:
            In theory you might be right or even wrong – now show us here the FACTS of Nikon’s performance over the years or even now to back up these theoretical claims, as I live in the real world versus Internet PERCEPTIONS trying to be educated facts but mere guesses.

            You are about your web site and your opinions while I think for myself and am educated and experienced enough to NOT need your assessment, as I have a brain plus real experience and can see and find statistics to show that despite Nikon’s fumbles or eccentric ways over the years, they have a commanding lead both technologically and in Market share in the Pro/Semi-Pro ranks and thus these facts trump all other guesses. SHOW me Nikon losing Business in that rank (Pro/Semi-Pro) and then I will listen, but if it is all about YOU pontificating to fools or gullible persons, then no thanks.
            Sorry to be blunt, but I call ’em as I see ’em!
            No disrespect meant or no hard feelings as I respect you as a photographer but not as someone technical as I am technical and have the background and Industry experience to prove it – my take!

            • Discontinued

              “as I live in the real world versus Internet”

              LMAO ! ! !

            • gt

              “they have a commanding lead both technologically and in Market share in the Pro/Semi-Pro ranks and thus these facts trump all other guesses. SHOW me Nikon losing Business in that rank (Pro/Semi-Pro) and then I will listen, but if it is all about YOU pontificating to fools or gullible persons, then no thanks.”

              Why don’t you provide statistics to back up your claims? These are not facts unless they are supported by market research.

              Thom, on the other hand, regularly sites his sources on his website…as well as the reasoning behind his opinions.

              Your post seems quite hypocritical

    • Mr. E

      oh wow, your business school was terrible.

  • MLWadester

    Joke. Lens quality will always trump. Go to bed, Sony. The people buying micro four thirds cameras also need to go to bed.

  • The invisible man

    ******* CNN BREAKING NEWS *******
    The D3s is out of stock at B&H and Adorama !
    ******* CNN BREAKING NEWS *******

    • Anonymous

      ********* CNN BREAKING NEWS *********
      The D7k body has been out of stock at
      B&H and Adorama since it was introduced!
      ********* CNN BREAKING NEWS *********

      • The invisible man

        Would you like to rent my D90 ?

        • Jabs


      • Then don’t be a sheep by buying it at B&H or Adorama.

        I LIVE in NYC and I wouldn’t buy the camera here.

        I bought it from a regional shop, and got it right away (and yes, for $1199.00 Body only).

  • Mon

    One of the major reason is that gray market has a large portion of Nikon sales in Taiwan (estimated 40~50%). The gray market is not very likely to be counted into this official statistics, because it relies on the numbers from the official Nikon vendors. In contrast, Sony sales in Taiwan are almost all official Sony products. So, the hidden sales of Nikon makes its number looks bad. In fact, Nikon is still selling quite well in Taiwan.

  • The invisible man

    Here is what I’m affraid off:
    Nikon will have two lines of DSLR.

    – 2 pro cameras with FX lenses, the D4 and D900 (D900 priced at $2290)
    – 2 prosumer camera with DX lenses, the D7000 and D3100

    This can be good or bad news, depending on how much you like taking pictures.

    • Where’s my D400? Gone? 😮

      • The invisible man

        Well, the D7000 is too close to the D300s, no need for a D400.

        More and more people are using point & shoot cameras or even cellphones to take pictures, only crazy guys like us are still spending $$$$$ on heavy, complicated and expensive cameras.

        I really see FX becoming exclusively pro cameras, look at the price of the new lenses, you have to be rich to get a 300mm f/2.8

        Before digital I had two 24×36 bodies, bunch of prime lenses 24;28;35;50;105;180 and even a 28-70 f/2.8 zoom.

        Now it takes my years to save enought money for a $1800 wide angle zoom.

        • This is the comment I was expecting. I too used to buy high end Nikon lenses without worrying about price. Perhaps sales are less because a good Nikkor lens is just too dang much money now.

    • You can put your fears to rest. The only reason Nikon will back away from a highly segmented camera market (e.g the current nine DSLR models) is if they are in deep, deep financial trouble. My guess is that come fall 2011 Nikon will have at least seven cameras:

      Mirrorless, D3100, D5100, D7000, D400, D800, D4

      There’s a chance they’ll have nine (add a D700s and D4x).

      Once you start filling channels with multiple products, you have to keep pushing more products to those shelves. Best Buy, for example, has a fairly fixed number of DSLR product slots available. If you give up a couple of those, they’ll go to competitors. That’s not good.

      • Joe

        There’s a chance they have nine cameras? This is highly unlikely.

        What you’re saying is that going from now to fall next year (less than 1 year), Nikon will release mirrorless, D5100, D400, D800, D4, D700s and D4x. It’s hardly see it happening. There is no way Nikon can release that many camera in 1 year.

      • Thom, I keep hearing about a new D4x and D4s being introduced at the same time next year and you mentioned it as well. I do not see any logic in such product line-up, do you? I am also not aware of Nikon releasing two version of the same product at the same time in the past.

        • Discontinued

          “a new D4x and D4s being introduced at the same time next year”

          IMO that makes perfect sense. The D3s and D3x have been what two different types of photographers have wished for – making the D3 pointless which also soon had a strong opponent with the cheaper D700.

          “I am also not aware of Nikon releasing two version of the same product at the same time in the past.”

          Well, maybe and hopefully they are willing to learn. D4x and D4s and D800 will make the perfect lineup for FX. No need to put money into R&D and to waste production capacities on a D4.

          • Once the D4 is announced, it will be the top level pro camera for 4-5 years. If Nikon announces a D4x and D4s at the beginning of the camera lifecycle, they will not have much room left for the next 5 years.

            • Discontinued


              but on the other hand the introduction of D3X and D3S was not just using “room” for improvement. It was more of a radical split into two “opposite” directions for two types of photographers in different fields of work.

              “I do not see any logic in such product line-up, do you?”

              The rather heated up discussion here and elsewhere about RES vs. high ISO and the success of both cameras clearly showed the existence of two contrary demands for highly professional FX-DSLRs. A D4 only makes sense, if it was providing improvements in any respect over both existing cameras. Quite a challenge.
              Otherwise neither the S-type photographer nor the X-type photographer would be entirely satisfied. At the same time such a compromise in speed and RES would be ideal to replace the D700 and to become a FF model of higher volume – a model that would neither rival the D4X nor the D4S and still be the desire of all sorts of photographers with lesser money or a lower degree of specialization in their portfolios.

              I am just saying, I can see some logic in such a product line-up.

    • Just A Thought

      “2 pro cameras with FX lenses, the D4 and D900 (D900 priced at $2290)”

      This is the last year for odd numbered bodies.
      Next year the shift is to even numbered – ex D4. Highly doubtful that there will be a body named D900.

      “2 prosumer camera with DX lenses, the D7000 and D3100”

      For this year yes. 2011 onward the shift is to even numbered bodies. Maybe D2000 (or D4000) to replace D3100 and maybe D8000 to replace D7000 in 2012.

      It’s like autos – you have square angular bodies for a number of years then they shift to curved soap bar look bodies.

      I also suspect that there will be a shift to more angular camera bodies along with even numbering (at least for Nikon).

  • AHC

    I think its safe to say, in Taiwan at least, that strong sales of NEX was due to the demand, but lack of supply, of Nikon goods 😉

    Opera didn’t choose Sony NEX on her top items to get this Christmas hah!

  • it’s all about my FX

    To me Nikon is experiencing some supply chain problems. Perhaps just a misread of the demand in the market, or a cash flow issue.

    I think they’ll really have to step up their game a little, since I am still waiting on the overdue D700 replacement and is looking into that NEX pretty hard.

    looking at the price point and the capability of recent Sony cameras, they are very enticing.

    You snooze, you lose Nikon. That’s the name of the game.

  • joe bodego

    Nikon is the “Apple” of the camera world. They don’t get it and never would. They live and breath on their reputation for fine cameras and believe that they could never be touched, out sold or even competed against. I am a big Nikon user and has been for over a decade but I have to be intellectually honest and admit that Sony’s brands of DSLRs are on par with anything Nikon and Canon for that matter has. A recent test drive of the Sony α900 DSLR full frame monster was an amazing experience that produced some real amazing results. Nikon better look over their shoulder, Sony DSLRs are only going to get better, as the anals at Nikon take pride in making their cameras unavailable with useless time spans between releases, sony would dance around them via frequent and better upgrades. Forget Canon, they are the same beast, the company to watch is Sony, they’ve got their focus on the top Canon and Sony Cameras with one thing in mind and that is to make a better camera.

    • Merv

      Some Apple thoughts

      I read somewhere that Apple has 5% of the computer market, but 95% of the market that spends over $2000 on a computer.

      Apple has 5% of the cellphone market (basic cellphones + smartphones), but 39% of the cellphone profits.

      I don’t think the product positioning of Nikon can be compared to Apple.

    • gt

      disagree. apple are marketing geniuses and they have fine-tuned distribution systems.

      nikon..doesn’t. and their ad campaigns are shit.

      I still love ’em though! like that drunk uncle that always makes you smile

  • Brock Kentwell

    Nikon is in it for the long term, and they play conservative when it comes to sizing the market and gauging production . They’ve had said in their quarterly and annual reports that they don’t expect this current rate of camera demand to continue forever, so rather than plowing billions into production and risk sinking the company at later date, they are continuing to do what they do best: making good cameras. Sometimes this means you have to wait a few months for your new lens. It’s a tight rope for the company.

    • it’s all about my FX

      no guts no glory.

      if they play a conservative game with an aggressive and worthy opponent.

      Nikon will end up like leica—-little innovation and expect their fans to pay an arm and leg for that special leica magic dust. I ain’t that stupid.

      I totally agree with joe bodego that Sony’s image quality is shweet, if they improve their lenses lineup and offer a 2K full frame 1080p 60fps pro body, I swear you’ll see all my N gear on ebay in a heartbeat.

      • it’s all about my FX

        i know i am gonna get chopped up by the leica fanboys. but you know what i mean, leica is a stagnant company with products for the exclusive ” i am better than you because i shoot leica” crowd.

      • Once Nikon start making limited edition cameras, you know the end is near (hint: Hasselblad already announced two limited editions cameras in the past two months:

        • Jabs

          Too late then for a leopard skinned D3S, eh.
          Yeah – Leica and Hasselblad are treading water apparently and both making special edition cameras. Maybe they both need to reinvent themselves as things are changing in photography at a dizzying pace.
          Great job here with this informative web site and how you stay in the background thereby keeping your displayed ego in check – speaks volumes about you here.

        • it’s all about my FX

          what that heck are they up to now? a freaking Ferrari edition camera?

          i laughed my a$$ off when I saw the news!

          Ferrari on a camera… can it even autofocus?

          talking about blowing money on overpriced junk in a mid-life crisis….

      • Jabs

        @it’s all about my FX.
        I disagree as it is Sony who is struggling in DSLR’s and I eventually see them leaving DSLR’s and concentrating on their mass market NEX line.
        The A900 and A850 are really bad compared to a Canon or a Nikon. The lenses are actually better than the body, as they come from a well respected manufacturer – Zeiss who knows a lot about photography as Sony is new to this game.
        The problem is Sony NOT understanding the whole Pro world and you cannot buy your way into it – but must earn your way and that takes years of proven superior products and not marketing money or hype or low (giveaway) prices.
        They have no proven track record so far even when they share the similar sensors with Nikon – therefore clueless in Pro photography via demonstrated camera performance plus no lenses to speak of. Who is gonna buy that mess when you can’t make a living off it or there are no specialized lenses to shoot with? Pros are not dense!
        Where are the PC lenses, the varied macro lenses, the wide angles, the long telephotos and such?

        • it’s all about my FX


          Let’s say if Nikon were to take the entire pro market, but at the same time give away market share in the prosumer and the consumer sector, it will mean little to the future of the company. Without strong revenue from the semi-pro and prosumer sector, it will only hurt the company in the long run (i.e. the Nikon pros will feel the pain). Look at how long it took Nikon to come out with a pro FX camera, and where’s my mirrorless Nikon??

          It is also important to point out that a typical consumer will not simply purchase a product (especially an electronic gear) based on a company’s past history. What they are considering is what on the spec sheet NOW. Who cares the if the F6 is a hall-of-fame camera, I want to shoot Full frame, 19 stops of DR, and 1080p for 2K dang it!!

          Sony it’s new to the DSLR game, they are effectively Minolta. They will ALWAYS be in the DSLR market, they will never go away. As a matter of fact, I think they know their DSLR are not very competitive and therefore they are in the middle of repositioning their DSLR lineup. Nikon / Cannon should be very afraid.

          I believe mass market with a focused, elite product line is the key for Nikon.

          • Jabs

            @it’s all about my FX.
            I understand your points but I think that I also understand Nikon from a Business point plus by me being a photographer for so long, I have seen many trends and companies go and some even return.
            I see it this way mainly.
            Nikon is SMART to let the other cash heavy companies fine tune the expectations of consumers and then they come in and make a better version of what the consumer has ALREADY chosen – thus brilliant until you lose momentum and crash and burn yourself.
            I don’t know what Nikon is doing or planning but I don’t see them taking the lead in a new and emerging category (mirrorless) that I personally see as replacing the low end DSLR cameras entirely, once they get popular enough. Let’s face it – most people do not know how to photograph properly and really don’t care except enthusiasts, semi-pros or pros. The market is divesting or diverging to newer formats as in all in one products and people are clamoring for smaller everything.
            Therefore from this trend – I see two distinct cameras.
            1. Consumer, cute, multi-faceted and cheap while not great.
            2. Pro and semi-pro with real features and capabilities but expensive.

            Many here want cheap and with better performance and that to me is asinine or clueless as they equate everything with perhaps computers (and it not is even true there). Pro cameras might be expensive but there is a reason – expensive NEW technology and outrageously expensive multi-BILLION dollar factories to produce all of this mess. Tell me then, how do you raise the capital and then where does the lead time come from (the time from the start of the Factory planning to WHEN it actually produces a product for sale)? Many here like to tell us about their own pipe dreams but do they know how long things take from ‘the drawing board’ to the camera showroom? NOPE!
            They want cheap cameras with 24+ megapixels, 1080 HD, autofocus while video taping and built-in GPS, 10 frames per second, 15 plus stops of dynamic range, ISO to 25,600 and above, no problems whatsoever, a new one every year, 2 million res. LED screens and all for $2000.00 bucks plus in plentiful supply.
            If that is their reality or expectations, then they are plain fools and I leave them to their dreams.
            They must also believe that Spock and Star Trek are real???

            • it’s all about my FX

              I cannot accept your argument to have Nikon play second fiddle to Cannon and Sony and at the same time call Nikon “SMART”. I call it COWARDLINESS. I don’t want Nikon to always be second/third or an occasional first in the race…..if you ain’t first, you’re last.

              Do you mean to tell me to be patient and let the Cannon/Sony folks decide what feature/technology is successful before Nikon allows the feature in my products? NUTS!

              I didn’t buy into Nikon because I like their financial statement in their annual report, I buy Nikon because they offer a better product no one else offers. In the recent years, I am seeing less and less of it.

              Why do you equate EXPENSIVE GEAR as PROFESSIONAL? Do you mean that anyone without a flagship D3x is an amateur thus not capable of producing great work? Is it true that anyone willing to throw down 8k is an automatic professional?

              All I am asking for is a D700 replacement with a FX sensor, 14-18 megapixel, admirable high iso performance at 6400, 1080p video, a price point not exceeding 2.5k, and have it available right now. Is that too much to ask? is it really STAR TREK at all? Cannon already did it Spock!

              You did bring up a very important point. I see Nikon’s uncompetitiveness as a result of the way they procure their supplies, namely sensor chips. Nikon is hamstrung by the inability to develop and MANUFACTURE sensors on their own, hence the delay and the extra costs. As a result of this handicap, we the consumers pay a higher premium and absorb the delay for Nikon bodies. THAT’S really what happens when you play safe instead of investing wisely in sensor manufacturing plants from the get-go.

              Let’s face it, the mirrorless (or digital rangefinder) market is going to be HUGE! Whoever bags this market will be leading the digital imaging market for years to come. No doubt.

            • Jabs

              @ it;s all about my FX:
              Your statement –
              I cannot accept your argument to have Nikon play second fiddle to Cannon and Sony and at the same time call Nikon “SMART”. I call it COWARDLINESS. I don’t want Nikon to always be second/third or an occasional first in the race…..if you ain’t first, you’re last.

              My reply:
              In business, the egomaniacs or those who always want to be first to market remind me of riding on the highway in America with truckers (18 wheelers) and then someone in a fast car blows by them – they call this person a ‘rabbit’, as by going so fast, they sniff out or expose the location or presence of the police and when they get a ticket for speeding, then everyone knows that the police is now busy plus where they were ‘hiding’, so NOW they (truckers) speed and make up for lost time.
              Apply that logic to Nikon and Canon waiting for the consumer driven companies to now define a market and then for them to enter an already defined market and then pass them.
              LEARN this:
              The gambler – Know when to hold and know when to FOLD!

              Nikon leads when necessary as in D3X, D3S pus now D7000 and then follows when needed, as in surviving in the long run – IF you are constantly at the forefront always, then your ego is stroked but you BURN OUT eventually – ask Microsoft about that for example (ever used Vista?).
              You obviously do not know much about Business Strategy.
              The size of either your portfolio or the size of your camera is NOT what determines your success or failure, as it is what you do with them that counts. The D3S/D3X while expensive, is a tool to make money and that it does.
              If I make $5000 to $8000 US dollars per week with a D3X or even per day, then within two weeks, it is already PAID for because I had the tool required to do the job PLUS the capability to effectively use it to produce the results required by the client. If I need 24 megapixels, then my choices are limited, so I MUST make a choice and also bill to reflect MY costs = Business savvy or common sense!
              That is a Business perspective lost on most of you here!
              It is ALL about making money and pleasing your customers – nothing more!
              The price of the gear that you are looking for is your dream, as you are not in control of the camera market of any camera Manufacturer, so dream on!
              Have a great day!

            • it’s all about my FX


              For the trucking analogy: who’s the camera police? and why are they stopping cameras manufacturers from speeding?

              For the gambler analogy: You will never win by folding every hand.

              You business strategy is hiding in the shed and gouge the hell out of your customers without remorse : – o

            • Jabs

              @it’s all about my FX.
              You might be clueless.
              The trucking analogy refers to one letting a quicker person run ahead of you while you wait for them to be caught up in market shenanigans and then implode.
              You wait, they speed, they stumble and you pass them and get to your goal while they lose.
              PLAIN enough.
              The gambler = strategy – as in knowing when to hold and then when to fold AFTER you are winning. The law of diminishing returns or quit at your PEAK and not lose your shirt because you are an egomaniac or just got given a few winning hands so that they can clean you out later after you get happy or complacent from winning or them letting you win purposely. (I also DO NOT gamble personally)
              PLAINLY – you go ahead sometimes and at other times, you wait and see what your competitor does before you introduce a competing product and then shore up your product to now pass them.
              The consumer is the police in this case – LOL!
              I see you don’t understand business strategy but are a mere buyer of products.

          • Jabs

            @it’s all about my FX.
            Funny that you mentioned Minolta – lol!
            I knew about and even tried Minolta Maxxum’s at showrooms. Speedy piece of crap that tried to break into the Pro world and failed miserably. Read the history of the Maxxum 7 and 9.
            Reminds me of Sony’s thrust now – maybe they need to FIRE their staff and hire some new ones who know about cameras versus consumerism.

    • Jabs

      @Brock Kentwell.

      EXACTLY – well said.

  • it’s all about my FX

    one more thing,

    Nikon have to reel in their prices alittle bit.

    $2000 for the 35mm 1.4g?
    $2200 for the 70-200mm VRII?
    $2200 for the 24mm 1.4g?
    and who knows how much the D700 replacement will be, $3200? it’s best be as good as my expectation.

    I am not convinced Nikon gear is 30-40% better than the competitors? (based on premium we pay for the gold rimmed lenses)

    what the heck are you smokin’ up in sendai?

    • Segura

      The 35mm f/1.4G is $1800, not $2000.
      The 70-200mm VR II was launched at $2400, now at $2200 everywhere, and if you buy it with a body, it is $1800ish

      Prices always come down from list when there is more saturation.

      Canon 35mm f/1.4 is $1400, so the Nikon demands a $400 premium, but keep in mind that the Canon came out in 2001, so 9 year old tech. Comparing the MTF, the Can never gets over .75 @10 lines and .55 @ 30 lines, where the Nikon is .89 and .65 respectively. Yes the Nikon is much sharper.

      This lens will probably drop $150 within a year and it will be $1650, or 18% more for a much better lens than Canon

      • it’s all about my FX

        “Comparing the MTF, the Can never gets over .75 @10 lines and .55 @ 30 lines, where the Nikon is .89 and .65 respectively. Yes the Nikon is much sharper.”

        understand your point, but try telling that to your client or your wife. It is important to note that sharpness alone is NEVER an indication of a quality photo.

        i have a hard time believing the speculation of the 35mm 1.4g shedding $150 brand new in the next 12 months when the US dollar is at a downward trend. I’d say it’ll increase by $150, not decrease. The last Nikon price hike was 2008-2009 and the prices hasn’t dropped by much since.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Tiawan follows Japan and increasingly Korea. A recent Korean fashion trend is couples dressing identically. It’s catching on in Taiwan.

  • joe bodego

    Sooner or later and I’ll go with sooner, Nikon and Canon are going to loose their branding reputation because that’s all the have now. What’s driving them now is their amazing lens and I must admit that their lens are amazing “it’s all about my FX” is dead on when he says ” if they improve their lenses lineup and offer a 2K full frame 1080p 60fps pro body” that would be the end of Nikon’s grip on the market. Let’s face it, Sony has all it takes to take on Nikon, they’ve learned from Apple by ignoring the portable music market when they failed to develop their Sony Walkman which is today the “Ipod” line. They see a bumbling foolish company like Nikon and Canon for that part that refuse to innovate and upgrade their products on time. All Nikon and Canon top of the line full frame models are going on 3 years, now that’s unacceptable. Do you mean technology and innovation has a three year lap, you and I know the answer is NO and that’s where Sony would kick them. Look for a company in Korea to jump in the market next year also and sony is working on a lens adapter that would use Nikon lenses. Next year is going to be a very interested year for us Photographers who keep foolishly standing by Nikon and Canon even though they gouge us with prices and innovation. For example that D7000 is a joke, all that innovation should have be done on a full frame camera, the D90 is just as good with a decent lens. I am still blown away with my sony α900 experience, I’ll never look at my Nikon d700 or D90 the same again, NEVER!! time for a change..

    • Brock Kentwell

      Just keep in mind that Sony has made a lot of big bets that did not pay off. They were in A LOT of trouble a couple of years ago. They took massive losses on the PS3 and were forced to take losses on their LCDs — a market where they used to dominate — because they were under seige by an influx of underpricing competitors. My hope is that photography equipment will not become a commodity in the same way.

      • Merv

        I think the danger that Nikon has to recognize is that eventually, some of those big bets will pay off. And if a big bet payoff occurs in cameras, Nikon could find itself hard-pressed to reply.

        The big bet payoff could well be an increase convenience with an acceptable trade-off in image quality in the mass market.

        Keep in mind there are other big manufacturers out there like Panasonic who are also taking stabs in the camera market.

  • joe bodego

    Can;t wait to see what Sony develops to be on par with the D3x.

  • Baked bananas

    No its not scary. Have you guys even went to the sony store and tried the NEX? Good ISO only to 3200, Color temp cannot be adjusted in kelvin, no hot shoe….its an innovated product thats shoddy and should’ve never been released till perfected…..None of the salespersons knew how to adjust iso or color temp on the display cameras. Hell they didnt even know what color temp and white balance even is! This is why sony will never pass Apple when it comes to quality products and customer service. When i go to an apple store there is always some geek with a purple tag ready to answer any questions. Nikon will always be nikon, there will always be shortages of new products. Remember always preorder on adorama, good things come to those who wait patiently.

    • it’s all about my FX

      @Baked bananas

      Yes, I have test driven the Sony alphas and the NEX personally….I freaking like it. I don’t know how long I can hold out for the D800….it better be a home run too.

      No one is arguing that Sony will overtake the big boys in the DSLR market with the NEX. But take things a little bit seriously here.

      I think many folks are seeing a disturbing trend that while Nikon is busy jacking up prices and playing a conservative game (withholding releases of new technology and new cameras….for example, no serious upgrade for the D300 for almost 3 years and counting, D700–2 years and counting, it’s still 12.3 mp on the D3s and no 1080p), Sony and Panasonic is pushing very capable and enticing products into the market. Folks (like me) is keeping a very close eye on this. Nikon can lose out in the very profitable prosumer demographics if they are caught napping under the tree. This will cut into their R&D budget 5-10 years down the line.

      With the Apple analogy, all I will have to say is in Sony’s heyday (circa 1985), it will never imagine Apple with its brightly colored i-fad product line will knock it on its ass within 25 years’ time (admin – can I use ass in the forum? ; )

      never say never, my friend.

  • joe bodego

    Kelvin, the measurement of light? ” Baked bananas” don’t put too much into insignificant stuff that is the domain of the marketing department of Nikon. What I am looking for as a pro sumer is quality under less than ideal conditions without high cost. To achieve the results of the Nikon D3 with a camera half the price says something. My 3 weeks with the A900 was an eye opener and that can never be taken back. Like “it’s all about my FX” I am tired of waiting for the upgrade to the D700? and can;t stand the hype over the D7000, who shoots at ISO 6400 and why would anyone? The Apple comparison is confusing to me, I worked for apple 10 years ago and one thing I can tell you is every apple employee no matter on what level go through a 31 day cult like training, one does not need to know what Kelvin is or white balance to sell an A900. That’s my point, if the A900 can achieve such results with so much flaws can you imagine what would happen when they do get it right?

    • it’s all about my FX

      Thank you @joe bodego

      if one needs a store clerk to demonstrate how to set white balance, kelvin, or anything else on a pro camera body, perhaps one needs to consider a NEX! : )

      Don’t get me wrong….I am genuinely concerned for Nikon (along with my 15k of photographic investments and counting), therefore I make my opinions known while Nikon still have the upper hand….

      Bottom line: Nikon hasn’t done anything spectacular or compelling since the D3s expect for price hikes!!! yes, I said it!

  • Panfruit

    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  • Jim

    I have yet to be able to buy a Nikon DSLR or Lens without having to wait and wait and wait. Prior planning on there part would really be nice.

    • it’s all about my FX

      so where can I land myself a 85mm 1.4g? I’ve planned on buying one of those bad boys since August.

      I’ve got 3k sitting in the bank for Nikon’s taking if they would just roll out with a worthy D700 replacement. But we all know it wouldn’t be released until kingdom come plus another 2-3 months of back ordering.

      • aetas

        Same here. I saved and put money in the bank and am waiting for the fx body that gets me to jump. I hope its soon and from rumors here it sounds like next year should be exciting

  • Charlie Martin

    You’ll think Nikon’s shortage is bad, in my primary hobby, product delays of 18-24 months is common with small numbers of product being produced and even canceled. The shortages for Nikon pales in comparison. The shortages and delays are affecting all companies that manufacture products in China and Thailand. You’ll better get used to it because it isn’t going to get better for the forseeable future.

    • it’s all about my FX

      I thought the D700 line is Made in Japan. So is the 35mm 1.4g, 24mm 1.4g, and 85mm 1.4g, all Japan. Why is Thailand and China in the mix here? Oh, maybe they’re waiting for the extra shipment of end caps and shoulder straps.

      I think the shortages are caused mainly by poor inventory control at Nikon, it has nothing to do with the factories in Thailand. Perhaps Nikon is practicing Toyota’s “just in time” inventory management.

  • Stu

    One comment I have to add in Nikon’s defence is something that I have not seen mentioned yet. In the recession most stores tend to cut back on purchasing and especially on the their seasonal bookings, which puts more emphasis on the wholesaler (Nikon) to have product on hand. In the recession Nikon playing it safe got caught by the success and strong sales and have been playing catch-up ever since. And given that the recession is still lingering, I’m guessing that many retailers are still hesitant to book extra product even with the short supply. The other thing that has to be mentioned also in relation to Sony, they have to keep alot fewer skus in stock (in the SLR world anyway). Canon and Sony being much larger company’s then Nikon can afford to carry more inventory while Nikon probably relies more on those booking orders to forecast inventory for the coming year. Once the economy turns around and stores start booking strong again Nikon will be fine, but if it drags on, suppliers with on hand inventory become a retailers best friend, and that is where Nikon will need to step up to the plate.

    • Jabs

      Exactly – great point.

  • Jabs

    Different perspectives here NOT taught in Schools:
    People often do not display common sense here and when you tell them simple details, they cannot fathom the logics of it EVEN when it is well known or never flows according to their thought pattern.

    Here goes:
    Business person:
    I get a job FIRST and then nail down the Contract and then LATER go buy the equipment to fulfill the Contract – because I already know how to use the equipment from either experience or having rented the equipment myself prior to this new job.
    Consumer person:
    Let me buy the latest equipment and play the ‘E-Bay shuffle’ with my old equipment because I always want what I want or is the latest fad and not what allows me to make any money with.

  • it’s all about my FX


    You totally lost me in the contract analogy.

    “I always want what I want or is the latest fad and not what allows me to make any money with.”

    I also think you are somewhat naive to think that that high iso capability and HD1080p on full frame is a “fad”. Go to Vimeo_dot_com and see for your self what folks are doing with their canon or panasonic DSLRs. They will blow your mind. The capability in shooting wedding video can make you money too, I suppose. (sarcasm)

    Now please allow me time to bring you back to the real world and reaffirm my four simple points about Nikon:

    1. Nikon needs to reevaluate their prices on lenses and camera bodies relative to its competitors’ offerings. At this moment, most of Nikon’s products are superior however do not warrant a 30% premium.

    2. Product cycles needs to be shorten and speed up especially on the FX and prosumer (D300 and D700) front. To this date, Nikon has NO firm answer to Canon’s 1080p full frame lineup. Production companies are shooting CM and full episodes of House using 5DMII, all in a body for around 2K. A used D700 is 2.2K btw.

    3. Losing Taiwan in the interchangeable lens market to Sony is a shame. This is a country where folks are very technologically savvy but yet ground in practicality. They are keen in their observation to know Sony offers high quality, competitive products at an agreeable price point. I am pointing this out because this can be an unfavorable omen for Nikon.

    4. No answer at all from Nikon on the mirorrless front.

    I don’t know what school you went to but I pray that you are not a decision making executive at Nikon. Defending Nikon blindly can lead you to a brick wall, booja.

    : D

    • Jabs

      @it;s all about my FX.
      Good replies from you.
      My replies.
      The contract ‘thingie’ refers to the mindset of a business person versus the consumer oriented mindset of always having the latest and the greatest JUST to have it and then not making any money from it. It was not against the latest cameras or features. GET a contract nailed down, THEN get the equipment to do this job = common Business sense!
      AGREE on video and weddings too – lol.
      Answer to each point.
      1. I don’t think so, as no one offers the lens or body quality of Nikon and Canon comes closest and they are also outrageous in price – my take. You confuse your own personal wishes with Nikon’s priorities and their Business thrusts. They have Accountants and Cost Analysts – forgot!
      2. Canon has ONE full frame HD cam. One only and an inferior product too. I don’t think that anyone cares to make this ‘mistake’ of a product like Canon did based upon old technology but Canon was savvy to introduce a loss leader (meaning, they lose money on a camera to gain market share) as they were desperate after Nikon released the D3/D300 cameras. WHO wants to keep losing money on a popular product in this lousy economy? (ask Sony that question also) For me, upscaling 720p to 1080p is so easy, that I don’t care. What I care about is COLOR quality, clean photo files or video and Canon’s 5D is behind in that compared to say a D3S. I like the Canon 5DMK2 but I would not buy it, as it would drive me crazy. In the Canon lineup, I prefer the older 21 meg camera to any of their newer cameras, as their new lineup has RED channel problems and that is a deal breaker for me (though I know how to fix it – too much wasted time and too much extra thought while shooting). Nikon’s product cycle has been SHORTER in the Pro ranks than anyone else but in the consumer realm, you are right. WHEN last has anyone released a real full frame PRO camera besides Nikon? Sony introduced the A850 and Canon has NOT released a full frame PRO DSLR in how long? I also know that we need a D700s and a D3Xs, but the D3S is good enough right now for me – my opinion. I have seen much better video than anything on-line, as been to Movie sets, Pro Studios and just look at for better footage. Look up Killer Bean I have seen uncompressed digital footage made with million dollar Sony gear shown on wide-screen Sony Pro monitors, so jaded (lol) and these are not on the Internet (too huge) and thus 1080 is LOW-FI video to me.
      3. Taiwan = 23 million people or there abouts and thus BIG DEAL. Less than ONE US state = my perspective. Also I don’t expect any manufacturer to not have growing pains, supply constraints or to be perfect in product roll-outs. Look at the myriad of problems that Apple for example has and had with each i-Phone series and now the i-Pad. I look at worldwide trends and not some small market like Taiwan as they mentioned that Nikon COULD NOT get items to market there, so perhaps you look at that also.
      4. I don’t see a need for Nikon to answer on the mirrorless front right now – let others define the category FIRST and then they respond instead of a new product fishing for a market = sense on their part.

      I went to Engineering College and have been involved in new Industrial product roll outs for a few decades, so perhaps more experienced than you can imagine. I don’t defend Nikon blindly BUT I understand their policies as I am in the Industrial world and stuff happens = our MOTTO. I work behind the scenes and you are at the product level, so what you feel and what I see are two different perspectives. I am behind the scene at Trade Shows while you probably are in the audience = big difference!

  • poizen22

    im not worried until i hear 7 out of 10 pros say they shoot sony over nikon. sony is there to enthuse the consumers, there cameras are a joke, there reps are a joke. Not even joking i had a sony camera rep walk into futureshop and try and tell me how awsome the sony nex is compared to other camera’s i told him it was barely any better then point and shoots, and he was like nooo its sooo amazings, i was like ya ok man.

    • gd

      So you’re not worried until it is too late to do anything about the situation. It is that sort of arrogance that will kill Nikon. If Nikon don’t sell prosumer and consumer cameras, do you really think they’ll be able to keep going just providing overpriced lenses and “short of supply” professional cameras?

      As in so much in life – they need a balanced portfolio of products to meet the needs of the market as a whole.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Sony is pretty much the king of image CMOS manufacturers.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they focus their semiconductor prowess purely on that market.
    They bought Minolta and stuff their image CMOS inside. Where’s the bad?
    I’m very happy for the sensor in my D7000. Sony rules.

    Sony’s lense collection is so small, I don’t see how they can take the pro market in the next 20 years, but they WILL do well on the consumer market. How many lenses (how much $$$ spent) would the average consumer likely grow into?

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