Nikon D7000 firmware update 1.01 is out


Update: you may have to run the firmware update twice in order to get rid of all "bright spots". Here are three examples: before the update, after the first update and after the second update (.mov files may take a while to load).

As previously promised, Nikon USA just published a firmware updated for the Nikon D7000. The update includes a single fix:

"Bright spots were sometimes noticeable with live view mode or movie recording of especially dark scenes or subjects. Occurrence of this issue has been reduced."

The description says that the "bright spots" issue has been "reduced".

If you had that problem before, I would like to hear you feedback on the new firmware.

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  • pissed

    well, I’m still waiting for my damn camera. Pre-ordered through Abes of maine in september after it was announced.

    • Mandrake

      Wow time to get your money back. I’ve purchased 2 this month alone. Buy elsewhere.

    • Baked bananas

      Abes of Maine is located in New Jersey. And New Jersey sux. How do I know? I live in New Jersey. Its on 5 Fernwood Ave Edison, NJ 08837. Just Google abes of Maine slowly and “abes of Maine scam” will come up automatically. Seriously…..would you trust a company called Abes of New Jersey?

  • R R

    mine is working just fine.. whats this bright spots nonsense?

  • I had one blue pixel lower left but close to center. I had to run the update twice.. but its gone!

    my issue is more about focus problems. Some still, but definately video. Saw some comments here… gonna try them out!

  • ckw

    Besides the hot pixels being removed. I notice the exposure while recording movie before and after upgrading seems to be different!

    I set my camera to AUTO at ISO6400, latter seems to be brighter. Anybody notice this?

  • al

    7 BEFORE




    • gt


  • studio460

    Worked like a charm! Blue pixel disappeared immediately upon update, even in LiveView. Kudos, Nikon!

  • Kelly

    Pissed- I did’nt even pre-order and got mine the first week of Nov. Get your money back and go elsewhere.

  • Worked for me! I had six weird pixels (red blue and green) and after the update (first try) I found none! I’m very impressed, Nikon!!

  • texasjoe

    This guy shot 5000 pictures of nothing showing off his continuous shooting and was hoping to to sell it on craigslist as new/never used with zero shutter clicks. What a looser.

  • Hi

    is it the only thing changed is this firmware update or could it be some other changes not listed ?


  • Salt

    Thank you Nikon, after sending it in and being told there was not a problem, and freaking out about it, this is very nice. Although it did not fix it after the first time I turned it on. It took, as many have indicated on here, the second time going into live view for it to work.

    I feel so much better now!!

  • JoshL

    awesome~ got rid of one white spot and one faint blue spot that I had before. update worked on first try (I did “cook” it for about 7 minutes with video recording prior to update). pretty nice and unexpected X-Mas present from Nikon.

  • Jonny Boy

    If I wanted to shoot HD video I would buy an HD video camera.

    • eeguy

      Can a HD video camera provide super shallow depth of field without an adapter? How about low-light performance?

      • Denko

        Having used the D7k video “feature” for three shoots I can say that the video DSLR capabilities are VERY far from a camcorder. Sure noise is heavier with my 10 year old camcorder but the image is much more stable not to mention that I can go completely dark at 0 Lux with the IR capabilities on it too.

        IMHO the video DSLR’s (not only D7k) are a joke and waste of feature as it is now from my POV it is 100% a gimmick.

        The image quality for regular pictures on the other hand is SPECTACULAR.

        • JoshL

          it’s good to see opposing points of views, but supporting your argument by merely saying the video DSLRs are a joke won’t give you any points. Clearly, video cameras and video capable DSLRs have their strong points when it comes to video recording, and naturally, many professionals use both during their filming to widen their abilities for artistic expressions. You buy specific tools for specific purposes, and can’t criticize a tool for going above and beyond to explore its potentials.

          • Denko

            My argument is that to use the video capabilities on the D7k so that one gets the full quality that is possible clearly puts the amount of money spent in the vicinity of a good pro camcorder rig. There is no way you can get stable shots without a steadycam rig with the D7k unless you place it on a tripod. You will need a dolly and all the extra… having that… sure… its “awesome”… but handheld… sorry… no cigar.

  • Baked bananas

    Still didn’t receive my d7000 from adorama yet. And its been over a month. So i cant update.

    Thanks nikon!!

  • Nathan

    I’ll also confirm that you need to get the camera warm and/or install the update multiple times and/or format the card first. I installed it once…nothing; messed around in live view, installed again…nothing. So I formatted the card, installed a third time and…it worked!
    To be honest, I didn’t even know I had a hot pixel until I was checking after the first update. I actually thought the update caused it, but I looked at an older test video and saw the pixel. All good now.

  • thomas

    yes works for me!

    i had many hot pixel (40/50)
    i update the firmware and they are gone!

  • francis

    thanks nikon!

    no more hot/stuck/dead pixels for me
    had to install the update twice though… but the important thing is they are all gone!

  • bob


    The firmware update completely broke my D7000. I don’t know what Nikon was thinking, but they clearly have issues.

    Let’s look at the timeline:

    1) Release firmware update Dec 22, without testing at all.
    2) Send anyone that can possibly help on vacation on Dec 23.
    3) Watch with glee as people haplessly destroy their new cameras, just in time for Christmas.

    I’m absolutely furious with Nikon right now.

    • JoshL

      I was wondering when someone was gonna come out and post something like this….never fails.

      • bob

        You’re absolutely right. I should have known better… seeing people having to “update twice” should be a warning sign that quality control is low.

        I just never expected Nikon to push such an unsafe, unrecoverable flash update mechanism to customers. Then again, why not? Customer loses opportunity for priceless memories/photographs, but so what? What am I going to do… hold my breath, stamp my feet, and say “I’m going to Canon!”… I’m not, and they know it.

  • diamonddad

    I think its ridiculous to suggest that “hot pixels” should be accepted by buyers because DSLRs should be used for photos and not video. This camera is marketed as useful for both stills/video and thus it should work flawlessly (no hot pixels) for both. Nikon should be held to the fire to test these issues and release cameras without these flaws.

  • R

    After doing the update, I still have three very bright pixels mid-screen. What a waste of $1,600. Time to call the lawyer…

  • Sidney V

    Posts #1-10 almost had me going out to buy a new D7000 to replace the one I returned. Then I scrolled down and read the last 5 posts and I’ll continue to wait 🙂

  • I had 24 hot pixels while shooting with iso above 800 in dark conditions. I applied the Firmware twice and now all of those pot pixels are gone! Thank you Nikon!

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