Adobe Lightroom 3.3 released with Nikon D7000 support

I just got this message when I started Lightroom:

Yes, Adobe Lightroom 3.3 just got released with Nikon D7000 camera support.

Download links: Windows | Mac.

Update: support for Nikon D3100 and P7000 are also part of this update. The new Adobe's Camera Raw 6.3 can be downloaded here. Adobe Photoshop 12.0.2 was also released: Windows | Mac.

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  • texasjoe

    Faster than nikons update.

    • Paul

      Nikon needs to revamp their software dept. Not only would this make better software for the pc/mac but hopefully more functions in camera.

      • Ernie

        Wouldn’t it be awesome if Nikon cameras came with Lightroom? —
        Outsourcing like Leica. Strangely enough the Japs have to do it all themselves. Imagine they used all the money they spent on software engineering on actual camera improvements … or at least Lightroom licenses.

        • Panfruit

          A lightroom light, like the old photoshop light they used to bundle with *everything*.

        • bman8

          Couldn’t agree more…

  • Mk32

    Awesome 🙂
    Thank you, perfect timing on that.
    More RAW goodness from the D7000.

  • Aaron

    Whoo! Now all we need is Photo Mechanic.

  • Jenny

    Wasn’t it already out? Or was that just the beta version, and this is the “official” version? I’m confused…

    • Mike


  • Zoltar

    Why do we need software upgrade with every new camera launch? NX, ACR, etc… Why can’t the world adapt to a universal raw format with shared parameters? :[

    • CamaJan


    • monty11

      I assume that this would limit the possibility of improving the algoritms for RAW-files.

    • SZRimaging

      Because they make the RAW file with incremental improvements, and better suited for the exact camera that took it. Then Adobe and the gang have to engineer their software to properly use all the new improvements, if possible.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    Waaaay Off- Topic, sort of

    Just saw a google advertisement on the page for Just Nikon with Cameras offered 40% below usual price. Suspicious.
    found the following thread on Dpreview:

    Buyer Beware !

    • if you give me the domain name of the site, I can block it (couldn’t find the dpreview thread)

      • Anonymus Maximus

        hmm the link works for me.

        website is

        40% off, no sales tax, no shipping cost.
        very suspicious, however the strongest pointer that this is not a legitimate website is:

        All Nikon gear is in stock! hahahahahaha!

      • Anonymus Maximus

        The thread its in dpreview open talk forum and has the title:

        New scam after “”.

        The owners of Justnikon seem to be the same persons that operated an earlier scam.

  • jbrownch

    Looks like ACR 6.3 has also been released, at least in the US. I used Photoshop to check for updates this morning, and there were several, including the update to ACR which should provide D7000 support.

  • jsa

    Unfortunately, operation with a Wacom tablet is still buggy.

  • padlockd

    D’oh. So close, and yet so far. I’m still waiting for Aperture 3 to come out with the RAW update… =(

  • Mistral75

    There is an issue concerning Lightroom 3.3 / Cameraw Raw 6.3 and the Nikon D7000:

    Raw images shot with the Nikon D7000 in Multi Exposure Mode have a strong magenta color cast. The cast can be partially corrected by setting the white balance using the eye dropper tool. The issue will be corrected in a future update.


  • Is there something new exept a supporting of some new cameras?

  • L. Kemp

    Gee Wiz….. now if I can just get my D7000 that has been on order since Oct. 17th….

  • Also both Camera Raw and DNG Converter 6.3 are out

  • JakeB

    Thanks for the ACR link — just wondering — between Capture NX 2, Aperture 3, and ACR, which would posters recommend for the “best” Nikon RAW conversion?

    (I’m currently using the D60, but moving up to the D7000 in a few months).

    • That’s an issue of much debate. You can get excellent results with any of those. NX gets you closer at the start, though. I tend to think that NX is still just a hair better overall but the others are almost there and certainly easier to work with.

    • CNX2 for the commercial ones, best in all aspects in terms of pure IQ.

  • AlohaEd

    Great News! Now if only the D7000 is available.

  • PhotoGradStudent

    Nice, does that mean I can now tether my D7K using LR3? The beta wasn’t letting me.

    • moahdun

      I can’t get tethering to work on LR 3.3 with a D7000…

  • How about photoshop CS4? My raw files can’t be read from my D7000 in either bridge nor photoshop. Is there an update for that?

    • No, and there won’t be. To use the newest camera profiles in older versions of photoshop you have to convert them to DNG format. Once a new CS version is out, Adobe won’t do any further improvements or camera support for the older versions.

      • Shiiiitty. So what’s the best way to convert it to a DNG when I can’t open it in photoshop? And will photoshop CS5 be able to handle the raw file?

  • So will the D7000 shoot tethered with the 3.3 update? Anyone had the chance to test this?

    • Hi, Just received the D7000, to replace the D2Xs and to work alongside the D3. Unfortunately it will not shoot tethered with LR3 which is a real pain. Needed it for a shoot this weekend. Looks like I will have to use the D3 for the main work.
      I am shooting on a tripod, with horizontal support bar, with a laptop plate holding a 13.3 Mac Book Pro tethered to the D3. Baffled why they haven’t sorted out a D7000 compatibility algorithm.

  • DMC

    Why oh why, still no official lens profile for the Nikon 18-105 VR? 🙁
    There are profiles for the 18-55VR and the 18-200VR… and the 18-105 VR is one of the most used Nikon lenses, since it’s the default kit lens with the D90 and the D7000…

    • Dana223

      I been wondering the same thing since Adobe announced this feature.

  • Raym

    I just tried tethering with my D7000 and LR 3.3, and I could NOT get it to work either (but perhaps I’m missing a step). When I tethered a D300 to Lightroom, the camera menu had a way to specify how the USB is used (I forget the options) — one is used to download the pictures, and the other is used for tethering and camera control. I don’t see this same kind of menu item on the D7000, so either it works completely different, or it won’t work at all. I think the documentation says that tethering works with CaptureNX, but I don’t want to buy that – I have Lightroom!

  • R R

    is there a way to update my PS CS4 with this camera raw file? or should I update to CS5? does anyone know? … man Adobe really wants our money , upgrading every time.

  • RC was really bad, with jaggies, much more noise than CNX2 and over saturated colors with artifacts and blotching. I’ll check the final version to see if any better, but my interest in the LR3 has dwindled recently. Actually, ACR is same, and I’ve noticed jaggies abound even for older Nikons (check crops at DPR wher the flags show in the Martini bottle).

    Here are links to a test I posted at DPR:

    • BTW, I just checked at DPR and D3s’ RAW samples don’t show any jaggies. D3000’s and D300s’ are just awful.

  • I have Lightroom 2.2.and PS CS4.I can’t download raw files from the D7000.
    LR 3.3 now supports D7000.Does this mean if I upgrade to LR3.3 I can download the raw files convert to DNG and work in CS4? New 6.3 Raw is only for CS5.Trying not to have to buy a new version of Photoshop.Suggestions on work flow with this info.Since I just got the camera how does the video download without using Nikon’s software?

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