Nikon D7000 eligible for the extended US instant rebates (now till March 26th)

All Nikon US instant rebates have been extended till March 26th. The only change is the Nikkor 55-300mm lens ($150.00 rebate instead of $100). Nikon D7000 is now in stock and is also eligible for the latest instant rebates:

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  • Hmmm many hints point to April. Maybe there’ll be some juicy news then 😀

    • NisseHult

      Nikons financial year ends then and they just want better number for 2010…

  • Geoff_K

    Clear out as much stock as possible before you release a new camera is my hope.

  • aetas

    Ya more rebates. Its been so long since nikon got a rebate going.

  • Mock Kenwell

    I don’t know. I think the deadlines on these rebates just lead some people to put off buying now with the idea that something better is just around the corner. For the last three years, there’s been nothing around that corner. Does this “always rebating” approach work? Does it incent or get people to wait? Seems like it might be counter-intuitive to me.

  • Kosta

    Really realy small body (x 2.7 crop) with tiny tiny f2.8 12mm pancake lens to replace my s90 p&s . The 4/3 offerings are big for my liking, especially with a zoom lens

    For more ‘serious’ photos I have my very good and big D7000 with 3 lenses)

    Sorry for my English!

  • FX DX

    I bought my FX lenses in February, but this truly is pathetic. These rebates have been going on since March of 2010. I wish they included new 1.4 primes (24/35/50/85) in these rebates.

    • danpe

      While I could see the 50 included, the others are selling about as quickly as they are shipped from factory. When the 24 gets stocked and drops a little in price I’m all over it, hoping I have the cash when that happens..

  • MRPhotoau

    I think the only thing we will see in March/April will be only possibly a D5100.
    D400 announcement around August in line with their D300/23-08-07 and D300s/30-07-09.

    I would love to see a D700x though.

    I think we are all kidding ourselves if we think that there will be an FX announcement before August-ish this year, from Nikon or Canon.
    Announcement dates:
    D3x = 01-Dec-2008 or 27 mths ago
    D3s = 14-Oct-2009 or 16 1/2 mths ago
    D700 = 01-Jul-2008 or 32 mths ago
    1DmarkIV = Oct 09 or 17 mths ago
    1DsmkIII = Aug 07 or 42 mths ago
    5DmkII = Sept 08 or 29 1/2 mths ago

    The 5D seems to be on a 3 year cycle, why should we expect anything different from Nikon.

    I would be very shocked to see a D4 release in under 2 years.
    There is no need for any FX to be on less than a 3 year cycle.
    Heck, the 1DsMk3 is already 3 1/2 years old.

    If a D800 comes early this year, big IF, Nikon would be very unlikely to make it 24MP as it would definately have AF video so would make both the D3s and D3x all but obsolete. (Yes, there are other features to those two models, but lets get real.)
    It is far more likely that we will see a huge announcement in August, in line with their ‘all hands on deck’ policy. I would not expect a D4x until later in 2012 at the earliest either. So the only way we will see a 24MP D4 is if the D3x was discontinued. Which also makes a 24MP D800 highly unlikely, but possibly in an x variant.

    In any case, I sure am looking forward to August!

    • Mock Kenwell

      Unfortunately, I agree with your assessment. Had Nikon not forgone the “update” of the D700 to the D700s, I’d own one, and likely not be that concerned with the D800. It is largely about the video. And Nikon set that expectation, not their clamoring minions, when they delivered the D300s and D3s. Further, the D700 itself arrived as a bit of an anomaly. New category. Off-cycle. And since Nikon acts like some coy mute publicly, we’re left wondering if the cycle itself has been altered or if we’re starting a new one. Anyway, even considering Nikon’s glacial track record, I would be surprised not to see a D800 this year.

  • The Invisible Man

    The D900 will be release on May 25th.
    By the way, that’s also my birthday.

    • My birthday too…,

    • John

      May 25th of what year? 😉

  • Anonymous

    I told you, Nikon sucks! No new cameras, be happy with the never ending rebates. The funny part is that the new flagship (D7000) body only is still not available at most places. Nikon, you are pathetic. Fix your pricing and product availability because this constant rebates make you look like too a-holish.

    Let’s bet, sony comes out first with a new FX and then Canon and then Nikon. Because Nikon is the slowest.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Yes, the company with the best low-light DSLR lineup is pathetic. Not the troll with the tired, one-trick argument.

    • JNpixels

      LoL so you going sell your gear and get a Sony?

    • omg just shut up dude.
      What does being slowest have to do with anything when you essentially have the top cameras in the market anyways? Rebates are awesome, don’t see how why don’t like them.

      P.S Didn’t Canon just increase the price of the lenses globally?…

      Also Admin, can you just ban the troll?

      • Anonymous, I am tired of censoring your comments. I have warned you several times in the past. At that point I have no choice but block you from posting here.

        • MRPhotoau

          Thankyou Admin!!!!

        • 2cnets

          +1 to Admin

        • Wow, heaven exists. Thank you, Admin.

        • scurvy hesh

          Help me Hercules!

          thanks admin

    • PAG

      The funny part is that the new flagship (D7000) body only is still not available at most places.

      Sorry, but I have to back Anonymous on this one. The D7000 body is truly not available at most places. I couldn’t find one at the gas station last night, the convenience stores never seem to have them, Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Petsmart have no stock, none of my local grocery stores have them, and you might just as well forget even trying McDonald’s.

      WTF, Nikon?

      • Dude, I’m with you there. I went in my sister’s hair salon, and they said they had no plans on getting ANY of the body only boxes in this year. LAME!!!! Nikon is a FAILURE.

      • Mock Kenwell


  • MRPhotoau

    Sorry about the last post!

    Lets get back to the real rumours, shall we!

    I have been field testing a D700xs for a week and a half now, and can say for sure that it is nothing short of miraculous. Absolutely a dream camera in every way and is set to knock every competitor off their feet and horses.

    All new 32MP sensor with DX crop plus a 1.3x crop
    100% viewfinder with cropping for 1:1 , 1:2 , 2:3 , 3:4 , 5:7 and 5:4
    Built in GPS and WiFi
    Sorry no built in flash, but utilises the AF assist light for commander mode.
    HD video 1080 @ 120fps with AF in RAW
    dual CF slots with lockable cover
    ISO 25-204,800
    DR of 16
    3.3″ screen with optional touch feature in review mode
    A choice of 3 different sensors. Standard 32MP, B&W 24MP & IR 24MP (via interchangeable back) all included.
    All new AF system 75 points spread over entire screen.
    Groundbreaking voice activation mode.
    Shutter Speeds from 60-32,000ths sec. + B & T
    24 frames per second with bursts upto 200 frames of RAW all at 16bit
    Advanced buffer due to quad core processing with integrated thunderbolt
    plus too many extra little bits to mention, and a need to keep a few surprises for announcement date of mid March 2011
    Expected starting price of around $3,500

    Get in fast and pre order these as they will not last.

    • JNpixels

      can i pre order? hehe

      • MRPhotoau

        Yes, you pre-order by calling 1800-D700xs and they are delivered into your lab by stork express. Much the same way as your kids were!

        • MRPhotoau

          Sorry, typo! Should say lap, not lab.

  • JorPet

    W00T! Me FTW!

    I am ordering the 14-24 and 70-200 this coming Friday. I was hoping they would extend the rebates again so that I can get the D7K for an additional $400 over what I would be paying for the lenses alone.

    Say what you will, I’m grinning from ear to ear! 😀

    • JNpixels

      Get what out there and be happy with what you have right?

      • JorPet

        Yep. It will be the “2nd camera” to my D700.

        It will also mean I will have a D70s, D700 and D7000. I guess I will then have to way for the D7 and D70000 for my next two cameras.

        • Just gotta wait for that D7 now 😛

        • lolly

          Hey, don’t forget the F7 that’s rumored to be out soon too !

        • JNpixels

          i do want a D700 upgrade, but i’m still in love with my d90 after 2 year. NOW 100-400mm common NIKON show me the lens

  • d70

    Are these instant combo rebates only available when purchasing from B&H? Adorama seems to have rebates going on as well but for some reason the final price is like $150-200 higher? I was wondering if I could get the same rebates at my local store…

    • JorPet

      You can do the rebates at the store, at least that is what I was told a week ago.

      I did notice that Adorama charges full retail when calculation the rebates while B&H applies the instant rebate to their current price.

      • d70

        ok I’ll try local but it will be hard for them to match B&H’s price with tax …

        And, Adorama is weird. The product details page has a higher price but when added to cart, the price is the same as B&H.

        • JorPet

          Thanks for letting me know that. I was going to automatically order from B&H for the price difference. Will now have to decide.

          • d70

            Just order D7000 and 14-24mm f/2.8G (for my D700) from Amazon. The final price is cheaper than anywhere else I looked at including B&H. I think it was $2,538.98 and BH is $2,584.90. I also have Amazon prime, which gives me free 2-day shipping. B&H would charge extra for even standard ground shipping.

            Also, my local stores could even match B&H’s price. I was told the prices they got from Nikon were a lot higher than B&H. So… how can the local guys stay in business? I mean not only their prices are higher, as a buyer I’d have to pay tax on my purchases.

  • Xscream

    The nikon-slogan makers are all out of inspiration, they’re using the same line for the D7000 + D5000, and the same line for the D300s + D3s.

  • broxibear

    We don’t have these type of “instant rebates” here in the UK so could someone clarify something for me?… Is this a Nikon offer available at all Nikon retailers, or is it just a special offer that one particular retailer is doing ?

  • They dropped it for the D3x?

  • John

    The DX lens I would have liked to see included in the rebates is the 16-85mm ED VR; now THAT would be a great kit lens for the D7000.

  • JakeB

    Nikon D7000 bodies in Germany have now dropped to below the 1000 euros mark.

    Good news!

  • Billy

    Do you think that Sony will make the image sensor for the D700 replacement?

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