And the winner is…

The winner of the 12th [NR] giveaway for three education DVDs from Blue Crane Digital is Alessandro Miraglia. Congratulations!

If you did not win, you can try you luck again on where I am running the same giveaway for another week.

There were 1747 entries for this giveaway. I selected the winner by running a SQL script that randomly picked one of the 1747 comments (I also made sure there were no duplicate entries).

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  • Junjie Zhang


  • MRPhotoau


  • Awwww….but congrats to Alessandro! 😀

  • JorPet

    Congrats Alessandro! Hope you can put them to good use.

    • Alessandro Miraglia

      Thanks everybody! I wish you all good luck for the next one.

  • Congrats Alessandro !!!

  • plug

    Now you will have to buy a D7000, a speedlight, AND shoot some great video! Congratulations and good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Is the Nikon speedlight coming with that woman?

    • The woman is a lifesize cardboard cutout. But the team of bikers are real, and they come hungry.

      • Anonymous

        So the woman is not real right? You must be right, I’ve been checking her for a while now and she did not move. You are right she must be a carboard.

    • PAG

      I don’t think an inanimate object has that ability.

  • Congrats to the winner and once again my compliments to NR for the way these giveaways are handled.

  • Joe Jaro

    Is there an appeal procedure?

  • 2cnets

    Congrats to Alessandro! Thanks Nikonrumors for all the content and contests!

  • Tom

    Thanks for another great give-a-way!


  • mwl

    FIXED! I demand a recount! haha, congrats Alessandro.

  • BTW, the winner is in China

  • BTW just take a look how many people left the message to get in to the contest, and how many left here – to say “Congrats Bro” ……. hmmmm

  • JC Hebert

    Congrats to the winner, my turn now ! : -)

  • tcharmy

    you are the best!

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