Weekly Nikon news flash #99

  • A series of  patents (2010-249956 throuhg 2010-249959) for the the 10-24mm DX lens were filed jointly by Nikon and Tamron:

The design of both lenses is identical:

Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5

Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5

The Nikon version costs $809, while the Tamron version costs $449 (after $50 rebate).

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  • Peter

    Those lenses don’t look very identical, the middle groups of elements look especially nonidentical.

    • Teun


    • Exactly. Often times, manufacturers will move focus or zoom elements to make lenses look like different designs. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case here. However, they do appear similar, and it wouldn’t surprise me if a couple elements were exactly the same. End result are definitely quite different.

      I’m still underwhelmed by the Nikkor 10-24 and I’d definitely take the Sigma 10-20/4-5.6 (which I used to own). The 10-24 seems say “we’re doing this to fill a space, but only because we have to”. I still don’t understand how Nikon can be the same company to make the excellent 14-24mm and at the same time the lousy 10-24 and 12-24.

      • JED

        I would never describe the 12-24 as lousy… Its certainly not in the same league as the 14-24 but it is still a decent performer.

        • Maybe every copy I’ve seen is not the best then. Still for what was designed as “pro” gear, it never compared well to any copy of the Sigma I used. Nor does either Nikkor UWA zoom compare well to the Tokina 11-16/2.8.

          Lousy is relative. Could I get usable images from the Nikkor 12-24/4? I’m sure. But why not use the best tool you have at your disposal? When the 10-24 Nikkor came out, I tried it and instead bought the Tokina. I’m certain that decision saved me a significant amount of time in post (the Tokina does indeed have some CA, but even in older version of ACR I could correct it–not so with the Nikon 10-24, which showed bad red CA unless run through something like DX0, which I refuse to use.)

          So for me lousy = takes too much time in post to be worthwhile. By that measure, both Nikkors are lousy.

          • For my case, I found the 10-24 lousy enough to stop looking for a decent copy, since I think the cons (CA, blurred corners etc) are due to the lens design instead of sample variation.

            On the other hand, the first copy I tried of the 12-24 was good not requiring much effort in post and I bought it on the spot. So from my experience, the 10-24 is worse than the 12-24 😮

            • PHB

              You are never going to find a DX ultrawide that is as good as a similarly priced FX ultrawide. And you are not going to have wide SLR lenses that are as good as for rangefinder designs.

              Its a question of how much the light has to bend and the constraints of the mirror sweep. DX lenses have to accommodate the same mirror sweep as the FX design. So in relative terms, that is like having to design for a mirror 50% larger on FX.

              The benefit of the EVIL design is that the rear element can be got much closer to the sensor. That is why I expect the EVIL lenses to be much better at the wide end.

              That is also the reason why compacts manage to perform quite decently despite having lenses that are essentially garbage in SLR terms.

        • my 12-24 is tack sharp. Never a complaint, and I’m picky. I shoot it almost exclusively at f/11-f/16 however. Of course, I also shoot tethered and never use auto focus. Very little CA ever found.

          • Eric Pepin

            everything is sharp at F11, the 18-200 could put a fight up against primes at f11 in most areas.

  • Jesus_sti

    The lens aren’t identical some minor change. The glass quality have the biggest impact on lens cost and the quality of finition aren’t the same ….

    • Jesus_sti

      And Tamron doesn’t mention glass ……. plastic is very cheap !

      • Panfruit

        The Tamron diagram mentions glass twice. 😛

      • PHB

        Tamron specified a ‘hybrid aspherical’. That is a glass lens with a moulded plastic modifier to make it aspherical. That change alone probably knocks $50 off the manufacturing cost.

        Nikon also uses hybrid asphericals, they can be very good in the right application. The $200 35mm prime uses one. I don’t think they could have got the f/1.8 at that price without it. But for the time being at least the performance of those asphericals does not match that of polished glass. It will be nice if it ever does as that could well mean some stunning new designs.

  • Nam

    Nikon replacement battery for the D400? That’s absurd.

    • And why is that? The D300/s battery is 4 years old. Time for more life and less recharge time.

      • Paul

        Actually, it’s a bit older than that (about 5.5 years, first used on D200, if memory server). What’s nice about that battery is that it has been used since the D200 on every top consumer / prosumer model until the D7000 (namely the D200, D80, D90, D300, D300s, D700, with the D90 being the most energy efficient camera – you can get easily more than 1.000 shots per charge). The new D7000 EN-EL15 battery holds about 20% more power, so that’s what probably will end up in D400.

    • Hopefully the “new” battery for the D400 is the same as the one for the D7000. It lasts a VERY long time! 1000 or more shots!

      • chuck

        I get 1600-2000

  • Rob

    I’m surprised the UHS-I cards are already that low in price. Third party 8 GB class 6 cards were that price less than a year ago. Is the D7000 the only card that supports UHS still?

    I’m hoping Weekly Nikon news flash #100 is epic.

    • maybe another giveaway for Weekly Nikon news flash #100?

      • We’d certainly welcome that! Even though 99.9% of us are never lucky enough 😀

        • MRPhotoau

          Yeah, but a lot is about the chance and the fun. A bit like the D4 sketch comments, absolutely hilarious. I will be looking forward to the giveaway. Also looking forward to 2014. Should be an exciting year for nikon.

          • Matt

            Why 2014? I thought the pro models come out in a 4 year cycle – that would be 2015 for the D5 and the D500 🙂

    • Sure,newsflash #100 will announce a shocking truth: all Nikons with an Expeed processor with instructions able to divide bit values by the expression [e^i*PI+Σ(n=1;oo)2^-n] are using Canon’s sensors.

      • Nobody knows a bit of math and irony here.What a sad world :-$

  • Rob

    It’s amusing that Nikon was given the stands labeled D40 and D70 at Focus on Imaging.

    • WoutK89

      They even shared a similar sensor, coincidence?

  • Anonymous

    How crap Nikon became that it can only give away the cheapest and accidentally almost highest resolution dslr the mighty D3100.

    This company became a full of shit.

    • lola

      If you’re going to post here just to troll about how terrible Nikon are then at least learn English before posting ?

      • Anonymous


        Perhaps you’re the smartest person in town. Are you american?

        Go back and fix your sentence because that one was neither perfect. Besides, nobody asked your opinion especially since you personally attacked somebody. I personally voiced my opinion about how crappy Nikon became that it can only give away the greatest dslr in its lineup. Well, probably you still live in your parents basement and your parents cannot afford that toy for you.

        Go back to the basement and play with your gadgets.

    • PAG

      Wow. A post that is fact free, point free, and grammar free. You hit the trifecta!

      • Anonymous

        And you are brain free. What did you try to say?

        BTW, I voiced my opinion and you act like a full grown troll. I said that Nikon sucks!

        Well, I guess for you it does not matter as long as there is a f*** Nikon logo on the product no matter how expensive and no matter how it is behind the competition. All you need is a bloody night vision.

    • Mock Kenwell

      God you’re a bore. Who taught you English, Tonto?

      • Anonymous

        Mock Kenwell
        Poca tontas

    • Ant

      You know what? I was really happy with my Nikon products, but now you say they’re “a full of shit” I think I’ve changed my mind. Thanks for your insight.

      • Anonymous

        No problem, I am glad I was able to help you

        • BadassCat

          IP check reveals a PC in CanonUSA’s office……probably…lol.

    • scurvy hesh

      How crap indeed!


  • MrMoo

    re: Memory cards….

    B&H has Lexar Professional 133x class 10, 16GB SDHC for $40.95.


  • PAG

    From the Focus on Imagining announcement…

    “The new Nikon stand – D40, Halls 9 and 10 – has been especially designed to give visitors an opportunity to try out the entire Nikon range,…”

    Ironic that the new Nikon stand is located at “D40”. I guess “D7000” was taken.

    • Anonymous


      Thank God, they did not get their stand in the “FU” area. But it does not matter Nikon has nothing new to offer. Even what they released 6 months ago is still out of stock.

      • scurvy hesh

        We have no problem getting the D7000 here. Do you live in Libya or some other god forsaken place?

  • GeorgeD

    “Howard Stern seems to be a Nikon fan”

    Er, who is Howard Stern please?

    • Anonymoose
    • DSLRMania

      You will wish you didn’t know. Now I have to sell my D7000. Darn!

    • Discontinued

      Sure this guy is not Gaddafi?

  • JK

    If there is no way to reactivate the silica gel then that lens moisture protector is useless.

  • Mark

    Nice prices on the San Disk cards. Alas, in Canada, SD memory cards cost 100% more than the American dollar equivelant. Yet, the Canadian dollar is slightly higher in value compared to the US$.


  • big eater

    I just wish the company would start using the Nikkormat name again.

    • +1000000 if the design is as sleek as the FTN! to me, that has to be the the sexiest nikon.. save maybe an F2 with the meterless prism..

  • FM-2 fan

    If anyone here fails to see the difference, … these lens are very different. The rear lens for example is what you need to fight CA … both approaches are significantly different.

    More importantly: even if the lens were the same, manufacturing them is probably still different. That’s a real quality measure …

  • Eric Pepin

    How many people can already realistically drain the D300/D90 battery… sure bigger is better but who really cares much unless your doing extreme weather sports, so below freezing burst shooting, a couple batteries last forever and if they dont you should probably slow down.

    • big eater

      Some of us live in places where it is below freezing FOR MONTHS AT A TIME!!!! so batteries become a little more of an issue than for you lucky folks who live in more temperate climates. And Nikon is one of the few (only?) companies whose cameras have built in interval shooting; longer battery life means longer time-lapse sequences.

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