Nikon D800 rumors

Several tips indicated that no Nikon pro body will be released before the summer. August/September is the time frame mentioned by several sources. Previous reports suggested that certain Nikon offices have already blocked employees from taking vacation in the last two weeks of August 2011. The CliQ show (formerly known as PMA) will start on September 6th, 2011.

This dpreview poster claims that the D800 will have a sensor carriage that can be removed by an authorized dealer. The rest of the specs: 16.4MP FX and 12MP B&W sensors, 3.3" LCD screen with a built in collapsible hood, new MB-D10i battery grip, 1/16000sec, full HD video at 120fps. This rumor could be influenced by the recent interchangeable sensor patents filed by Nikon. From patent application 2010-258657 :

"To provide an imaging device that has no restrictions on designing, can make an accurate alignment of a light-receiving surface of an imaging element, and has a removable imaging unit."

The German photographer Claudius Schulze reported on his blog that he was able to pre-order a Nikon D800 camera:

"Before teaching workshops this weekend in Munich and before flying to Yemen on Monday, I met with representatives of my suppliers, partners, and sponsors today. At that occasion, I was also able to (pre-)order the upcoming Nikon D800."

After exchanging several emails with Claudius, I learned that he pre-ordered the D800 through a Nikon rep from a local dealer. Some of the mentioned specs are: around 20MP sensor, full HD video and 100% viewfinder. Availability again is set for late summer.

Parts for Nikon D800 started to show up online again, like this LCD screen for example.

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  • Claude

    If this is true it is likely to leave many people unhappy. I don’t see Nikon releasing the D800, the D4 and the D400 all within a few weeks. The August / September time is when many people expect the new Nikon Flagship.

    • Ansgar

      Holy sh..! According to this post, we have to wait until August 2014 to see a D900 which eventually got a 24 MP sensor!?

    • Tom

      The D800 will not have a 24 mp sensor!!!!! Get over it. It makes no sense from a logical business stand point! Nikon will not come out with a $3000 – $4000 body that blows their $8000 money maker out of the water. Come on people be logical. Nikon doesn’t have to chase Canon. Canon has to chase Nikon which they always have. You will see a D4 with a sensor of at least 24mp maybe even slightly higher but not much which will replace both the D3x and the D3s. You will see a D800 with a 16mp – 20mp sensor because Nikon doesn’t want people to buy a D800 and not a D4 DUH!!!! They noticed this mistake with the D700 and D3. Why do you think all you people like the D700 so much? Cause it was D3 with a better price tag! Nikon won’t do that again. Then you will see a D300s replacement with a similar mega pixel sensor to the D800 only in DX. This makes Nikon’s camera line very stable with two professional bodies (D4 & D800), one semi-pro body (D300s replacement), and one top amateur body(D7000). With this type of line up coming, Nikon puts a lot pressure on Canon to keep up. I’m so tired of hearing everyone get so hopeful for a camera body with a better sensor than the already state-of-the art D3x at a price tag of at least $3000 less. Lets get real here. Any good business wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot like that.

  • kt

    well, they released the D3 and D300 on the same August 2007, perhaps there won’t be a D300s replacement this year leaving the D7000 to serve as a de facto D300s replacement. I think the D700 and D3x are certainly screaming for a replacement.

  • Give me a black and white sensor with 120FPS video and Ill make you some damn good films

  • Swappable sensor?

    There is no point in making the sensor swappable – if your new sensor has more megapixels then the speed of the camera will slow down. This is because more megapixels will demand more CPU power, more internal bandwidth, higher speed access to storage, etc. For example, moving from 10MP to 20MP would roughly quadruple the requirements of the camera’s electronics to deliver the same speed.

    But if the above rumor is true, then what you’ll see is 20MP max. and lower resolution sensors able to be plugged in without performance being hit.

    • Anton

      That’s what thunderbolt is for.

      • Wrong. Thunderbolt will be mainly used AFTER the photographs have been taken. Don’t be misguided.

      • cdemo

        I am assuming a Nikon MB-D10i Multi-Power Battery Grip

        “MB-D1oi” could the “i” mean finally building 802.11x into the grip!

        The WT-4a is like a little purse for the D300(s) D3 D3s/D3x incredibly clumsy and to big!

        This will be huge, but will probably double the price of the grip?

    • Anton

      if this is true then in the future you would be able to buy a camera without a sensor and use the sensors that you already have (just like with the lenses) on the new body.

    • PHB

      IF I was going to make a sensor swappable, I would make it user swappable. Swappable at factory is useless.

      As far as alignment goes, all that matters is the alignment between the mounting flange and the sensor. So I would make the sensor/shutter/flange the removable component.

      The big problem with that approach is that the sensor is easily the most expensive component in the camera.

      • ZoetMB

        That’s exactly right. Having a dealer (only) swappable sensor makes some sense if you’re permanently upgrading the sensor, let’s say from 12MP to 24MP. But it makes no sense to switch between a standard sensor and a black and white sensor because you’d want to do that all the time. That would be like having to send your camera to the dealer every time you wanted to change lenses. Now if Nikon was releasing the same body with a choice of either a standard or black and white sensor, that might make some sense, although that’s a mighty big investment when you can do the same thing in post production and obtain almost as good a result.

        And because this report claims that the first sensor aside from what comes in the camera will be a black and white sensor, I think this rumor is fake – at least the part about a swappable sensor.

        • what this means is that they will provide a certified tecnician to to swapp sensor units to avoid damage that would void the warrenty. within 2 weeks of release there will be 1000s of diy guides and sensors available on da ‘net. swappable sensors is a plus no matter where “they” say where it can be done.

          • ZoetMB

            I disagree. If you have to use tools to swap, this is not something you’d want to do in the field while shooting. So the ability to upgrade a sensor when a newer, presumably better sensor comes along? Sure. But to switch between a current sensor and a black and white or other special purpose sensor? Not practical, aside from the ability to buy multiple bodies, all the same, except for the sensor.

    • suprchunk

      While that is true, couldn’t it also be the plan that the processor, and all electronics in the camera, built to accommodate the highest MP sensor they will ever sell with it? I don’t see a company as smart as Nikon being as short-sided as you are implying they would be. If this swappable sensor is true, in this regard, then they would definitely limit the sensor size to the capability of the body it is going in. Crippling the sensor in a sense, like Intel did with the processor speeds of their chips.

      • Nacho Menevichian

        mmmh, that might work, but if i were developing such tecnology i would simply put most of the electronics on the swapable module… lets say, use a super high speed bus for conecting the sensor/electronics module with the rest of the camera (memory card, etc) and be done with it (hint, hint, thunderbolt… 10Gb/s is more that we could ever use in the next 5 to 10 years, maybe more).

    • mmradman

      More like for service purposes for swapping between colour and B&W sensors.

      • P

        Nice feature, but only if it changeable on the field by the owner.

  • brec

    that’s BS with the pre-order. There’s a store that turned into a NPS store just recently, they let me pre-order the D800 as well. What this means is basically that I need a small FX camera like yesterday and they told me to wait if I can wait a few more month. There’s no official list, tech specs or anything, they just opened a list for everyone interested.

  • A 16 mp sensor is a bit disappointing to me. The rest of the specs look great, but I was really hoping for something in the 20-24 mp range. So, I’ll wait a bit longer to upgrade.

    • gav

      16mp is perfect i think! thats more than enough for most work and its 4mp more than the previous model (D700) which is probably one of the most owner satisfying cameras ever! I dont think that 16 or 20MP makes too much difference anyway….plus have you ever used a Canon 5D MkII with its 21mp sensor? it takes like 10 seconds (maybe not so much) to write a full quality RAW onto the CF card….do you really need that in your life and are they that much better or even equal to the D700 shots? then ask yourself if you would sacrifice flexibility for more Megapixels? I wouldnt and hope for a sensor no larger than 18mp on the new Nikon compact Pro body

  • WoutK89

    So no-one thinks it is strange to see 100% viewfinder in this camera? To keep it the D700 size means you have a very low magnification. Or probably even the loss of why some people choose the D700, for it’s built-in flash and wireless flash commander.

    • Sam

      Not strange at all considering the D7000 has a 100% viewfinder.

      • D700 is DX, thus viewfinder is much smaller than on FX D700, isn’t is OBVIOUS????

        • Anton

          D700 is FX!

          • WoutK89

            D7000 is DX, don’t you love typos.

            Considering the difference in image circle between D700 and D7000, it takes a much bigger viewfinder to have a 100% FX view.

            • Sam

              My point was more the fact that the “lower” end cameras will move to 100% viewfinders rather than just keeping them on the top cameras. Not so much about the view circle.

  • scurvyhesh

    OH damn! Nikon’s pregnant and about to drop some beautiful babies on us!

  • Nikon Tandoori

    I’m sorry to bring bad news but recently i spoke with a Nikon engineer during a trade show and he said it’s just a small upgrade from the D700, the sensor is a new one but working at 12MP yet better than the one used in the D7000 regarding noise and high-iso performance.

    That’s it guys, after all nikon it was obvious nikon isn’t investing much in the D700/D800 product line as sales were sluggish.

    We better wait for the D400 in my opinion or switch to Canon.

    • WoutK89

      You must have missed the news, but the profits on this thing are high by now, and still selling, not top-seller, but that time has been. It is strange that you compare a 16 MP DX sensor performance to a still at 12 MP FX sensor, that was already beaten by the D3s at the time of release for High ISO and noise.

    • Mock Kenwell

      3 years and a minor upgrade? What do you think, we’re all stupid? Discuss your imaginary conversations with “Nikon Engineers” somewhere else.

  • Mitko

    Sounds interesting, but loooooong to wait!

  • Well, after all i read about the D800, now i understand we still don’t know nothing for sure. 😀

  • pooparty

    admin, your dates state ‘no PRO bodies before late summer’, and i stress the word PRO… The d700 is not a PRO camera within Nikon’s lineup, so i pray to dear god that it will come out sooner.

    Additionally, a D700 replacement does not need 2 sensors. Thats definately a D4 feature, not prosumer.

    With that said, i hope im right.

    • PHB

      According to the Nikon Web site, the D300s and D700 are both professional bodies.

      I don’t rate the rumor as having the slightest credibility. The D700 platform is going to require an update prior to its next manufacturing campaign so that it can make use of the shared D300s support components. We should see a D700s at the very least and quite possibly a D700x as well.

      The launch of the D4 will mean the retirement of the D3s as a flagship body. But there is still going to be demand for the low light D3s sensor.

      • ShaoLynx

        Maybe not. I see the D4 more to be the successor of the D3X.
        That way, in their bottom-up renewal cycle, they can ‘top-down’ recycle the D3X’ sensor (improved version) in the D800, making it a 5DM-whatever killer, skipping some of the fabulous D3S’ characteristics (a little slower, a little less ISO), and as such saving the D3S from becoming colateral damage of the D800.
        Of course: that makes you wonder what the D4 will be… (in this scenario).

        Hmmm: don’t you think speculating is so much more fun than Nikon-bashing?

        • Mikils

          +1 on speculating>bashing. I also like a lot your brainstorming. This would give Nikon an edge on canon anyway, recyling d3x sensor and boy, we could take away all stopper in fantasize over what D4 could be!

    • In Nikon’s world the D700 (and the D300s) are pro cameras.

  • M.

    The D800 will not have a removable/replaceable sensor. That’s just gimmicky and not feasible from a profit standpoint. If anything it will be a micro 4/3rd’s or something similar to the Ricoh.

  • FM-2 fan

    whatever gets released: the video “upgrade” is obviously a key for the next generation –

    • That’s what got my blood boiling.

      But still Nikon… Please, a mere 720/60p upgrade for the D7000 : (

  • clemens

    Interchangeable sensor – does that mean if I shoot colors in the morning and B&W in the afternoon I will have to go to an authorized dealer between? And will have to pay for each change? Interchangeable sensor, that is a very good idea to make good B&W.pix with filters. I cannot believe that this will come.

  • sensor

    Even if swappable sensors for the D800 are released; there are no guarantees that it will be supported in a couple years (new available sensors) if they feel sales aren’t as high as they hoped or if there are a bunch of problems with this technology.
    On the other hand, they might make a ton of money with fixing all screwed up cameras from people trying to swap their own sensors (I’m talking about the same people who put their CF cards in backwards and bend pins)

  • R!

    Next full frame better be mo than 20mpx and around 2000 bux!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think you’re right on.

  • ZoetMB

    The rumor states a 3.3″ LCD. The link that’s selling the LCD part claims the D800 LCD is the same as the D700 LCD, which makes it a 3″ LCD. I don’t trust either the rumor or the parts supplier, but in any case, they can’t both be right.

  • ericnl

    this rumour really messes with my plans:

    I just sold my 5DmkII, thinking that I would either wait for a March announcement or buy a (2nd hand?) D700 around that time. I would then keep that as a backup and buy the D800 late summer.

    with a possible B&W sensor showing up, it means that instead of having a D700 backup with a D800 main camera, I would now want two D800’s, of which one with a B&W sensor because I shoot mostly with B&W in mind and process my photos that way any way.

    so unless there is a March announcement, I cannot in good sense buy a D700 now, which means I’ll be camera-less until the D800 finally hits the shops later this summer…

    • WoutK89

      You sure dont get the word RUMOR. I would worry as soon as the D800 is announced no earlier.

  • Question

    Newbie here – Is there an advantage of having a dedicted B&W sensor vs. just converting to B&W on the post processing? What is gained from an IQ perspective?

    • By being a dedicated B&W camera vs. RGB colour each pixel will just have one large sensor site rather than 3 smaller sensor sites, one for each colour. Therefore you boost the dynamic range of the camera and the image quality.

      3 small site do not equal one big site as you need to account for site walls etc.

      • Your coment is a real apport to the discussion… That,s confirm Nikon politic, focus ever in pro requirements…

      • JED

        What happens to the fourth ‘sensor site’???
        Increasing the size of the sensor site does not automatically increase dynamic range. If it were true the D3S would have more dynamic range than the D7000 – and it doesn’t…

        • Hendog

          Let’s get this cleared up. There are 4 sensor sites per pixel (one red, one blue and two green) in a colour sensor so instead you could have one huge black and white site with 4 times the surface area which would be awesome for light sensitivity.

          Also the Bayer filter (RGB filter pattern over colour sensors) decreases light transmission (around 2 stops). So the advantage would be an amazingly low light capable sensor. I’d estimate 3-4 stops better than the same resolution colour sensor.

          There would be a lot less processing required by the camera and there would also be an elimination of colour aliasing but I’m not gonna explain that one 😉

          • JED

            Sorry, I don’t buy your guesstimates. Iliah Borg who has actually removed CFAs from sensors reports the following..

            “In fact I have several cameras modified to shoot without CFA filters and can compare resolution between non-modified and modified versions. Advantage of “pure” bw is there, but it is small, about 20% on D2X and less for D3X. I also made an algorithm to extract Luma from “normal” raw shot through CFA, and resolution results are between sensors with CFA stripped and normal demosaicking..”

  • more (unbelievable) rumors:

    *CLS will be upgraded with radio trigger capability
    *SB-1000 Incoming
    *D400/700XS share MB-D11 with D7000
    *D400/D700XS/D7000 will be compatible with new battery for D4
    *8 FPS with D7000 when using D4 battery
    *Expect D90 to be discontinued
    *Expect F6 to be discontinued
    *F7 Incoming

    – 8FPS – 10 FPS with Grip & D4 Battery
    – 30 – 1/10000
    – 1/500 FS
    – Full Mag-Alloy, Weather Seal etc
    – Same RGB Sensor as D7000
    – Stereo Mic in new location with noise cancellation to reduce lens noise
    – 16MP DX
    – 52 AF Points, 20 cross type, wider spread
    – ISO range 100-12,800 expandable to 25,600
    – Add Dedicated Live Mode Switch found on D3100/D7000
    – 720P/1080P @ 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, and 60fps (Only possible with no audio)
    – Passive cooling system for sensor
    – CF + SDHC
    – U1 & U2 become U mode with up to 9 different settings selectable via command dials
    – CLS via Radio
    – EST Price: 1699$

    Same specs as D400 except:

    – 10 FPS – 13 FPS with Grip & D4 Battery
    – 16MP FX
    – ISO range 100-12,800 expandable to 102,400
    – Dual CF
    – 1.3 crop mode
    – EST Price: 2699$

    Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-400mm f/4G ED N VR II.
    Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 100-300mm f/4G ED N VR II.

    • Elmo

      indeed unbelievable…..

      • they lost me with the “F7 incoming”

        • I thought Nikon said the F-6 would be their last film camera.

    • I am eagerly waiting for the new telezoom (80-400 replacement). ANY clue on the possible announcement? Thanks for response, NR Admin.

    • Arthur

      Unbelievable indeed.

      But I do like the wider spread of the AF points and 1/500 sec flash sync ideas though! That’s truly something new, and very welcome!

    • Roger


      What a load of BS.

    • If the next D700 replacement isn’t in the 22 mp range, I am seriously considering switching to something else (I also use Canon, and that’s not my answer either).

    • Sahaja


      But you will be able to swap in a high res DX sensor module with a Nikon/Sony sensor. 😉

  • Axl Rose

    You’ve probably seen this, but this was what Thom Hogan was thinking as of Jan 26:

    * D3100. Nikon’s entry DSLR until late 2011 or more probably early 2012.
    * D5000. No longer in production, some still in the sales channel. A strong candidate for replacement in the first half of the year.
    * D7000. Still in short supply and should remain Nikon’s top consumer DSLR until at least summer of 2012.
    * D300s. No longer in production, many still in the sales channel. A strong candidate for replacement between now and September.
    * D700. Approaching three years old. A strong candidate for replacement in the first half of the year.
    * D3s. Will be replaced by the D4 in August.
    * D3x. Probably obsoleted by the D4 in August, but not certain.

  • one thing i know for sure. There is no D700 replacement until November announced

    • Geoff_K

      Just how do you “know for sure” ? Unless you work at Nikon, you are guessing. Possibly correct however it is unlikly the fact that you claim it to be unless you do work at Nikon.

  • Anonymous

    I think Nikon is a piece of shit and does not have anything serious to introduce and that is why we have these weird rumors. The 12-14 MP lovers will get a crappy D5100 in March and those who are waiting for new FX get f***k off. That’s the message from Nikon Japan. 12MP will be happy forever because Nikon will not come out this year with an FX that has more.

    I give up on this impotent company and no longer believe in anything until it is on the store shelves.

    • Anonymous

      It is pathetic, Nikon is at 12MP since 2005 at the pro line. Good job!

      • WoutK89

        I forgot to read the sign, don’t feed the Troll, but here it goes, PRO line includes D3x.

        You had it with Nikon for the last 10 months or so already, why do you bother to return for so long?

        • scurvyhesh

          Does baby want a binky?

          • CamaJan

            LOL! 😛

      • Chris Lilley

        Same comments on every post Anon … yawn. But I guess you don’t need originality if you are paid by the word …

    • Anonymous

      Good that you gave up. Now go get a D3X and complain that Nikon is really impotent because you need a 25MP camera and they just made a 24MP.

  • Iorick

    Now I’m lost!? So, it will be a D800 or a D700XS? It has 16 or 20Mp? Exciting news indeed! Specially the F7! Great! I was about to buy an F6 last week! I can’t wait to see what it brings new! Mabe there’s still hope for Nikon!

  • Geoff_K

    ” 16.4MP FX ”

    This would be a major disappointment to me. I am not so committed with Nikon gear at this point that I am stuck with them. I will not be buying a full frame camera with less than 18MP and would be happier at 20.

    The MAJORITY of us do not need to shoot at 12,800 let alone any higher.

    • Magnus

      >16.4MP FX ”
      >… I will not be buying a full frame camera with less than 18MP…
      >…The MAJORITY of us do not need to shoot at 12,800 let alone any higher.

      And NOBODY in ze world could ever spot the difference of 16.4 MP and 18MP by looking at a printed picture. Thus I cannot imagine why you draw the line for a possible purchase between those numbers.

      On the other hand.
      The option to shoot without flash in low light situations actually concern almost every photographer (all of us, except studio folks?).
      Even though ISO100.000 is extreme – the same camera can probably take really good images at ISO6400 – which is really useful when trying to capture movement indoors.

      • Geoff_K

        The difference between 12 and 18 is greater than 12 and 16 and I did say I would be happier at 20.

        Heck why dont they just jump by 1MP each year because it seems some people will be happy with anything they throw out the door.

        • Bottom line is I would like to be shooting in the MF realm in the near future. Keep 16mp, but make it 16 bit, and I’d be very happy.

          While we’re at it: ADD LOW ISO CAPABILITY to the cameras. 200 ISO doesn’t give me enough flexibility sometimes. I’d like to shoot fast lenses wide open more often. ISO 50 at least, but ISO 25 would be great.

          I wonder if Nikon ever reads forums like this.

          • Sahaja

            Buy a ND filter

            • Anonymous

              Absolutely!!! A good quality ND filter like those from Singh-Ray should do the trick. But what the heck… these guys want to bitch, they are not really into making images. If they were, they would have known how to use what tools they have properly and innovate.

      • anonym

        And NOBODY in ze world could ever spot the difference of 16.4 MP and 18MP by looking at a printed picture…And NOBODY in ze world could ever spot the difference of 12 MP and 16MP by looking at a printed picture…And NOBODY in ze world could ever spot the difference of 10 MP and 12MP by looking at a printed picture…
        Mr Nikon is stupid with its old 24 MP D3x…

  • Chad

    What do you think the release of the Nikon D800 will do to the price of a Nikon D700? I think right now the D700 can be found in like new condition for maybe $1800. What do you think it might be after the release of the D800, maybe $1400? And how much do you think the Nikon D800 will sell for? Maybe $3000+?

    Just curious, as I’m sure many of you have followed pricing shifts more closely than myself over the years. Thanks for the help.

  • Anonymouıs

    I own a D700 and had a D300 previously. I love the clarity, acutance & dynamic range of D700 over D300 even with old lenses; but also miss the easy reach of 300mm eqv. & VR provided by 18-200mm.

    D700 feels heavier. Acceptable but yet heavy. Worse, there is a very limited number of compact FX lenses for the field use.

    And the notorious inaccurate viewfinder issue… Let alone the cropped image, it is not even centered. Let it darker, less magnified or whatever but make it 100%. It is very important when composing landscapes.

    If Nikon releases D800 & D400 at the same time both at/around 16-18mp, then I’ll possibly get the D400. D7000 is too small to properly balance even the mid-sized 18-200 or 10-24mm. D300 has been at the optimum size.

    I’d buy the new FX only if it passes 20mp barrier, preferably 24mp for the sake of the resolution, for the sake of having an embedded D200/D300 too (for extreme tele & macro works without the compromise of carrying extra bulk). Then Nikon will get my money.

    • GradyPhilpott

      The D7000 is too small to balance properly the 18-200mm?

      I’m really in for some disappointment on Tuesday when I pick up my new D7000.

      I never would have expected this, because I’ve been shooting for a year with a D3000 and an 18-200mmVRII on the nose and it’s seemed to work quite well.

      The D7000 is slightly larger and heavier than the D3000, so naturally I presumed all would be well.

      Is it my naivete, my inexperience, my poor math skills? What?

      • Anonymous

        Any lens will fit any type of body (assuming the mount will support). You can stick a 400mm on a D3100 and it will work. You may take great photos too with this combination.

        My point is the camera-like feeling when hung on your neck. It shouldn’t be pointing to ground when you hold it from the strap. The body shouldn’t be lost behind the size of lens. It should rather have a classic SLR shape, not being like a tube.

        Simply it’s a matter of feeling, aesthetics & ergonomy, not a technical obligation. D7000 is too small for me (+probably some others) unless decided to use its kit lens only. Nikon always bundles their bodies considering this balance issue.

        • SK

          I’m pretty sure the reason that Nikon doesn’t bundle the D7000 with a 400mm kit lens is NOT due to balance issues…

  • clemens

    I owe a Nikon D300s with 12 Mp = 4288 x 2848 pixels. For me would be any price for a 18 Mp D800 too hight. 18 Mp means 5184 x 3456 pixels (Canon EOS 550D). That’s just 21 % more in height and width. The D300s makes with the professional zooms excellent photos ( I can say that after 30 years with Leicas ). So I have no reason to buy such an D800. The only reason to spend more money would be a 24 Mp-camera.

  • Qube

    I need a 20mp FX cam now for my work (fine art photography)!
    How can Nikon be so friggin slow on a full frame competitor to the 5DmkII?!!

    If there’s nothing firm about a March release, I’ll have to go MkII. (There’s no way in heck I’m dropping $8K for D3x)

    And who cares about sensor swapping?
    Sensors require micron tolerances and so they’re never going to be a user serviceable component…not in any pro cameras anyways.
    And the price of a modular sensor will be so expensive, it’ll be less hassle and give more functionality to simply buy a second body.

    • I don’t know. I’d rather they had skipped a couple of cameras, and put some time in getting a prosumer body in the higher MP range. Doesn’t have to be ISO 32,000 or anything, just great quality images.

    • Bigus Dickus

      whats wrong on Alpha 850? It is great cam. Nikon sucks anyway.

    • hybris

      hi qube
      im in the same boat as u.
      i need mp not iso.
      iso is for paparatzii`s

      if u wanna make a serius pic u dont use high iso, u use the best the camera can do, if no light use tripod

      i always use base-iso

      we wil just have to wait

    • Anonymous

      If you need a camera that bad, then go and get a Canon. Why wait and lose out on the possible hundreds of images you could have made and sold?

      Ooops… you just want to bitch about MP and not really into making images… sorry, I thought you were a serious photog.

      • Qube


        I make my living at it.
        Is that “serious” enough for you?

        Perhaps you might re-read my post before you open your ignornant yap – I do studio photography of fine art – i.e. paintings – these images are used by companies like Lang, CAP for giclees, prints, merchandise etc.
        This is not a ‘volume’ business, but a high resolution business.

        • MRPhotoau

          Totally with you Qube. This is all my personal opinion and I am aware that there are those who use these features professionally and non professionally. Personally I have used a D90 twice for video because they needed to see something and couldn’t be there, but if I could have zoomed my iPhone it would have been sufficient. I just don’t need video and don’t see a need for it in the future. I shoot predominantly with a D700 for its light weightness but always shoot at ISO200, I have boosted to ISO800 a handfull of times and ISO1600 once. I shoot fine art nature and portraits. I make do with the D700 and its 12MPs but would prefer 24MPs, the D700 works just and is $2800 compared to D3x at almost $10,000 and I am not willing to throw those profits at Nikon or any other company. I would love it if they just realised that there are people out there that would buy a couple of D??? whatevers, if they brought them out with the option of having 12MP with 25,600iso and a version that is 24MP and 3,200ish iso. But please with a 100% viewfinder. I am not willing to pay for a D3s when the ONLY feature it has over the D700, that I would use, is the 100%. If the D800 does have 16MP I will be waiting and hoping the the D4 has 24MP and would be happy to pay the price of the D3s for that, just not the D3x price.
          I know that sometimes what all of us are saying sounds like the same old winge, but I guess we are just hoping a little that Nikon will read it. There are definately some though that are shoting professionally and having an FX with 24MP at a D700 price or even a D3s price would be a Godsend.
          Not sure there are many here, if any, that would be happy with fronting the D3x pricetag when they are buying more that one body!

          • Qube

            Yep, the D700 is a beauty of a cam…and I have no use for video in my studio gear either.
            Clients are more frequently bringing in large canvases, and photomerging 4 to 6 sectioned shots (with my current Canon 12mp) to generate 1:1 output for press is just way too much work.
            A D3x would be a good solution, but it’s hard to get past the extra $4500 for 3 mp more over a 5D (since both shoot with sufficient quality and resolution is the primary issue for me).
            I have max two weeks before I have to pull the trigger…until then I’ll be monitoring the airwaves for anything concrete about a new 20mp Nikon.

  • I’ve been waiting for the D700 successor – like – 4ever.
    Tech-service swappable sensors are total bollocks, and I don’t believe Nikon’s legendary common sense will even consider that.
    18 Mp and 120 fps HD will do it for me.
    Can we just get on with it? Before the second semester, if you please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MW

    Is it really that expensive to make all the AF sensors cross type? Or is there another reason?

    I would love to spend 100 dollars on that feature.

  • C’mon Nikon – I just can’t sleep anymore… Do a decent job and announce that D800 tomorrow. PLEASE!!!!

  • FX DX

    Nikon extended its current rebates till March 26th, so there is a good chance that nothing new in FX category will come out in March of 2011.

  • Cedric Cruz

    24mp and exposure simulation in liveview mode i’ll buy it for sure!

  • David

    Swappable Sensors….

    It only makes sense right now if it is an upgradable swap. Sensors are incredibly sensitive to dust. Every time you change the sensor you will subject the sensor and the area in the camera where the sensor sits to dust, unless you are in a dust-controlled laboratory environment….

    Until dust on the sensor won’t have any deleterious effects upon image quality, etc. then I hope the sensors remain restricted to factory repair and swapping. Of course I would love to have several different sensors that I could swap in and out of a camera, but not if I will compromise the sensor and the image quality….

    Personally, I am very happy with the D700… Never have any dust problems or sensor problems… I can wait for a new body. Yes, I would love to have it now, but I am not going to fret whether Nikon can put out a replacement for the D700 , D3. I will just continue to work with what they offer me now.

  • Well, looks like Nikon can’t have much up their sleeves….we got to wait another half year longer to see miracle…not sure still able to wait so long (already waited one year) or not…..hiam………..should I…..jump ship…..???

  • CamaJan

    Blocked vacation time! That is what gotten my attention. I know their reasoning behind this “innocent” sentence, but please…
    No company would exploit me and regulate my life in such a way.. I don’t live to work at your corporation and to sell your products. I work there to be able to live and experience things at my terms and live in the ilusion of being “free”…

    • Geoff_K

      Wake up and meet the real world of working adults. The company CAN dictate when you can and cannot take vacations. you can dictate whether you work there or not.

  • gonzalo

    No one noticed this?

    Sony developed a 17.7MP sensor that can “convert multiple pixels into signals simultaneously” and achieve up to 75% reduction of the conversion time compared to existing sensors. Some more specs:

    * can shoot video at 120fps
    * processing speed of 34.8Gbps
    * low power consumption
    * for use in cell phone and digital cameras

  • Anonymouıs

    If the little D7000 can reach to the grounds of D700 in terms of DR and high iso performance thanks to the advances in technology, then D800 may easily please both high resolution & high iso needs at the same time, being 24mp and showing D3s-like properties. Even the older-tech D3x can give comparable results to D3-D3s when downsampled to 12mp (maybe with the exception of very high iso)

    I’ll get the D800 if it will be 20+ mp, otherwise either get the 16mp DX D400 or skip this FX generation & keep shooting with my D700 till they deliver a proper landscape camera. I mean,

    * D300/D700 factor form
    * Effort shown to make it lighter than D700 by carbon fiber or so
    * min. 20mp, better 24mp,(but any more is a waste due to lens limitation at corners)
    * DR better than D700 at base iso
    * 100% viewfinder
    * T-mode together with B(bulb)-mode for long night exposures

    • MRPhotoau

      I have a shutter release for my FX’s that gives me back my F3’s Tmode.

  • ben

    a sensor carriage that can be removed will make cleaning much easier

    I cant get the d3 as clean as i would like no mater what i try.
    I guess the d700 with the sensor shake really works because it stays cleaner.

    but if i could pull the sensor out for cleaning I could see and reach it.

  • I’ll saving hard for whatever’s coming in the next 12-18mths.

    I’m a D300s owner looking to push that to my second body and going with something full frame / large form factor with at least the low light performance of the D3s.

    I can’t wait!

  • clemens

    I hope we will not have to wait for more than a half year to see the D800. The 1,4 35 mm lens and the 1,4 85 mm lens have been announced more than a half year ago and ….. Have you seen one of them? I have been on the 2010 Photokina at Cologne half a year ago and have found that Nikon was not able to show them there. Nikon has got a company of castles in the sky.

  • Kendall Curtis

    Here is a general FX Nikon question that I would appreciate only be answered by someone who has used an Olympus OM-2n: I recently was playing around with an old OM-2n that used to belong to my father-in-law and I noticed when I looked through the viewfinder that it was huge and bright (but mainly huge) in comparison to my D90 and N75. I mean it made my Nikon seem like looking through a straw. After some research I found that the OM cameras super compact design actually makes it still one of the largest (if not the largest) viewfinders ever made. I am obviously not surprised that my non-pro D90 is not as large, but I wonder if the D700 or D3X (I have never handled one) are competitive in size to this old OM-2n. Again please if you have not used the OM series please do not presume to compare.

  • Anonymouıs

    D800 should be at least 20mp, because resolution is the most obvious point that D700 is lagging behind. Now, even the consumerish DX D7000 is 16mp. 12mp is outdated in today’s standards. I know the value of clean pixels, yet its native resolution doesn’t even fill a double-spread magazine page at 300 dpi.

    Otoh, high-iso performance is not the week point of D700. Although it would be nice to see some improvement in this area, but it’s not that essential as resolution update. How many photographers shoot above iso 3200? A clean +20mp image at iso 1600 is more than enough.

    Dynamic range of D700 is better than D300, yet seeing the DxO results of D7000 puzzled me.

    Video? I don’t care, but it’s a marketing point

    Simply, this little D7000 has been a major game changer. People started to compare it to D700 in many aspects. Now we have the right to expect the same leap from Nikon in FX arena. Afraid of D3X sales cannibalized? I doubt, how many people can afford it? If they were afraid, they wouldn’t have released D700 after D3.

    Same applies to D800, but now it’s too late to implement D3x sensor due to video factor. They must have been in a search to find the right sensor. Nothing else can explain such a delay.

  • Landscape Photo

    I wish the upcoming D800 will become that ultimate landscape camera many photographers are waiting to happen for years. Some photographers may say resolution is not important. Then I’d suggest them to use a 4mp dslr 🙂 Between 12 to 24mp, the linear resolution increase is only 41%.

    * 24mp resolution, mid-sized (D700) , mid-priced ($2000-3000), better highlights & 100% vf.

    I’d buy this in a heartbeat, but if Nikon fails to comply the needs of landscape photographers, but other areas ( bias on high iso, video, etc), then :[ …

    Scenario 1: D800 24mp – as above, buy in a heartbeat, I won’t look for any DX
    Scenario 2: D800 16mp & D400 16mp (same sensor from D7000) – I’ll have a hard time to decide. I may buy the D800 if the vf is 100% but opt to D400 otherwise.
    Scenario 3: D800 16mp (same vf from D700), no D400 – I’ll neither buy that nor opt for D7000 (unergonomic & too small as D3x is too big)

  • D700guy

    News flash; this just out:
    Nikon has officially announce that there will be no new FX cameras released until I buy a D3x.
    Then and only then will they come out with a 42mp, ISO 25600 12fps ball buster!

    • D3x-buster

      and half of your $7000 will be down the drain, because the new FX will be sold under $2K 🙂

      42mp pixel count, in-body antishake, no trace of noise at 25600 yet crisp as hell too, carbon fiber full waterproof body, geotagging, 3G & wi-fi internet access, lifetime battery charge 🙂

      new super-computer aided design kit : 8-400mm f/2.8 mirror lens collapsible to pocket size, sharpness better than primes !

  • Vlad

    If the details are true, then it will be more than 3k.

    • Anonymous

      If it will have 24mp res. together with improved high-iso capability, adding in 100% VF, then it may deserve selling around 3K imo. But if it will become an intermediary model, a slight step-up from D700, then a 2K price is ok.

  • non

    looks like I will be buying cannon then…if they release a new camera before nikon…the race is on.

    • Cannon Man

      Buying a cannon? KABOOM!
      or a Canon 🙂

    • D700guy

      Canon isnt moving any faster than Nikon is.
      Many Canon users are waiting on their mkIII to be announced, but just as we are, they are still waiting.

      • Wait and see

        The Canon users are still waiting, but I think that they already know a bit more what to expect.
        I am regularly checking the Canon rumours and the Nikon rumours site , and I must say that the specs for the mkIII seems more “defined”. 28MP and 7D AF is now very likely. Now about the D800, just speaking about the MP count, one day you hear 12MP, the next day 24MP, then 16MP, then 20MP….
        But again, this is just my take on the subject, I often get the wrong impression.

  • Summoner

    16 Megapixel? After like 3 years of waiting? No thanks, then I’ll wait a bit longer for the 5D III from Canon. To little, to late Nikon.

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