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Nikon D300s updates

Those are the Nikon D300s reports I have been receiving in the past few days: Nikon D300s digitutor is now online. Amazon will start shipping the D300s body only on August 28th (Friday). No date is given for the body+lens combo. Some Best Buy stores will be getting the Nikon D300s and the D3000 in […]

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New Nikon products availability in Canada (Nikon D300s, lenses, p&s cameras)

This is the product availability for the latest Nikon products in Canada (this sheet was sent to retailers by Nikon Canada; prices in Canadian Dollars) – it is also good to know the dealer cost on those lenses: Nikon pre-order options.

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Nikon D300s starting to show up in stores

A dpreview member from Germany had a chance to play with the Nikon D300s in a local Nikon dealer (no virtual horizon in the viewfinder?). Electricpig has D300s unboxing pictures. NPS Nikon D300s pre-orders will start shipping in the next few days (more pre-order option available here). …and three new Nikon D300s videos after the […]

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Several readers have asked for it. I am sure I did not cover all possible answer, but the results will be interesting (multiple choices allowed): Nikon D300s:(survey software) Nikon D3000:(polls) New Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 lens(survey software) New Nikon 18-200 lens(surveys) I want/am waiting for/will buy Nikon D700x/D700s only if:(surveys)

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More Nikon D300s and D3000 videos

The first two videos are shot with Nikon D300s (a must see). The videos are available also on Nikon’s website. The second two videos are about the Nikon D3000 (you can skip those, unless you are planing to buy the camera):

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