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And another one (Nikon D300s)

A Nikon Rumors reader (thanks A.) sent me a close up of the Nikon D300s camera from the Nikon Club event in the Philippines (click on image for hi-res): Note the mic holes – exactly the same as on the previous leaks. Let’s revisit the old D300s picture threads/discussions and have some fun If this […]

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Possible Nikon D300s appearance

Nikon D300s held by the president/CEO (Mr. Anderson Tan) of a local Nikon distributor at the Nikon Club 1st Yr Anniversary Party (in the Philippines): here is the link – scroll down to the picture of the guy with the red Star Wars shirt. Update: another link with more pictures from the same event. This […]

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Nikon press conference scheduled for August 4th in Austria

Another Nikon press conference is scheduled for August 4th in Hotel Sacher, Vienna, Austria (same place where the Nikon D5000 was announced). After all, we will have two pressconferences in a row this time. A Nikon event is scheduled also in Sweden on the same date. This second event is probably for the Coolpix cameras. […]

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Nikon D300s and Nikon D3000 confirmed

Nikon D300s and Nikon D3000 are now confirmed for July 30th announcement (European time). That means that all Nikon websites will be updated on July 29th around midnight (US Eastern time). The NR rating system is at 99.99% for that rumor.

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Nikon rumors and expectations for next week (recap)

This is a recap of what is expected from Nikon next week. All of this information has already been posted here on NikonRumors. If you have missed some of the posts or are a new reader – enjoy (click on image for larger view): Nikon press conference is expected on July 29 (UK) and/or July 30th […]

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Best Buy: Nikon D300 replaced by D300s in September

Update: for unknown to me reason, the “official Best Buy twitter feed” does not exists any longer. This is coming from the official Best Buy twitter feed, not sure how they came up with the September date – maybe this is when the Nikon D300s will be available in their stores:

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Nikon advertisement survey

Nikon had an online survey (hosted on an independent website) for several Nikon DSLR ads – the name and model of the camera were covered. Note that they call it “The new… vs. Compromise” (more ads after the break): Click on link for more Nikon ads:

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