There was a Nikon press event today

As reported before, there was a Nikon press event today in the UK. Of course everyone that attended had to sign a NDA and as a result of that I do not have any more details 😉

However, I am still sticking to my 99.99% theory that tonight at 11:00 pm or midnight (US EST) or tomorrow (July 30th) European time we will see a new Nikon D300s, D3000 and improved 18-200 DX + 70-200 f/2.8 lenses.

Stay tuned, my live coverage will begin shortly - some leaks on Nikon sites may happen even earlier (last time it was Nikon Sweden that dropped the ball 2-3 hours earlier).

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  • Alex

    and a D700x…(holding my breath)

    • Anonymous

      Amen! I am hoping on something being announed on the D700 range of the line, another FX model to choose from.

  • Willis

    LOL, what’s the point of a press event that requires an NDA?

    • funny

      gives writters time to come up with the article. it is a very standard practice.

      • ryan

        lol good job funny.. nice way to shut an ignorant person up

  • So they don’t release information BEFORE Nikon wants them to…

  • nikkor_2

    In my opinion, a press event — scheduled just before a company’s release of several major new products and where the attendees are encumbered with a very short-lived NDAs — seems wise.

    Just my two cents.

  • low

    posting in here too..

    The “It Has Begun Party” will be happening tonight. Whos staying up with me F5′ing NR like a madman??

    (Even though the current 70-200 vr is perfect, unless you’re shooting blue skyies and brick walls, lol!) *pitch forks in hand* Bring on the new camera(s) and lenses!!

    Let this day be remembered, that anywhere, any rumor is started, we all shall be the first to acknowledge its truth and existence!!

  • Athos

    Yes, we want the 700x!

    700x! 700x! 700x!


  • Jørgen

    And NikonRumors was not invited to the event? That is not fair!

    • My spirit was there – virtually 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that is NR was invited, all info would leak into this site in real-time, followed by the Nikon rep being taken by the Admin to a dungeon, where he/she would be beaten into submission until a real roadmap was revealed.
      So Nikon was wise… 😀

  • MikeO

    this is awesome. midnight EST is a nice and early 9PM for me in PST. ill be here.

  • High

    OMFG it’s so going to begin

    • low

      join the party!!!!!

      • Tommytom22

        Commmeeee on daddy needs an upgrade for his D40x!

  • NikoDoby

    Low: what’s the theme for this “little” party then? Star Wars or Scooby-Doo?
    I’ve got shirts for both 8^)

    • High


    • NikoDoby

      Admin, don’t “drop the balls” on your LIVE coverage :0)
      I brought donuts for everyone. Their in the forum if you want some!

      • so it will be beer and donuts then – I just hope the server won’t crash…

        • ryan

          well… i also brought some whiskey, chips and popcorn,… just put them on the table in the forum

    • low

      nikodoby > whichever shirts you have more of, lets choose that theme, deal???? BEGIN IT!

      • NikoDoby

        My Little Pony shirt it is then, DEAL!!!

        Wouldn’t It Suck If Nikon’s announcement turns out to be another free Blues Traveler Concert!!!!

        • low

          i knew youd surprise me:D

  • Roger

    Nikon is going to announce that they’ve purchased a controlling stake in Ritz Cameras, and that they are merging with Fuji and Metris, and will reopen the stores as The Fujikon Stores, the only place you’ll be able to print 3d pics on plain digital paper. And of course, the only place that will have the new D300s for 1 month before it reaches the other channels.

    Did I mention that you’ll have to sign a new 2 year wireless agreement with Verizon to get the D300s? It includes nationwide talk-to-talk, because Canon will be announcing the new iPhone MkIVGS with Apple- you know the one that caused an engineer to throw himself off a building because he forgot where he hid one of the ones he had??

    //tongue in cheek off

    • High

      awesome post

    • Anonymous

      I like you Roger, sarcastic without being condescending.

    • Jon Paul

      This is plausible stuff. Now I can switch from film and get my first cell phone at the same time. Could life get sweeter?

  • NikoDoby

    Admin were the people coming out of this meeting at least smiling, giving big high fives, and running to make phone calls?

    • smiling of course – giving high fours….

  • Jørgen

    This is almost like election-night. So you can expect CNN to have a hologramme of the new lenses and the cameras the same second the news is released from Nikon.

  • Anonymous

    IT HAS BEGUN, or will be shortly.

  • Inabon

    I hope this rumor is true, Im two hours away from selling my 70-200 just because of this site.

  • dmitry

    And what if you are completely wrong about the new camera and 70-200? 🙂

    • There is no such an alternative – failure is not an option! I must be right, otherwise I will have to shut down this site 🙂

      • xvx

        in my book that’s 100%, not 99.99%

  • Inabon

    sucks to be me tomorrow. I’m still pissed that I didn’t buy the 24-70 before the price hike, so, another one in a long list of bad choices.

    • I wrote about the price increase on NikonRumors over a month before it happened – I guess you missed it.

  • Why doesn’t everyone worry more about the pictures they take then the camera’s that come out?… .. Who cares if there is a D700x or whatever..

    99%of you probably can’t even effectivly use the camera’s you currently have and your already wanting something new… It’s about PHOTOGRAPHY not camera’s…

    • low

      i concur! and its not about blue skies and brick walls either! cmon people sheesh!

    • Anonymous

      Of course it’s about the tools, that’s why these company’s exist.

    • Anonymous

      Why is there a ” ‘ ” in the plural form of camera?

    • gh1

      Mine is newer than yours…I win!!!!

  • Inabon

    I must say I agree. I couldn’t care less about the new camera, its the glass I’m expecting. 🙂

  • jsa

    Was it a press conference for print media, only ?

    Could it be to give them time to print and release at the same time as web media ?

    Will it be another month before official announcement ?

    Does the parade have sun or rain today ?

  • Jørgen

    Look here at Nikon-Norway’s page. The current 70-200 is diplayed twice. To make room for a new one maybe?’

    • this has been there for a while – one is for the white model

      • Jørgen

        Sorry, then lean back and relax. They both looked black to me.

        • I could be wrong – we discussed this last year I believe and we all agree that one of the entries was for the white model (I think the part# was different). I will try to find the link.

    • Snicker

      I checked that page yesterday. Only one entry for 70-200 then. So something is happening to the site (preparation for new launch?).

  • Adam

    Canon’s new 70-200 is also coming soon, along with the Mk IV. If it focuses, expect a very interesting photojourno battle.

    D3 + 70-200 VR II vs Mk IV + 70-200 L IS II

  • agitprop
    • ryan

      being a pats fan, i hate you.. but i love you, that was fricken funny

  • Poster

    How about the new flash? Ohh please is it coming out or what? I am tired of waiting. tomorrow I am ordering another sb600.

    • sorry no new flash tonight

      • Poster

        Thanks you so it’s a go for me. Matter of fact I am gonna order tonight. Thanks admin. Any new primes?

  • Jon

    99.9% on the 300s and 3000.

    What’s the percentage chance on a 700x announcement?

    Or if thats a no go, how about is the video codec changed to a real codec like h.264?? %%% chance of that?

  • Nothing on the horizon yet…7:18am GST+8!

  • Brintkiks

    Holding my breath!!

    • Anonymous

      Turning blue yet?

  • blog

    Hey Admin
    Any news about 24/28mm & 85mm primes that what I want most. I use a 70-200mm on D3’s for shooting weddings and I love the edge darkness/softness, it saves me doing in afterwards, it is a beautiful lens for shooting people. I recon the old 70/200 will be a very sought after lens in a few years, like the 28/1.4.

  • Zoetmb

    I doubt it was an NDA. It was much more likely to be an “embargo” document which means the info can’t be released until a certain day and time.

    And while that embargo definitely happened, I don’t really understand it. If Nikon didn’t want the info released until tomorrow, why didn’t they simply have the press conference tomorrow? Is there another press conference elsewhere tomorrow that they’re trying to sync with? If so, the embargo will be released when that press conference is over.

    And will I laugh if this turns out be Coolpix announcements and not DSLR/lens announcements.

    • ryan

      if this is going to be a coolpix announcement, i am quitting my professional and will become a walmart associate.

  • Derek

    Admin, hope you are right about the 70-200 vr2, i was puttuing up my old 70-200 vr to selling.. and will meet the buyer soon.

    Anonther question, haw any new with the new fx in the range D3 or replacement or not? I can found much on the D3s, D4 information.

    • I have no other info/rumors at that point. I will post them right away as I get them. I think we should expect at least one more DLSR from Nikon this year and it will be FX – I cannot see them coming up with another DX body. I would expect also some primes with that FX body. Let’s go over the D300s announcement and then I will start sniffing around for the next release.

      If I have to guess and give my opinion without any source, I would say a new D700 and a D3 should be released by the end of the year – they may be just minor upgrades (just like the D300s). I cannot see Nikon coming with a completely new body.

  • Kiki Lavier

    The writers need time to write up articles about the Press Release?

    Many if not most photography-equipment writers–both online and in print–seem to regurgitate the Press Releases! That’s not writing.

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